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Aline [FR]Avenue des armées2015Producer
Aline [FR]Chaque jour qui passe2015Producer
Aline [FR]La vie électrique2015Producer
Aline [FR]Les angles morts2015Producer
Aline [FR]Les mains vides2015Producer
Aline [FR]Les résonances cachées2015Producer
Aline [FR]Mon Dieu, mes amis2015Producer
Aline [FR]Plus noir encore2015Producer
Aline [FR]Promis juré caché2015Producer
Aline [FR]Tristesse de la balance2015Producer
Aline [FR]Une vie2015Producer
BabyshamblesAfter Hours2013Producer
BabyshamblesBaddies Boogie2007Producer
BabyshamblesCarry On Up The Morning2007Producer
BabyshamblesCrumb Begging Baghead2007Producer
BabyshamblesDeft Left Hand2007Producer
BabyshamblesDr. No2013Producer
BabyshamblesFall From Grace2013Producer
BabyshamblesFarmer's Daughter2013Producer
BabyshamblesFrench Dog Blues2007Producer
BabyshamblesLost Art Of Murder2007Producer
BabyshamblesNew Pair2013Producer
BabyshamblesNothing Comes To Nothing2013Music/Lyrics
BabyshamblesPicture Me In A Hospital2013Producer
BabyshamblesSequel To The Prequel2013Producer
BabyshamblesSeven Shades2013Producer
BabyshamblesSide Of The Road2007Producer
BabyshamblesStranger In My Own Skin2013Producer
BabyshamblesThe Very Last Boy Alive2013Producer
BabyshamblesThere She Goes2007Producer
BabyshamblesUnBilo Titled2007Producer
BabyshamblesUnStookie Titled2007Producer
BabyshamblesYou Talk2007Producer
Beatsteaks feat. Jamie THate To Love2017Producer
BlurA Spell (For Money)1997Producer
BlurAlex's Song1994Producer
BlurAll We Want1999Producer
BlurAll Your Life1997Producer
BlurAnniversary Waltz1994Producer
BlurBad Day1991Producer
BlurBank Holiday1994Producer
BlurBest Days1995Producer
BlurBlue Jeans1993Producer
BlurCharmless Man1995Producer
BlurChemical World1993Producer
BlurChinese Bombs1997Producer
BlurClover Over Dover1994Producer
BlurColin Zeal1993Producer
BlurCome Together1991Producer
BlurCountry House1995Producer
BlurCountry Sad Ballad Man1997Producer
BlurDan Abnormal1995Producer
BlurDeath Of A Party1997Producer
BlurEnd Of A Century1994Producer
BlurEntertain Me1995Producer
BlurErnold Same1995Producer
BlurEssex Dogs1997Producer
BlurFade Away1995Producer
BlurFar Out1994Producer
BlurFor Tomorrow1993Producer
BlurGet Out Of Cities1997Producer
BlurGhost Ship2015Producer
BlurGirls And Boys1994Producer
BlurGlobe Alone1995Producer
BlurGo Out2015Producer
BlurHe Thought Of Cars1995Producer
BlurHigh Cool1991Producer
BlurI Broadcast2015Producer
BlurIce Cream Man2015Producer
BlurIt Could Be You1995Producer
BlurLondon Loves1994Producer
BlurLonesome Street2015Producer
BlurLook Inside America1997Producer
BlurLot 1051994Producer
BlurMagic America1994Producer
BlurMiss America1993Producer
BlurMovin' On1997Producer
BlurMr. Robinson's Quango1995Producer
BlurMusic Is My Radar2000Producer
BlurMy Terracotta Heart2015Producer
BlurNew World Towers2015Producer
BlurNo Monsters In Me1995Producer
BlurOily Water1993Producer
BlurOn Your Own1997Producer
BlurOng Ong2015Producer
BlurPeople In Europe1994Producer
BlurPeter Panic1994Producer
BlurPressure On Julian1993Producer
BlurSlow Down1991Producer
BlurSong 21997Producer
BlurStar Shaped1993Producer
BlurStrange News From Another Star1997Producer
BlurThe Debt Collector1994Producer
BlurThe Man Who Left Himself1995Producer
BlurThe Universal1995Producer
BlurTheme From An Imaginary Film1994Producer
BlurTheme From Retro1997Producer
BlurThere Are Too Many of Us2015Producer
BlurThere's No Other Way1991Producer
BlurThis Is A Low1994Producer
BlurThought I Was A Spaceman2015Producer
BlurTo The End1994Producer
BlurTop Man1995Producer
BlurTracy Jacks1994Producer
BlurTrouble In The Message Centre1994Producer
BlurTurn It Up1993Producer
BlurWhen The Cows Come Home1993Producer
BlurWoodpigeon Song1997Producer
BlurYoung And Lovely1993Producer
BlurYou're So Great1997Producer
BlurYuko And Hiro1995Producer
BradfordBoys Will Be Boys1989Producer
BradfordIn Liverpool1989Producer
CatatoniaLost Cat1996Producer
Chrissie HyndeEveryday Is Like Sunday2014Music/Lyrics
Damon AlbarnCloset Romantic1996Producer
Fear Of FlyingRoutemaster2006Producer
FeederBurn The Bridges2006Producer
Graham CoxonAll Over Me2004Producer
Graham CoxonAre You Ready?2004Producer
Graham CoxonBittersweet Bundle Of Misery2004Producer
Graham CoxonBottom Bunk2004Producer
Graham CoxonDon't Be A Stranger2004Producer
Graham CoxonDon't Believe Anything I Say2006Producer
Graham CoxonDon't Let Your Man Know2006Producer
Graham CoxonFlights To The Sea (Lovely Rain)2006Producer
Graham CoxonFreakin' Out2004Producer
Graham CoxonGimme Some Love2006Producer
Graham CoxonGirl Done Gone2004Producer
Graham CoxonHopeless Friend2004Producer
Graham CoxonI Can't Look At Your Skin2006Producer
Graham CoxonI Don't Wanna Go Out2006Producer
Graham CoxonJust A State Of Mind2006Producer
Graham CoxonNo Good Time2004Producer
Graham CoxonPeople Of The Earth2004Producer
Graham CoxonRibbons And Leaves2004Producer
Graham CoxonSay So What2006Producer
Graham CoxonSee A Better Day2006Producer
Graham CoxonSpectacular2004Producer
Graham CoxonStanding On My Own Again2006Producer
Graham CoxonTell It Like It Is2006Producer
Graham CoxonWhat's He Got?2006Producer
Graham CoxonYou & I2006Producer
Graham CoxonYou Always Let Me Down2006Producer
Kaiser ChiefsEveryday I Love You Less And Less2005Producer
Kaiser ChiefsEverything Is Average Nowadays2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsFrom The Neck Down2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsHard Times Send Me2005Producer
Kaiser ChiefsHeat Dies Down2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsHighroyds2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsI Can Do It Without You2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsI Like To Fight2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsI Predict A Riot2004Producer
Kaiser ChiefsLearnt My Lesson Well2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsLove's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning)2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsModern Way2005Producer
Kaiser ChiefsMy Kind Of Guy2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsNa Na Na Na Naa2005Producer
Kaiser ChiefsOh My God2004Producer
Kaiser ChiefsOn The Run2012Producer
Kaiser ChiefsOut Of My Depth2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsRetirement2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsRuby2006Producer
Kaiser ChiefsSaturday Night2005Producer
Kaiser ChiefsTake My Temperature2004Producer
Kaiser ChiefsThank You Very Much2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsThe Angry Mob2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsThink About You (And I Like It)2005Producer
Kaiser ChiefsTry Your Best2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsWrecking Ball2005Producer
KingmakerIn The Best Possible Taste (Part 2)1995Producer
Life In FilmAlleyway2015Producer
Life In FilmAnna, Please Don't Go2015Producer
Life In FilmAre You Sure?2015Producer
Life In FilmCarla2015Producer
Life In FilmForest Fire2015Producer
Life In FilmGet Closer2015Producer
Life In FilmLose Control2015Producer
Life In FilmNeedles & Pins2015Producer
Life In FilmOver Here2015Producer
Lloyd ColeBaby1995Producer
Lloyd ColeFor Crying Out Loud1995Producer
Lloyd ColeHappy For You1995Producer
Lloyd ColeLike Lovers Do1995Producer
Lloyd ColeSentimental Fool1995Producer
Lloyd Cole & The NegativesImpossible Girl2001Producer
Lloyd Cole & The NegativesNegative Attitude2001Producer
Lloyd Cole & The NegativesPast Imperfect2001Producer
Lloyd Cole & The NegativesTried To Rock2001Producer
MadnessDeath Of A Rude Boy2012Producer
MadnessHow Can I Tell You2012Producer
MadnessNever Knew Your Name2012Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryGet Me Back2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryHeartbreaker2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryI Could Fight Hell2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryMaking A Fool2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryMore! More!2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryNothing But Everything2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactorySmile2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactorySmoke2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryStop And Listen2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryThe Gun2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryUnwanted2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryWaste My Time2014Producer
MiMi & The Mad Noise FactoryYour Lies2014Producer
MorrisseyAlsatian Cousin1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAngel, Angel, Down We Go Together1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAt Amber1990Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBengali In Platforms1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBreak Up The Family1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyEveryday Is Like Sunday1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHairdresser On Fire1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHappy Lovers At Last United2010Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Don't Mind If You Forget Me1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Know Very Well How I Got My Name1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyInteresting Drug1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyJournalists Who Lie1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLate Night, Maudlin Street1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLifeguard On Duty2010Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLittle Man, What Now?1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLucky Lisp1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMargaret On The Guillotine1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMichael's Bones1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOh Well, I'll Never Learn1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOuija Board, Ouija Board1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySister I'm A Poet1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySuch A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySweet And Tender Hooligan (Live)1989Producer
MorrisseyThe Bed Took Fire2010Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Last Of The Famous International Playboys1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Ordinary Boys1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyWill Never Marry1988Music/Lyrics
Mystery JetsHalf In Love With Elizabeth2008Producer
New OrderCalifornian Grass2013Producer
New OrderHellbent2011Producer
New OrderHey Now What You Doing2005Producer
New OrderI'll Stay With You2013Producer
New OrderI've Got A Feeling2013Producer
New OrderMorning Night And Day2005Producer
New OrderTurn2005Producer
New OrderWorking Overtime2005Producer
Peter Doherty1939 Returning2009Producer
Peter DohertyA Little Death Around The Eyes2009Producer
Peter DohertyArcady2009Producer
Peter DohertyBroken Love Song2009Producer
Peter DohertyI Am The Rain2009Producer
Peter DohertyLady Don't Fall Backwards2009Producer
Peter DohertyLast Of The English Roses2009Producer
Peter DohertyNew Love Grows On Trees2009Producer
Peter DohertyPalace Of Bone2009Producer
Peter DohertySalomè2009Producer
Peter DohertySheepskin Tearaway2009Producer
Peter DohertyThe Sweet By + By2009Producer
PretendersAll My Dreams1994Producer
PretendersBaby's Breath1999Producer
PretendersDidn't Want To Be This Lonely2020Producer
PretendersDragway 421999Producer
PretendersFrom The Heart Down1999Producer
PretendersHate For Sale2020Producer
PretendersI Didn't Know When To Stop2020Producer
PretendersJunkie Walk2020Producer
PretendersLightning Man2020Producer
PretendersLove Colours1994Producer
PretendersMaybe Love Is In N.Y.C.2020Producer
PretendersMoney Talk1994Producer
PretendersThe Buzz2020Producer
PretendersTurf Accountant Daddy2020Producer
PretendersYou Can't Hurt A Fool2020Producer
Pretenders feat. The Duke String QuartetCrying In Public2020Producer
Primal ScreamThe Glory Of Love2008Producer
Sandie ShawCool About You1988Producer
Sandie ShawFlesh And Blood1988Producer
Sandie ShawHello Angel1988Producer
Sandie ShawI Will Remain1988Producer
Sandie ShawNothing Less Than Brilliant1988Producer
Sandie ShawTake Him1988Producer
Sham 69 & The Special AssemblyHurry Up England - The People's Anthem2006Producer
Sleeper [UK]Atomic1996Producer
Stephen "Tin Tin" DuffyI Love You1986Producer
Stephen "Tin Tin" DuffyIcing On The Cake1985Producer
Stephen DuffyA Lot Of Ink1986Producer
Stephen DuffyCocksure1986Producer
Stephen DuffyDone For1985Producer
Stephen DuffyJulie Christie1986Producer
Stephen DuffySunday Supplement1986Producer
Stephen DuffyUnkiss That Kiss1985Producer
Stephen DuffyWhen You Go To Bed1986Producer
SuedeBeautiful Loser2002Producer
SuedeCool Thing2002Producer
SuedeLonely Girls2002Producer
SuedeLost In TV2002Producer
SuedeOne Hit To The Body2002Producer
SuedeOne Love2002Producer
SuedeWhen The Rain Falls2002Producer
SuedeYou Belong To Me2002Producer
The Bush The Tree And MeDoing The Right Thing2001Producer
The Bush The Tree And MeLike Children Sleeping2001Producer
The Bush The Tree And MePeace Of Mind2001Producer
The CourteenersAftershow2008Producer
The CourteenersCavorting2007Producer
The CourteenersFallowfield Hillbilly2008Producer
The CourteenersHow Come2008Producer
The CourteenersIf It Wasn't For Me2008Producer
The CourteenersKings Of The New Road2008Producer
The CourteenersNo You Didn't, No You Don't2007Producer
The CourteenersNot Nineteen Forever2008Producer
The CourteenersPlease Don't2008Producer
The CourteenersThat Kiss2008Producer
The CourteenersWhat Took You So Long?2008Producer
The CourteenersYesterday, Today & Probably Tomorrow2008Producer
The Cranberries(They Long To Be) Close To You1994Producer
The CranberriesA Place I Know2019Producer
The CranberriesAll Over Now2019Producer
The CranberriesAnalyse2001Producer
The CranberriesAstral Projections2012Producer
The CranberriesAway1994Producer
The CranberriesCarry On2001Producer
The CranberriesCatch Me If You Can2019Producer
The CranberriesChocolate Brown2001Producer
The CranberriesConduct2012Producer
The CranberriesCrazy Heart2019Producer
The CranberriesDaffodil Lament1994Producer
The CranberriesDisappointment1994Producer
The CranberriesDo You Know2001Producer
The CranberriesDreaming My Dreams1994Producer
The CranberriesDreams1992Producer
The CranberriesDying Inside2001Producer
The CranberriesEmpty1994Producer
The CranberriesEvery Morning2001Producer
The CranberriesEverything I Said1994Producer
The CranberriesFire & Soul2012Producer
The CranberriesGot It2019Producer
The CranberriesHow1993Producer
The CranberriesI Can't Be With You1994Producer
The CranberriesI Don't Need1994Producer
The CranberriesI Really Hope2001Producer
The CranberriesI Still Do1993Producer
The CranberriesI Will Always1993Producer
The CranberriesIllusion2019Producer
The CranberriesIn The End2019Producer
The CranberriesIn The Ghetto2001Producer
The CranberriesLiar1993Producer
The CranberriesLinger1993Producer
The CranberriesLosing My Mind2012Producer
The CranberriesLost2019Producer
The CranberriesNever Grow Old2001Producer
The CranberriesNew New York2002Producer
The CranberriesNo Need To Argue1994Producer
The CranberriesNot Sorry1993Producer
The CranberriesOde To My Family1994Producer
The CranberriesPretty1993Producer
The CranberriesPretty Eyes2001Producer
The CranberriesPut Me Down1993Producer
The CranberriesRaining In My Heart2012Producer
The CranberriesReason1993Producer
The CranberriesRidiculous Thoughts1994Producer
The CranberriesRoses2012Producer
The CranberriesSchizophrenic Playboys2012Producer
The CranberriesShow Me2012Producer
The CranberriesShow Me The Way2011Producer
The CranberriesSo Cold In Ireland1994Producer
The CranberriesSo Good2012Producer
The CranberriesStars2002Producer
The CranberriesStill Can't...1993Producer
The CranberriesSummer Song2019Producer
The CranberriesSunday1993Producer
The CranberriesThe Concept2001Producer
The CranberriesThe Icicle Melts1994Producer
The CranberriesThe Pressure2019Producer
The CranberriesThis Is The Day2001Producer
The CranberriesTime Is Ticking Out2001Producer
The CranberriesTomorrow2011Producer
The CranberriesTwenty One1994Producer
The CranberriesWaiting In Walthamstow2012Producer
The CranberriesWake Me When It's Over2019Producer
The CranberriesWake Up And Smell The Coffee2001Producer
The CranberriesWaltzing Producer
The CranberriesWaltzing Back1993Producer
The CranberriesWanted1993Producer
The CranberriesWhat You Were1992Producer
The CranberriesYeat's Grave1994Producer
The CranberriesZombie1994Producer
The Darling BudsCrystal Clear1990Producer
The Darling BudsLong Day In The Universe1992Producer
The Darling BudsMe? Satisfied?1990Producer
The Darling BudsTiny Machine1990Producer
The Darling BudsTripped Up1990Producer
The Dylans(Don't Cut Me Down) Mary Quant In Blue1992Producer
The DylansMine1991Producer
The DylansPlanet Love1991Producer
The Lilac TimeCome Down1999Producer
The Lilac TimeHolding Hands With Grace1999Producer
The Ordinary BoysA Few Home Truths2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysBoys Will Be Boys2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysBrassbound2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysCall To Arms2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysDon't Live Too Fast2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysLife Will Be The Death Of Me2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysOn A Island2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysOne Step Forward (Two Steps Back)2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysRed Letter Day2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysRudi's In Love2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysSkull & Bones2005Producer
The Ordinary BoysThanks To The Girl2005Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesDon't You Wanna Find Out2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesEverybody Wants Me2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesI'll Be Waiting2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesI'm A Liar2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesI'm Not Gonna Take This2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesKeep On Your Dress2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesLove You For A Day (Hate You For A Week)2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesMaking Up Numbers2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesNothing To Do With You2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesSay It Like You Mean It2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesShe's Gone2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesThis Is An Emergency2008Producer
The Pigeon DetectivesYou Don't Need It2008Producer
The PretendersBold As Love1993Producer
The PretendersEveryday Is Like Sunday1995Music/Lyrics
The Pretenders & Emmylou HarrisShe1999Producer
The Psychedelic FursAll About You1991Producer
The Psychedelic FursAll That Money Wants1988Producer
The Psychedelic FursBetter Days1991Producer
The Psychedelic FursBirdland1988Producer
The Psychedelic FursDon't Be A Girl1991Producer
The Psychedelic FursGet A Room1991Producer
The Psychedelic FursIn My Head1991Producer
The Psychedelic FursMake It Mine1991Producer
The Psychedelic FursSometimes1991Producer
The Psychedelic FursTearing Down1991Producer
The Psychedelic FursThere's A World1991Producer
The Psychedelic FursUntil She Comes1991Producer
The Psychedelic FursValentine1991Producer
The RailsBall And Chain2019Producer
The RailsCall Me When It All Goes Wrong2019Producer
The RailsCancel The Sun2019Producer
The RailsDictator2019Producer
The RailsLeave Here Alone2019Producer
The RailsMossy Well2019Producer
The RailsSave The Planet2019Producer
The RailsSomething Is Slipping My Mind2019Producer
The RailsThe Inheritance2019Producer
The RailsWaiting On Something2019Producer
The SmithsA Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours1987Producer
The SmithsDeath At One's Elbow1987Producer
The SmithsDeath Of A Disco Dancer1987Producer
The SmithsGirlfriend In A Coma1987Producer
The SmithsHalf A Person1986Producer
The SmithsI Started Something I Couldn't Finish1987Producer
The SmithsI Won't Share You1987Producer
The SmithsLast Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me1987Producer
The SmithsPaint A Vulgar Picture1987Producer
The SmithsPretty Girls Make Graves1984Producer
The SmithsStop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before1987Producer
The SmithsUnhappy Birthday1987Producer
The SubwaysCelebrity2011Producer
The SubwaysDown Our Street2011Producer
The SubwaysFriday2011Producer
The SubwaysI Wanna Dance With You2011Producer
The SubwaysIt's A Party2011Producer
The SubwaysKiss Kiss Bang Bang2011Producer
The SubwaysLeave My Side2011Producer
The SubwaysLike I Love You2011Producer
The SubwaysMoney2011Producer
The SubwaysPopdeath2011Producer
The SubwaysRumour2011Producer
The SubwaysWe Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time2011Producer
The SubwaysWe Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time (German Version)2011Producer
The TriffidsAmerican Sailors1989Producer
The TriffidsBlackeyed Susan1989Producer
The TriffidsBottle Of Love1989Producer
The TriffidsButterflies Into Worms1989Producer
The TriffidsCan't Help Falling In Love1989Producer
The TriffidsFairytale Love1989Producer
The TriffidsFalling Over You1989Producer
The TriffidsGo Home Eddie1989Producer
The TriffidsGood Fortune Rose1989Producer
The TriffidsGoodbye Little Boy1989Producer
The TriffidsNew Year's Greetings (The Country Widower)1989Producer
The TriffidsOne Mechanic Town1989Producer
The TriffidsThe Clown Prince1989Producer
The TriffidsThe Spinning Top Song1989Producer
The TriffidsToo Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think1982Producer
The TriffidsYou Minus Me1989Producer
The ZutonsGet Up And Dance2006Producer
The ZutonsIt's The Little Things We Do2006Producer
The ZutonsOh Stacey (Look What You've Done!)2006Producer
The ZutonsValerie2006Producer
Willie J HealeyPipedreams2017Producer
Girlfriend In A Coma (The Smiths)465.24
UnBilo Titled (Babyshambles)155.2
You Can't Hurt A Fool (Pretenders)55.2
Dreams (The Cranberries)1125.16
Ode To My Family (The Cranberries)1525.09
Deft Left Hand (Babyshambles)135
A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours (The Smiths)115
1939 Returning (Peter Doherty)65
The Buzz (Pretenders)65
Lost In TV (Suede)55
Zombie (The Cranberries)3474.97
Everyday Is Like Sunday (Morrissey)654.95
Linger (The Cranberries)1184.95
Carry On Up The Morning (Babyshambles)164.94
Best Days (Blur)174.88
There She Goes (Babyshambles)134.85
New Love Grows On Trees (Peter Doherty)64.83
Song 2 (Blur)1874.83
Suedehead (Morrissey)604.82
Trouble In The Message Centre (Blur)104.8
Zombie (The Cranberries)3474.97
Ruby (Kaiser Chiefs)2884.25
Song 2 (Blur)1874.83
Ode To My Family (The Cranberries)1525.09
Linger (The Cranberries)1184.95
Country House (Blur)1164.47
Dreams (The Cranberries)1125.16
Girls And Boys (Blur)984.36
Everyday Is Like Sunday (Morrissey)654.95
I Predict A Riot (Kaiser Chiefs)644.48
Beetlebum (Blur)614.48
Suedehead (Morrissey)604.82
Everyday I Love You Less And Less (Kaiser Chiefs)584.6
I Can't Be With You (The Cranberries)574.53
The Universal (Blur)554.69
Parklife (Blur)534.36
Oh My God (Kaiser Chiefs)524.79
Everything Is Average Nowadays (Kaiser Chiefs)483.98
Girlfriend In A Coma (The Smiths)465.24
Analyse (The Cranberries)464.26

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