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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Toni Visconti
Adam AntApollo 91984Producer
Adam AntB Side Baby1984Producer
Adam AntGreta X1985Producer
Adam AntHell's Eight Acres1985Producer
Adam AntHuman Bondage Den1985Producer
Adam AntMiss Thing1985Producer
Adam AntMohair Lockeroom Pin-Up Boys1985Producer
Adam AntNo Zap1985Producer
Adam AntP.O.E.1985Producer
Adam AntRazor Keen1985Producer
Adam AntRip Down1985Producer
Adam AntScorpio Rising1985Producer
Adam AntVive Le Rock1985Producer
Afraid Of MiceDown In The Park1981Producer
Afraid Of MiceI'm On Fire1981Producer
Alejandro EscovedoAfter The Meteor Showers2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoAlways A Friend2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoAnchor2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoBig Station2012Producer
Alejandro EscovedoBottom Of The World2012Producer
Alejandro EscovedoCan't Make Me Run2012Producer
Alejandro EscovedoChelsea Hotel '782008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoChip N' Tony2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoCommon Mistake2012Producer
Alejandro EscovedoDown In The Bowery2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoFaith2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoFall Apart With You2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoFalling In Love Again2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoFort Worth Blue2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoGolden Bear2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoHeadstrong Crazy Fools2012Music/Lyrics
Alejandro EscovedoHollywood Hills2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoI Got A Right2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoMan Of The World2012Producer
Alejandro EscovedoNever Stood A Chance2012Music/Lyrics
Alejandro EscovedoNuns Song2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoParty People2012Producer
Alejandro EscovedoPeople (We're Only Gonna Live So Long)2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoReal As An Animal2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoSabor a mi2012Producer
Alejandro EscovedoSally Was A Cop2012Producer
Alejandro EscovedoSan Antonio Rain2012Producer
Alejandro EscovedoSensitive Boys2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoShelling Rain2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoSilver Cloud2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoSister Lost Soul2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoSlow Down2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoSmoke2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoStreet Songs2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoSwallows Of San Juan2008Producer
Alejandro EscovedoTender Heart2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoThis Bed Is Getting Crowded2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoToo Many Tears2012Producer
Alejandro EscovedoTula2010Producer
Alejandro EscovedoUndesired2010Producer
Altered ImagesBring Me Closer1983Producer
Altered ImagesNow That You're Here1983Producer
Altered ImagesStand So Quiet1983Producer
Altered ImagesSurprise Me1983Producer
Altered ImagesThinking About You1983Producer
Angélique KidjoAe Ae2007Producer
Angélique KidjoArouna2007Producer
Angélique KidjoAwan N'la2007Producer
Angélique KidjoEmma2007Producer
Angélique KidjoLonlon (Ravel's Bolero)2007Producer
Angélique KidjoMama Golo Papa2007Producer
Angélique KidjoPapa2007Producer
Angélique Kidjo feat. Alicia Keys & Branford MarsalisDjin Djin2007Producer
Angélique Kidjo feat. Amadou & MariamSenamou (C'est l'amour)2007Producer
Angélique Kidjo feat. Carlos Santana & Josh GrobanPearls2007Producer
Angélique Kidjo feat. Carmen ConsoliEmma2007Producer
Angélique Kidjo feat. Joss StoneGimme Shelter2007Producer
Angélique Kidjo feat. Joy DenalaneArouna2007Producer
Angélique Kidjo feat. Peter GabrielSalala2007Producer
Angélique Kidjo feat. Ziggy MarleySedjedo2007Producer
Annie HaslamLily Lullaby1999Music/Lyrics
Annie HaslamThis Is Destiny1999Music/Lyrics
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceA New Life1994Producer
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceA Whisper From Marseilles (For Julien)1994Music/Lyrics
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceAfter The Oceans Are Gone1994Producer
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceBlessing In Disguise1994Music/Lyrics
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceCan't Turn The Night Off1994Producer
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceI Light This Candle1994Music/Lyrics
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceIn Another Life1994Producer
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceLove Lies, Love Dies1994Producer
Annie Haslam's RenaissancePool Of Tears1994Music/Lyrics
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceRaindrops And Leaves1994Producer
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceSee This Through Your Eyes1994Music/Lyrics
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceThe Children (Of Medellin)1994Producer
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceThe Sweetest Kiss1994Producer
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceWhat He Seeks1994Music/Lyrics
ArgentBe Strong1975Producer
ArgentI Can't Remember, But Yes1975Producer
ArgentIt's Fallen Off1975Producer
ArgentOn My Feet Again1975Producer
ArgentRoad Back Home1975Producer
ArgentRock 'N' Roll Show1975Producer
ArgentWaiting For The Yellow One1975Producer
BadfingerCrimson Ship1969Producer
BadfingerKnocking Down Our Home1969Producer
BadfingerRock Of All Ages1969Producer
Butterfly Boucher feat. David BowieChanges2004Producer
CaravanBehind You1977Producer
CaravanBetter By Far1977Producer
CaravanFeelin' Alright1977Producer
CaravanGive Me More1977Producer
CaravanLet It Shine1977Producer
CaravanMan In A Car1977Producer
CaravanSilver Strings1977Producer
CaravanThe Last Unicorn1977Producer
Carmen [US]Bulerias (Cante [Song] / Baile [Dance] / Reprise)1973Producer
Carmen [US]Bullfight1973Producer
Carmen [US]Drifting Along1974Producer
Carmen [US]Fandangos In Space1973Producer
Carmen [US]I've Been Crying1974Producer
Carmen [US]Lonely House1973Producer
Carmen [US]Looking Outside My Window (Theme / Zorongo / Finale)1973Producer
Carmen [US]Por Tarantos1973Producer
Carmen [US]Purple Flowers1974Producer
Carmen [US]Remembrances: d. The City1974Producer
Carmen [US]Remembrances: a. Table Two For One (Samba)1974Producer
Carmen [US]Remembrances: b. She's Changed1974Producer
Carmen [US]Remembrances: c. Gypsy Girl (Caravan)1974Producer
Carmen [US]Remembrances: e. Time (She's No Lady)1974Producer
Carmen [US]Remembrances: f. People Dressed In Black1974Producer
Carmen [US]Remembrances: g. Dancing On A Cold Wind1974Producer
Carmen [US]Remembrances: h. The Horseman1974Producer
Carmen [US]Remembrances: i. Conclusion (She Changed)1974Producer
Carmen [US]Retirando1973Producer
Carmen [US]Sailor Song1973Producer
Carmen [US]She Flew Across The Room1974Producer
Carmen [US]Stepping Stone1973Producer
Carmen [US]Tales Of Spain1973Producer
Carmen [US]Viva mi Sevilla1974Producer
D GenerationChinatown1999Producer
D GenerationCornered1999Producer
D GenerationDon't Be Denied1999Producer
D GenerationEvery Mother's Son1999Producer
D GenerationGood Ship Down1999Producer
D GenerationHatred1999Producer
D GenerationHelpless1998Producer
D GenerationLonely1999Producer
D GenerationOnly A Ghost1999Producer
D GenerationPCP Highway1998Producer
D GenerationProhibition1998Producer
D GenerationRise & Fall1999Producer
D GenerationSick On The Radio1999Producer
D GenerationSo Messed Up1999Producer
D GenerationSunday Secret Saints1999Producer
D GenerationSweet Talker1998Producer
D GenerationViolent Love1999Producer
David Bowie★ [Blackstar]2015Producer
David Bowie(You Will) Set The World On Fire2013Producer
David Bowie5:15 The Angels Have Gone2002Producer
David BowieA Better Future2002Producer
David BowieA New Career In A New Town1976Producer
David BowieAbdulmajid1991Producer
David BowieAcross The Universe1975Producer
David BowieAfrican Night Flight1979Producer
David BowieAfter All1970Producer
David BowieAfter Today1989Producer
David BowieAlabama Song1980Producer
David BowieAll The Madmen1970Producer
David BowieAlways Crashing In The Same Car1976Producer
David BowieAn Occasional Dream1969Producer
David BowieArt Decade1976Producer
David BowieAshes To Ashes1980Producer
David BowieAtomica2013Producer
David BowieBaal's Hymn1982Producer
David BowieBallad Of The Adventurers1982Producer
David BowieBe My Wife1976Producer
David BowieBeauty And The Beast1977Producer
David BowieBecause You're Young1980Producer
David BowieBlack Country Rock1970Producer
David BowieBlackout1977Producer
David BowieBorn In A UFO2013Producer
David BowieBoss Of Me2013Producer
David BowieBoys Keep Swinging1979Producer
David BowieBreaking Glass1976Producer
David BowieBreaking Glass (Live)1978Producer
David BowieBring Me The Disco King2003Producer
David BowieCactus2002Producer
David BowieCan You Hear Me1975Producer
David BowieChing-A-Ling1984Producer
David BowieCome And Buy My Toys1966Producer
David BowieConversation Piece1970Producer
David BowieCrystal Japan1979Producer
David BowieCygnet Committee1969Producer
David BowieD.J.1979Producer
David BowieDancing Out In Space2013Producer
David BowieDays2003Producer
David BowieDid You Ever Have A Dream1966Producer
David BowieDirty Boys2013Producer
David BowieDollar Days2016Producer
David BowieFall Dog Bombs The Moon2003Producer
David BowieFame1975Producer
David BowieFantastic Voyage1979Producer
David BowieFascination1975Producer
David BowieFashion1980Producer
David BowieGirl Loves Me2016Producer
David BowieGod Bless The Girl2013Producer
David BowieGod Knows I'm Good1969Producer
David BowieHeat2013Producer
David BowieHeathen (The Rays)2002Producer
David BowieHelden1977Producer
David BowieHeroes1977Producer
David BowieHeroes (chanté en français)1977Producer
David BowieHeroes/Helden1977Producer
David BowieHow Does The Grass Grow?2013Producer
David BowieI Can't Give Everything Away2016Producer
David BowieI Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship2002Producer
David BowieI Would Be Your Slave2002Producer
David BowieI'd Rather Be High2013Producer
David BowieIf You Can See Me2013Producer
David BowieI'll Take You There2013Producer
David BowieIn The Heat Of The Morning1967Producer
David BowieIt's No Game (Part 1)1980Producer
David BowieIt's No Game (Part 2)1980Producer
David BowieI've Been Waiting For You2002Producer
David BowieJanine1969Producer
David BowieJoe The Lion1977Producer
David BowieJohn, I'm Only Dancing (Again)1975Producer
David BowieJoin The Gang1966Producer
David BowieKarma Man1967Producer
David BowieKilling A Little Time2016Producer
David BowieKingdom Come1980Producer
David BowieKnock On Wood1974Producer
David BowieLazarus2015Producer
David BowieLet Me Sleep Beside You1967Producer
David BowieLetter To Hermione1969Producer
David BowieLike A Rocket Man2013Producer
David BowieLittle Bombardier1966Producer
David BowieLondon, Bye, Ta-Ta1968Producer
David BowieLook Back In Anger1979Producer
David BowieLooking For Water2003Producer
David BowieLove Is Lost2013Producer
David BowieLove You Till Tuesday1967Producer
David BowieMemory Of A Free Festival1969Producer
David BowieMoss Garden1977Producer
David BowieMove On1979Producer
David BowieNeuköln1977Producer
David BowieNever Get Old2003Producer
David BowieNew Killer Star2003Producer
David BowieNo Plan2016Producer
David BowiePablo Picasso2003Producer
David BowiePanic In Detroit1973Producer
David BowiePlan2013Producer
David BowiePlease Mr. Gravedigger1966Producer
David BowiePray, Olé2019Producer
David BowieReality2003Producer
David BowieRed Money1979Producer
David BowieRed Sails1979Producer
David BowieRemembering Marie A.1982Producer
David BowieRepetition1979Producer
David BowieRight1975Producer
David BowieRock 'N' Roll With Me1974Producer
David BowieRock 'N' Roll With Me (Live)1974Producer
David BowieRubber Band1966Producer
David BowieRunning Gun Blues1970Producer
David BowieSafe2002Producer
David BowieSaviour Machine1970Producer
David BowieScary Monsters (And Super Creeps)1980Producer
David BowieScream Like A Baby1980Producer
David BowieSell Me A Coat1966Producer
David BowieSense Of Doubt1977Producer
David BowieShadow Man2002Producer
David BowieShe Shook Me Cold1970Producer
David BowieShe'll Drive The Big Car2003Producer
David BowieShe's Got Medals1966Producer
David BowieSilly Boy Blue1966Producer
David BowieSlip Away2002Producer
David BowieSlow Burn2002Producer
David BowieSo She2013Producer
David BowieSome Are1991Producer
David BowieSomebody Up There Likes Me1975Producer
David BowieSons Of The Silent Age1977Producer
David BowieSoul Love (Live)1978Music/Lyrics
David BowieSound And Vision1976Producer
David BowieSound And Vision 20132013Producer
David BowieSpace Oddity1969Producer
David BowieSpeed Of Life1976Producer
David BowieStar (Live)1978Producer
David BowieStation To Station1976Producer
David BowieSubterraneans1976Producer
David BowieSue (Or In A Season Of Crime)2014Producer
David BowieSunday2002Producer
David BowieTeenage Wildlife1980Producer
David BowieThe Dirty Song1982Producer
David BowieThe Drowned Girl1982Producer
David BowieThe Gospel According To Tony Day1967Producer
David BowieThe Informer2013Producer
David BowieThe Laughing Gnome1967Producer
David BowieThe London Boys1966Producer
David BowieThe Loneliest Guy2003Producer
David BowieThe Man Who Sold The World1970Producer
David BowieThe Next Day2013Producer
David BowieThe Prettiest Star1970Producer
David BowieThe Secret Life Of Arabia1977Producer
David BowieThe Stars (Are Out Tonight)2013Producer
David BowieThe Supermen1970Producer
David BowieThe Width Of A Circle1970Producer
David BowieThere Is A Happy Land1966Producer
David Bowie'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore2014Producer
David BowieTry Some, Buy Some2003Producer
David BowieUncle Arthur1966Producer
David BowieUnwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed1969Producer
David BowieUp The Hill Backwards1980Producer
David BowieV-2 Schneider1977Producer
David BowieValentine's Day2013Producer
David BowieWarszawa1976Producer
David BowieWaterloo Sunset2003Producer
David BowieWe Are Hungry Men1966Producer
David BowieWeeping Wall1976Producer
David BowieWhat In The World1976Producer
David BowieWhen I Live My Dream1966Producer
David BowieWhen I Met You2016Producer
David BowieWhen The Boys Come Marching Home2002Producer
David BowieWhere Are We Now?2013Producer
David BowieWhite Light / White Heat1973Producer
David BowieWho Can I Be Now?1991Producer
David BowieWild Eyed Boy From Freecloud1969Producer
David BowieWin1975Producer
David BowieWood Jackson2002Producer
David BowieYassassin1979Producer
David BowieYou Feel So Lonely You Could Die2013Producer
David BowieYoung Americans1975Producer
David GrantHave Yourself A Merry Christmas1982Producer
Debbie ClarkeBird On The Wire2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeBrave Little Bird2012Music/Lyrics
Debbie ClarkeDear Landlord2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeI Believe In Love2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeI Pity The Poor Immigrant2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeLay Down2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeLet The Bells Ring Out2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeLove Keeps Growing2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeLove Me Somebody2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeNothing Ever Happens2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeSaint Of Me2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeSociety's Child2012Producer
Debbie ClarkeThe Music Boat2012Music/Lyrics
Debbie ClarkeTo Me You Are A Work Of Art2012Producer
Dexys Midnight RunnersShow Me1981Producer
Dexys Midnight RunnersSoon1981Producer
Difford & TilbrookAction Speaks Faster1984Producer
Difford & TilbrookHope Fell Down1984Producer
Difford & TilbrookLove's Crashing Waves1984Producer
Elaine PaigeAlfie1984Producer
Elaine PaigeAll Things Considered1985Producer
Elaine PaigeAnother Suitcase In Another Hall1983Producer
Elaine PaigeBe On Your Own1983Producer
Elaine PaigeBright Eyes1984Producer
Elaine PaigeDon't Cry For Me, Argentina1978Producer
Elaine PaigeFor You1985Producer
Elaine PaigeGood Morning Starshine1983Producer
Elaine PaigeHe's A Dream1986Producer
Elaine PaigeI Don't Know How To Love Him1983Producer
Elaine PaigeLosing My Mind1983Producer
Elaine PaigeLove Hurts1985Producer
Elaine PaigeMacArthur Park1985Producer
Elaine PaigeMemories1978Producer
Elaine PaigeMissing1984Producer
Elaine PaigeMy Man And Me1985Producer
Elaine PaigeOne Night Only1983Producer
Elaine PaigeOut Here On My Own1984Producer
Elaine PaigePrisoner (Love Theme From Eyes Of Laura Mars)1984Producer
Elaine PaigeRunning Back For More1983Producer
Elaine PaigeSend In The Clowns1983Producer
Elaine PaigeShaking You1985Producer
Elaine PaigeSometimes1984Producer
Elaine PaigeSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1985Producer
Elaine PaigeThe Apple Tree1985Producer
Elaine PaigeThe Rose1984Producer
Elaine PaigeThe Way We Were1984Producer
Elaine PaigeThe Windmills Of Your Mind1984Producer
Elaine PaigeTheme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)1984Producer
Elaine PaigeThirty-Two Feet And Eight Little Tails1986Producer
Elaine PaigeThis Is Where I Came In1985Producer
Elaine PaigeTomorrow1983Producer
Elaine PaigeUnchained Melody1984Producer
Elaine PaigeUp Where We Belong1984Producer
Elaine PaigeWalking In The Air1986Producer
Elaine PaigeWhat I Did For Love1983Producer
Elaine PaigeWithout You1985Producer
Esperanza SpaldingChange Us2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingEarth To Heaven2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingEbony And Ivy2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingElevate Or Operate2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingFarewell Dolly2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingFunk The Fear2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingGood Lava2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingI Want It Now2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingJudas2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingNoble Nobles2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingOne2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingRest In Pleasure2016Producer
Esperanza SpaldingUnconditional Love2016Producer
Gay DadTo Earth With Love1999Producer
Gentle GiantAcquiring The Taste1971Producer
Gentle GiantAlucard1970Producer
Gentle GiantBlack Cat1971Producer
Gentle GiantEdge Of Twilight1971Producer
Gentle GiantFunny Ways1970Producer
Gentle GiantGiant1970Producer
Gentle GiantIsn't It Quiet And Cold1970Producer
Gentle GiantNothing At All1970Producer
Gentle GiantPentagruel's Nativity1971Producer
Gentle GiantPlain Truth1971Producer
Gentle GiantThe House, The Street, The Room1971Producer
Gentle GiantThe Moon Is Down1971Producer
Gentle GiantThe Queen1970Producer
Gentle GiantWhy Not1970Producer
Gentle GiantWreck1971Producer
Haysi FantayzeeHoly Joe1982Producer
Haysi FantayzeeJimmy Jive Jive1983Producer
Haysi FantayzeeJohn Wayne Is Big Leggy1982Producer
Haysi FantayzeeThe Sabres Of Paradise1982Producer
Hazel O'Connor(Cover Plus) We're All Grown Up1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorAnimal Farm (We Will Be Happy?)1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorBig Brother1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorBlackman1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorCalls The Tune1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorCome Into The Air1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorDawn Chorus1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorDawn Chorus [French Version)1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorDo What You Gotta Do1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorEighth Day1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorEnnal's Point1982Producer
Hazel O'ConnorGive Me An Inch1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorHanging Around1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorHold On1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorIf Only1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorMen Of Good Fortune1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorMonsters In Disguise1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorNot For You1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorRunaway1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorSo You're Born1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorThat's Life1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorTop Of The Wheel1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorWhite Room1981Producer
Hazel O'ConnorWho Needs It1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorWill You?1980Producer
Hazel O'ConnorWriting On The Wall1980Producer
Hobby HorseSummertime Summertime1972Producer
Hobby HorseSweet And Low1972Producer
John HiattDoll Hospital1982Producer
John HiattForever Yours1982Producer
John HiattGetting Excited1982Producer
John HiattI Could Use An Angel1982Producer
John HiattI Look For Love1982Producer
John HiattMarianne1982Producer
John HiattMy Edge Of The Razor1982Producer
John HiattOvernight Story1982Producer
John HiattSome Fun Now1982Producer
John HiattSomething Happens1982Producer
John HiattThe Walking Dead1982Producer
John HiattThis Secret Life1982Producer
John's ChildrenDesdemona1967Producer
Jon AndersonAll Gods Children1982Producer
Justin HaywardIt Won't Be Easy1987Producer
Justin HaywardOne Again1985Producer
Justin HaywardOuter Space1987Music/Lyrics
Kaiser ChiefsLittle Shocks2011Producer
Kaiser ChiefsMan On Mars2011Producer
Kaiser ChiefsStarts With Nothing2011Producer
Kashmir [DK]Kalifornia2005Producer
Kashmir [DK]She's Made Of Chalk2005Producer
Kashmir [DK]The Curse Of Being A Girl2005Producer
Kashmir [DK]The Cynic2005Producer
Legend [1960s]Late Last Night1970Producer
Legend [1960s]Life1970Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoAilleurs1988Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoAndy1986Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoBad Days1986Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoC'est comme ça1986Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoClown de mes malheurs1986Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoDon't Forget The Nite1984Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoHarpie & Harpo1988Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoLe petit train1988Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoLes histoires d'A1986Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoMandolino City1988Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoNuit d'ivresse1986Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoPerfect Eyes1988Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoPetite fille princesse1988Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoSmog1988Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoSomeone To Love1986Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoStupid Anyway1986Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoTongue Dance1988Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoTonite1986Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoUn soir un chien1986Producer
Les Rita MitsoukoVol de nuit1986Producer
Les Rita Mitsouko and SparksHip Kit1988Producer
Les Rita Mitsouko and SparksSinging In The Shower1988Producer
Lucy WoodwardAnother Woman2010Producer
Lucy WoodwardBabies2010Producer
Lucy WoodwardHe Got Away2010Producer
Lucy WoodwardI Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)2010Producer
Lucy WoodwardPurple Heart2010Producer
Lucy WoodwardSans souci2010Producer
Lucy WoodwardStardust2010Producer
Lucy WoodwardToo Much To Live For2010Producer
Luscious Jackson feat. Deborah HarryFantastic Fabulous1999Producer
Manic Street PreachersCardiff Afterlife2004Producer
Manic Street PreachersEmily2004Producer
Manic Street PreachersSolitude Sometimes Is2004Producer
Marc AlmondBurn Bright2013Producer
Marc AlmondThe Dancing Marquis2013Producer
Marc Bolan & T. RexSatisfaction Pony1974Producer
Marc Bolan & T. RexTeenage Dream1973Producer
Marc LavoineChewing-gum1993Producer
Marc LavoineElle dit1993Producer
Marc LavoineElles1993Producer
Marc LavoineFaux rêveur1993Producer
Marc LavoineJe compte jusqu'à dix1993Producer
Marc LavoineJ'travaille pas1993Producer
Marc LavoineL'amour sous la pluie1993Producer
Marc LavoineL'oppidum gaulois1993Producer
Marc LavoineOn n'ira jamais à Venise1993Producer
Marc LavoinePoussière1993Producer
MarmaladeCome Back Jo1974Producer
MarmaladeDouglas (Isle Of Man)1974Producer
MarmaladeGypsy Lady1974Producer
MarmaladeLove Tale1974Producer
MarmaladeMr. Heartbreaker1974Producer
MarmaladeOle Country Rhythm1974Producer
MarmaladeStuck On You1974Producer
MarmaladeThe Way It Is1974Producer
Marsha HuntHippy Gumbo1969Producer
Marsha HuntKeep The Customer Satisfied1970Producer
Marsha HuntLong Black Veil1970Producer
Marsha HuntMoan You Moaners1970Producer
Marsha HuntMy World Is Empty Without You1970Producer
Marsha HuntNo Face, No Name, No Number1970Producer
Marsha HuntStacey Grove1970Producer
Marsha HuntWalk On Gilded Splinters1969Producer
Marsha HuntWild Thing1970Producer
Marsha HuntWoman Child1970Producer
Marsha HuntYou Ain't Goin' Nowhere1970Producer
Mary HopkinCherrytree Carol1972Producer
Mary HopkinEarth Song1971Producer
Mary HopkinHow Come The Sun1971Producer
Mary HopkinIf You Love Me1976Producer
Mary HopkinInternational1971Producer
Mary HopkinJefferson1971Producer
Mary HopkinJust A Dreamer1977Producer
Mary HopkinKew Gardens1971Producer
Mary HopkinLet My Name Be Sorrow1971Producer
Mary HopkinMartha1971Producer
Mary HopkinMary Had A Baby1972Producer
Mary HopkinOcean Song1971Producer
Mary HopkinSilver Birch And Weeping Willow1971Producer
Mary HopkinStreets Of London1971Producer
Mary HopkinTell Me Now1976Producer
Mary HopkinThe Wind1971Producer
Mary HopkinThere's Got To Be More1971Producer
Mary HopkinWater, Paper And Clay1971Producer
Mary HopkinWhen I Am Old One Day1971Producer
Mary HopkinWrap Me In Your Arms1977Producer
Modern Romance(Blame My) Jealousy1984Producer
Modern RomanceAfter All This Time1983Producer
Modern RomanceBest Years Of Our Lives1982Producer
Modern RomanceBurn It1985Producer
Modern RomanceBy The Way...(I'm Still In Love With You)1982Producer
Modern RomanceCome On1984Producer
Modern RomanceDon't Stop That Crazy Rhythm1983Producer
Modern RomanceGood Feelings1983Producer
Modern RomanceGood Friday1983Producer
Modern RomanceHigh Life1983Producer
Modern RomanceI Can't Help Myself1983Producer
Modern RomanceI'll Always Remember You1985Producer
Modern RomanceJuanita1983Producer
Modern RomanceJust My Imagination (Running Away With Me)1983Producer
Modern RomanceLeave Me On My Own1983Producer
Modern RomanceLet's Go1983Producer
Modern RomanceMove On1984Music/Lyrics
Modern RomanceShe's So Fine1983Producer
Modern RomanceTake Another Look1985Producer
Modern RomanceThat's Entertainment1985Producer
Modern RomanceThat's What Friends Are For1984Producer
Modern RomanceWalking In The Rain1983Producer
Modern RomanceWasting Away1985Producer
Modern RomanceWe've Got Them Running (The Counting Song)1981Producer
Modern RomanceWho Is John Du Prez1982Producer
Modern RomanceYou Just Can't Kill The Beat1983Producer
Modern Romance feat. John Du PrezCherry Pink And Apple Blossom White1982Producer
MorrisseyAt Last I Am Born2006Producer
MorrisseyChristian Dior2006Producer
MorrisseyDear God Please Help Me2006Producer
MorrisseyGood Looking Man About Town2006Producer
MorrisseyHuman Being2006Producer
MorrisseyI Just Want To See The Boy Happy2006Producer
MorrisseyI Knew I Was Next2006Producer
MorrisseyI Will See You In Far-Off Places2006Producer
MorrisseyIf You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me2006Producer
MorrisseyI'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now2006Producer
MorrisseyIn The Future When All's Well2006Producer
MorrisseyLife Is A Pigsty2006Producer
MorrisseyOn The Streets I Ran2006Producer
MorrisseyThe Father Who Must Be Killed2006Producer
MorrisseyThe Youngest Was The Most Loved2006Producer
MorrisseyTo Me You Are A Work Of Art2006Producer
MorrisseyYou Have Killed Me2006Producer
Nana MouskouriEverytime We Say Goodbye1987Producer
Nana MouskouriMoondance1986Producer
Nina & FrederikDawn1967Music/Lyrics
Nina & FrederikOnly When I'm Lonely Am I Free1967Music/Lyrics
Nina & FrederikYou Saved The Day1967Music/Lyrics
OsibisaAyiko Bia1971Producer
OsibisaBeautiful Seven1972Producer
OsibisaChe che kule1972Producer
OsibisaDo You Know1972Producer
OsibisaMove On1972Producer
OsibisaMusic For Gong-Gong1971Producer
OsibisaSo so mi la so1972Producer
OsibisaSpirits Up Above1972Producer
OsibisaSweet America1972Producer
OsibisaSweet Sounds1972Producer
OsibisaThe Dawn1971Producer
OsibisaThink About The People1971Producer
OsibisaWango wango1972Producer
OsibisaY Sharp1972Producer
OsibisaYe tre wo1972Producer
Perry Farrell(Red, White, And Blue) Cheerfulness2019Producer
Perry FarrellLet's All Pray For This World2019Producer
Perry FarrellMachine Girl2019Producer
Perry FarrellMore Than I Could Bear2019Producer
Perry FarrellOne2019Producer
Perry FarrellPirate Punk Politician2019Producer
Perry FarrellSnakes Have Many Hips2019Producer
Perry FarrellSpend The Body2019Producer
Perry FarrellWhere Have You Been All My Life2019Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubContainer Love1989Producer
(Toni Visconti)
PolecatsMarie Celeste1981Producer
Prefab SproutBlue Roses2001Producer
Prefab SproutCornfield Ablaze2001Producer
Prefab SproutCowboy Dreams2001Producer
Prefab SproutFarmyard Cat2001Producer
Prefab SproutI'm A Troubled Man2001Producer
Prefab SproutLove Will Find Someone For You2001Producer
Prefab SproutThe Gunman2001Producer
Prefab SproutThe Streets Of Laredo / Not Long For This World2001Producer
Prefab SproutWhen You Get To Know Me Better2001Producer
Prefab SproutWild Card In The Pack2001Producer
Ralph McTellAnother Rain Has Fallen1972Producer
Ralph McTellAre You Receiving Me1967Producer
Ralph McTellBarges1972Producer
Ralph McTellBirdman1972Producer
Ralph McTellBlind Blake's Rag1967Producer
Ralph McTellBright And Beautiful Things1968Producer
Ralph McTellClown1969Producer
Ralph McTellDaddy's Here1968Producer
Ralph McTellEight Frames A Second1967Producer
Ralph McTellEl Progresso1974Producer
Ralph McTellEngland 19141968Producer
Ralph McTellFairground1968Producer
Ralph McTellFirst Song1972Producer
Ralph McTellGirl On A Bicycle1969Producer
Ralph McTellGranny Takes A Trip1967Producer
Ralph McTellHesitation Blues1967Producer
Ralph McTellI'm Sorry I Must Leave1967Producer
Ralph McTellKew Gardens1969Producer
Ralph McTellKind Hearted Woman Blues1968Producer
Ralph McTellLast Train And Ride1968Producer
Ralph McTellLet Me Down Easy1974Producer
Ralph McTellLouise1967Producer
Ralph McTellMaddy Dances1974Producer
Ralph McTellMaginot Waltz1974Producer
Ralph McTellMichael In The Garden1969Producer
Ralph McTellMorning Dew1967Producer
Ralph McTellMrs. Adams Angels1968Producer
Ralph McTellMy Baby Keeps Staying Out All Night Long1968Producer
Ralph McTellNanna's Song1967Producer
Ralph McTellNettle Wine1972Producer
Ralph McTellRed Apple Juice1974Producer
Ralph McTellRizraklaru1968Producer
Ralph McTellRun, Johnny, Run1974Producer
Ralph McTellSleeptime Dew1967Producer
Ralph McTellSmall Voice Calling1972Producer
Ralph McTellSpiral Staircase1968Producer
Ralph McTellStanding Down In New York Town1972Producer
Ralph McTellStreets Of London1968Producer
Ralph McTellStuff No More1974Producer
Ralph McTellSummer Lightning1974Music/Lyrics
Ralph McTellSweet Mystery1974Producer
Ralph McTellSylvia1972Producer
Ralph McTellTake It Easy1974Producer
Ralph McTellTeacher, Teacher1972Producer
Ralph McTellThe Gypsy1972Producer
Ralph McTellThe Mermaid And The Seagull1967Producer
Ralph McTellThis Time Of Night1972Producer
Ralph McTellToo Tight1967Producer
Ralph McTellTruckin' Little Baby1972Producer
Ralph McTellWhen I Was A Cowboy1972Producer
Ralph McTellWilloughby's Farm1967Producer
Ralph McTellWino And The Mouse1968Producer
Ralph McTellWould I Lie To You1974Producer
Ralph McTellZig Zag Line1974Producer
Ralph McTellZimmerman Blues1972Producer
RaphaëlJe sais que la terre est plate2008Producer
RaphaëlLa jonque2008Producer
RaphaëlLe petit train2008Producer
RaphaëlLe vent de l'hiver2008Producer
RaphaëlLes limites du monde2008Producer
RaphaëlQuand c'est toi qui conduis2008Producer
RaphaëlSixième étage2008Producer
Raphaël feat. TootsAdieu Haïti2008Producer
Rick WakemanAnimal Showdown1979Producer
Rick WakemanBig Ben1979Producer
Rick WakemanBombay Duck1979Producer
Rick WakemanFlacons de neige1979Producer
Rick WakemanFront Line1979Producer
Rick WakemanHalf Holiday1979Producer
Rick WakemanMarch Of The Gladiators1979Producer
Rick WakemanPedra de Gavea1979Producer
Rick WakemanRhapsody In Blue1979Producer
Rick WakemanSea Horses1979Producer
Rick WakemanStand-By1979Producer
Rick WakemanSummertime1979Producer
Rick WakemanSwan Lager1979Producer
Rick WakemanThe Flasher1979Producer
Rick WakemanThe Palais1979Producer
Rick WakemanThe Pulse1979Producer
Rick WakemanWooly Willy Tango1979Producer
Sally OldfieldFire And Ice1985Producer
Sally OldfieldShare1985Producer
Sarstedt BrothersA Way Leading Out1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersAll Together Now1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersCatch The Next Train1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersGlory, Glory1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersHere We Are In London Town1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersKurseong1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersMohammedan Girl1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersSea Wall1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersSearching For The Truth - Love, Love, Love1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersThe Genuine Romanoff1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersWorlds Apart Together1973Producer
Sarstedt BrothersYou're Just An Image1973Producer
SparksGet In The Swing1975Producer
SparksGone With The Wind1976Producer
SparksHappy Hunting Ground1975Producer
SparksHospitality On Parade1975Producer
SparksHow Are You Getting Home1975Producer
SparksIn The Future1975Producer
SparksIt Ain't 19181975Producer
SparksLooks, Looks, Looks1975Producer
SparksMiss The Start, Miss The End1975Producer
SparksTearing This Place Apart1976Producer
SparksThe Lady Is Lingering1975Producer
SparksUnder The Table With Her1975Producer
SparksWithout Using Hands1975Producer
StrawbsA Glimpse Of Heaven1971Producer
StrawbsAnother Day1970Producer
StrawbsCanon Dale1971Producer
StrawbsClose Your Eyes1970Producer
StrawbsHere It Comes1972Producer
StrawbsI Turned My Face Into The Wind1970Producer
StrawbsI'll Carry On Beside You1971Producer
StrawbsIn Amongst The Roses1971Producer
StrawbsJosephine For Better Or For Worse1970Producer
StrawbsMartin Luther King's Dream1970Producer
StrawbsSong Of A Sad Little Girl1970Producer
StrawbsTemperament Of Mind1970Producer
StrawbsThe Antique Suite1970Producer
StrawbsThe Hangman And The Papist1971Producer
StrawbsThe Shepherd's Song1971Producer
StrawbsThe Vision Of The Lady Of The Lake1970Producer
StrawbsThe Weary Song1970Producer
StrawbsThirty Days1971Producer
StrawbsTil The Sun Comes Shining Through1970Producer
StrawbsWhere Is This Dream Of Your Youth1969Producer
StrawbsYoung Again1970Producer
Surprise SistersAfter All Is Said And Done1976Producer
Surprise SistersCan I Believe In You1976Producer
Surprise SistersDowntown Boys1976Producer
Surprise SistersEvery Time A Man Gets Lonely1976Producer
Surprise SistersGimme Some Of Your Love1976Producer
Surprise SistersGot To Get You Into My Life1976Producer
Surprise SistersI Ain't No Mountain1976Producer
Surprise SistersLa Booga Rooga1975Producer
Surprise SistersMirror Mirror1976Producer
Surprise SistersMistiy Morning1976Producer
Surprise SistersMoan Your Moaners1976Producer
Surprise SistersSearching1976Producer
Surprise SistersSeashore1975Producer
Surprise SistersWatch Out1976Producer
T. Rex20th Century Boy1972Producer
T. RexBaby Boomerang1972Producer
T. RexBaby Strange1972Producer
T. RexBallrooms Of Mars1972Producer
T. RexBeltane Walk1968Producer
T. RexBlessed Wild Apple Girl1970Producer
T. RexBorn To Boogie1972Producer
T. RexBroken Hearted Blues1973Producer
T. RexBuick Mackane1972Producer
T. RexCarsmile Smith And The Old One1973Producer
T. RexChange1973Producer
T. RexChariot Choogle1972Producer
T. RexChilde1970Producer
T. RexChildlike Men1972Producer
T. RexChildren Of The Revolution1972Producer
T. RexChildren Of The Revolution (Remix)1987Producer
T. RexChristmas1972Producer
T. RexChristmas Time1972Producer
T. RexCosmic Dancer1971Producer
T. RexCountry Honey1973Producer
T. RexDeep Summer1970Producer
T. RexDemon Queen1977Producer
T. RexDiamond Meadows1970Producer
T. RexElectric Slim And The Factory Man1973Producer
T. RexEverybody Knows It's Christmas1972Producer
T. RexExplosive Mouth1973Producer
T. RexFree Angel1973Producer
T. RexGalaxy1973Producer
T. RexGet It On1971Producer
T. RexGet It On (Remix)1987Producer
T. RexGirl1971Producer
T. RexHey, Let's Do It1972Producer
T. RexHighway Knees1973Producer
T. RexHot Love1971Producer
T. RexInterstallar Soul1973Producer
T. RexIs It Love1970Producer
T. RexJeepster1971Producer
T. RexJewel1970Producer
T. RexJitterbug Love1972Producer
T. RexLady1972Producer
T. RexLean Woman Blues1971Producer
T. RexLeft Hand Luke And The Beggar Boys1973Producer
T. RexLife Is Strange1973Producer
T. RexLife's A Gas1971Producer
T. RexLiquid Gang1973Producer
T. RexMad Donna1973Producer
T. RexMain Man1972Producer
T. RexMambo Sun1971Producer
T. RexMetal Guru1972Producer
T. RexMidnight1973Producer
T. RexMister Mister1973Producer
T. RexMonolith1971Producer
T. RexMystic Lady1972Producer
T. RexNameless Wildness1973Producer
T. RexOh Baby1970Producer
T. RexOnce Upon The Seas Of Abyssinia1970Producer
T. RexPainless Persuasion V The Meathawk Immacula1973Producer
T. RexPlanet Queen1971Producer
T. RexRabbit Fighter1972Producer
T. RexRapids1973Producer
T. RexRaw Ramp1971Producer
T. RexRide A White Swan1970Producer
T. RexRip Off1971Producer
T. RexRock On1972Producer
T. RexRoot Of Star1970Producer
T. RexSeagull Woman1970Producer
T. RexShock Rock1973Producer
T. RexSitting Here1973Producer
T. RexSolid Gold - Easy Action1972Producer
T. RexSound Pit1973Producer
T. RexSpaceball Ricochet1972Producer
T. RexSpanish Midnight1973Producer
T. RexStand By Me1975Producer
T. RexSummer Deep1970Producer
T. RexSummertime Blues1968Producer
T. RexSuneye1970Producer
T. RexSunken Rags1972Producer
T. RexTelegram Sam1971Producer
T. RexTenement Lady1973Producer
T. RexThe Children Of The Rarn1970Producer
T. RexThe Groover1973Producer
T. RexThe King Of The Mountain Cometh1968Producer
T. RexThe Motivator1971Producer
T. RexThe Slider1972Producer
T. RexThe Street And Babe Shadow1973Producer
T. RexThe Time Of Love Is Now1970Producer
T. RexThe Visit1970Producer
T. RexThe Wizard1970Producer
T. RexThe Wizard's Hat1969Producer
T. RexThere Was A Time2003Producer
T. RexThunderwing1972Producer
T. RexTruck-On »Tyke«1973Producer
T. RexVenus Loon1973Producer
T. RexWanna Spend My Christmas With You1972Producer
T. RexWoodland Rock1968Producer
T. RexYou Got To Give To Stay Alive1973Producer
The AlarmA New South Wales1989Producer
The AlarmBreaking Point1990Producer
The AlarmCorridors Of Power1989Producer
The AlarmLove Don't Come Easy1989Producer
The AlarmSold Me Down The River1989Producer
The AlarmThe Rock1989Producer
The Big Sound AuthorityMoving Heaven And Earth1985Producer
The Boomtown RatsA Storm Breaks1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsAnother Piece Of Red1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsBanana Republic1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsCharmed Lives1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsFall Down1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsGo Man Go1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsHe Watches It All1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsHouse Burned Down1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsHouse On Fire1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsHurt Hurts1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsMan At The Top1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsMood Mambo1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsNever In A Million Years1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsPlease Don't Go1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsReal Different1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsSkin On Skin1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsStraight Up1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsTalking In Code1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsThe Bitter End1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsThe Elephants Graveyard (Guilty)1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsThe Little Death1981Producer
The Boomtown RatsThis Is My Room1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsUnder Their Thumb1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsUp All Night1980Producer
The Boomtown RatsWhitehall 12121980Producer
The DamnedDaily Liar2018Producer
The DamnedDevil In Disguise2018Producer
The DamnedEvil Spirits2018Producer
The DamnedI Don't Care2018Producer
The DamnedLook Left2018Producer
The DamnedProcrastination2018Producer
The DamnedShadow Evocation2018Producer
The DamnedSonar Deceit2018Producer
The DamnedStanding On The Edge Of Tomorrow2018Producer
The DamnedWe're So Nice2018Producer
The Finn BrothersDisembodied Voices2004Producer
The Good, The Bad & The QueenDrifters & Trawlers2018Producer
The Good, The Bad & The QueenGun To The Head2018Producer
The Good, The Bad & The QueenLady Boston2018Producer
The Good, The Bad & The QueenMerrie Land2018Producer
The Good, The Bad & The QueenNineteen Seventeen2018Producer
The Good, The Bad & The QueenRibbons2018Producer
The Good, The Bad & The QueenThe Great Fire2018Producer
The Good, The Bad & The QueenThe Last Man To Leave2018Producer
The Good, The Bad & The QueenThe Poison Tree2018Producer
The Good, The Bad & The QueenThe Truce Of Twilight2018Producer
The IveysAnd Her Daddy's A Millionaire1968Producer
The IveysAngelique1968Producer
The IveysBeautiful And Blue1968Producer
The IveysDear Angie1968Producer
The IveysFisherman1968Producer
The IveysI'm In Love1968Producer
The IveysLooking For My Baby1968Producer
The IveysMaybe Tomorrow1968Producer
The IveysSali Bloo1968Producer
The IveysSee-Saw Granpa1968Producer
The IveysThey're Knocking Down Our Home1968Producer
The IveysThink About The Good Times1968Producer
The IveysYesterday Ain't Coming Back1968Producer
The Moody BluesBreaking Point1988Producer
The Moody BluesCeltic Sonant1991Producer
The Moody BluesDeep1988Producer
The Moody BluesHere Comes The Weekend1988Producer
The Moody BluesHighway1991Producer
The Moody BluesI Just Don't Care1986Producer
The Moody BluesI Know You're Out There Somewhere1988Producer
The Moody BluesIs This Heaven1991Producer
The Moody BluesIt May Be A Fire1986Producer
The Moody BluesLove Is On The Run1988Producer
The Moody BluesMagic1991Producer
The Moody BluesMiracle1988Producer
The Moody BluesNever Blame The Rainbows For The Rain1991Producer
The Moody BluesNo More Lies1988Producer
The Moody BluesRiver Of Endless Love1988Producer
The Moody BluesRock 'N' Roll Over You1986Producer
The Moody BluesRunning Out Of Love1986Producer
The Moody BluesSay What You Mean1991Producer
The Moody BluesSlings And Arrows1986Producer
The Moody BluesTalkin' Talkin'1986Producer
The Moody BluesThe Other Side Of Life1986Producer
The Moody BluesThe Spirit1986Producer
The Moody BluesVintage Wine1988Producer
The Moody BluesWant To Be With You1988Producer
The Moody BluesYour Wildest Dreams1986Producer
The RadiatorsDead The Beast, Dead The Poison1979Producer
The RadiatorsLet's Talk About The Weather1979Producer
The Radiators From SpaceBallad Of Kitty Ricketts1978Producer
The Radiators From SpaceConfidential1978Producer
The Radiators From SpaceDead The Beast, Dead The Poison1978Producer
The Radiators From SpaceJohnny Jukebox1978Producer
The Radiators From SpaceKitty Ricketts1979Producer
The Radiators From SpaceLet's Talk About The Weather1978Producer
The Radiators From SpaceMillion Dollar Hero1978Producer
The Radiators From SpaceSong Of The Faithful Departed1978Producer
The Radiators From SpaceThey're Looting In The Town1978Producer
The Radiators From SpaceWalking Home Alone Again1978Producer
The Radiators From SpaceWho Are The Strangers1978Producer
The SeahorsesBlinded By The Sun1997Producer
The SeahorsesKill Pussycat Kill1997Producer
The SeahorsesLove Is The Law1997Producer
The SeahorsesLove Me And Leave Me1997Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandA To Z1980Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandAbracadabra1980Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandAny Road Up1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandBig J.C.1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandBritish Rock 'N' Roll1980Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandChelita1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandDown In The Bunker1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandDown In The City1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandEddy Vortex1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandFair Play1980Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandGet Up And Dance1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandGive It Back1979Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandGrace1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandGraffiti Man1980Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandI'm A Man1980Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandLet's Do It Again1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandLittle Suzie1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandMary Ain't Goin' Home1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandMidnight Moon1980Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandNew Romance1980Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandNo Spitting On The Bus1978Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandSaturday Night1980Producer
The Steve Gibbons BandWhen You Get Outside1978Producer
The TickleGood Evening1967Producer
Thin LizzyBad Reputation1977Producer
Thin LizzyDancin' In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In Its Spotlight)1977Producer
Thin LizzyDear Lord1977Producer
Thin LizzyDo Anything You Want To1979Producer
Thin LizzyDowntown Sundown1977Producer
Thin LizzyGet Out Of Here1979Producer
Thin LizzyGot To Give It Up1979Producer
Thin LizzyJust The Two Of Us1979Producer
Thin LizzyKiller Without A Cause1977Producer
Thin LizzyOpium Trail1977Producer
Thin LizzyRóisín Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend1979Producer
Thin LizzyRosalie / Cowgirl's Song1977Producer
Thin LizzyS & M1979Producer
Thin LizzySarah1972Producer
Thin LizzySoldier Of Fortune1977Producer
Thin LizzySouthbound1977Producer
Thin LizzyThat Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart1977Producer
Thin LizzyToughest Street In Town1979Producer
Thin LizzyWaiting For An Alibi1979Producer
Thin LizzyWith Love1979Producer
Tom PaxtonCalifornia1972Producer
Tom PaxtonDance In The Shadows1972Producer
Tom PaxtonFaces And Places1973Producer
Tom PaxtonFred1973Producer
Tom PaxtonHobo In My Mind1973Producer
Tom PaxtonI Lost My Heart On A 7471972Producer
Tom PaxtonJesus Christ, S.R.O.1972Producer
Tom PaxtonKaty1973Producer
Tom PaxtonOut Behind The Gypsy's1972Producer
Tom PaxtonPeace Will Come1972Producer
Tom PaxtonRetrospective1972Producer
Tom PaxtonSilent Night1973Producer
Tom PaxtonThe Hostage1972Producer
Tom PaxtonWasn't That A Party?1973Producer
Tom PaxtonWhat A Friend You Are1972Producer
Tom PaxtonWhen Annie Took Me Home1973Producer
Tom PaxtonWhen Princes Meet1973Producer
Tom PaxtonWhen We Were Good1973Producer
Tom PaxtonWhen You Shook Your Long Hair Down1973Producer
Tom PaxtonWho's Been Passing Dreams Around?1973Producer
Tom PaxtonYou Come Throwing Colors1972Producer
Tom PaxtonYou Should Have Seen Me Throw That Ball1972Producer
Tony ViscontiBodhi Tree1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiDance, Children, Dance1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiHello1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiI Can't Help It1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiI Remember Brooklyn1974Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiInventory1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiLet Me Cast Your Chart1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiLet's Grow A Little Garden1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiMiddle Of Your Heart1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiMope-Itty Mope Stomp1977Producer
Tony ViscontiSitting In A Field Of Heather1974Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiSpeak To Me Of Love1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiThe Cabaret Is Over1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ViscontiWhat A Dilemma1977Music/Lyrics
Tyrannosaurus RexA Beard Of Stars1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexA Day Laye1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexAfghan Woman1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexAznageel The Mage1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexBy The Light Of A Magical Moon1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexChariots Of Silk1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexChateau In Virginia Waters1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexChild Star1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexConesuala1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexDebora1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexDeboraarobed1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexDo You Remember1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexDove1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexDragon's Ear1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexDwarfish Trumpet Blues1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexElemental Child1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexEvenings Of Damask1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexFind A Little Wood1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexFist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexFrowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love)1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexGraceful Fat Sheba1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexGreat Horse1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexIscariot1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexJijinki Hind1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexJuniper Suction1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexKing Of The Rumbling Spires1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexKnight1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexLike A White Star, Tangled And Far, Tulip That's What You Are1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexLofty Skies1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexNijinsky Hind1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexOh Harley (The Saltimbanques)1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexOrgan Blues1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexOur Wonderful Brownskin Man1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexPavilions Of Sun1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexPewter Suitor1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus Rex'Pon A Hill1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexPrelude1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexRomany Soup1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexSalamanda Palaganda1967Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexScenescof1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexScenescof Dynasty1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexShe Was Born To Be My Unicorn1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexStacey Grove1967Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexStones For Avalon1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexStrange Orchestras1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexThe Friends1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexThe Misty Coast Of Albany1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexThe Pilgrim's Tale1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexThe Sea Beasts1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexThe Seal Of Seasons1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexThe Throat Of Winter1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexThe Travelling Tragition1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexThe Woodland Bop1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexThorad Of Winter1969Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexTrelawny Lawn1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexWarlord Of The Royal Crocodiles1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexWielder Of Words1968Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexWind Cheetah1970Producer
Tyrannosaurus RexWind Quartets1968Producer
Zaine GriffThis Could Mean Everything1980Producer
Zaine GriffTonight1980Producer
Wreck (Gentle Giant)55.6
Isn't It Quiet And Cold (Gentle Giant)65.5
Got To Give It Up (Thin Lizzy)75.43
Alucard (Gentle Giant)55.4
Streets Of London (Ralph McTell)1665.39
Nothing At All (Gentle Giant)85.38
Why Not (Gentle Giant)85.38
Funny Ways (Gentle Giant)65.33
A Glimpse Of Heaven (Strawbs)65.33
Heroes (David Bowie)1635.26
Heroes/Helden (David Bowie)215.24
Space Oddity (David Bowie)1635.23
Róisín Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend (Thin Lizzy)95.22
Will You? (Hazel O'Connor)435.14
Bad Reputation (Thin Lizzy)135
Life Is A Pigsty (Morrissey)75
Hospitality On Parade (Sparks)75
I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now (Morrissey)65
Tits (Sparks)65
Walk On Gilded Splinters (Marsha Hunt)55
Streets Of London (Ralph McTell)1665.39
Heroes (David Bowie)1635.26
Space Oddity (David Bowie)1635.23
Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie)1604.87
Get It On (T. Rex)1544.86
Hot Love (T. Rex)1374.73
Children Of The Revolution (T. Rex)1074.93
John Wayne Is Big Leggy (Haysi Fantayzee)1053.69
Banana Republic (The Boomtown Rats)994.01
Sound And Vision (David Bowie)914.86
Metal Guru (T. Rex)814.77
Your Wildest Dreams (The Moody Blues)784.68
20th Century Boy (T. Rex)784.24
Fame (David Bowie)773.83
Young Americans (David Bowie)754.28
Telegram Sam (T. Rex)753.96
Where Are We Now? (David Bowie)743.95
Fashion (David Bowie)714.01
Jeepster (T. Rex)654.43
The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie)584.69

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