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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Steven Morrissey, Steven Patrick Morrissey
ArchiveGirlfriend In A Coma2004Music/Lyrics
Billy BraggNever Had No One Ever1996Music/Lyrics
BisThe Boy With A Thorn In His Side1996Music/Lyrics
Chrissie HyndeEveryday Is Like Sunday2014Music/Lyrics
ClayhillPlease Please Please Let Me Get What I Want2005Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
David BowieI Know It's Gonna Happen Someday1993Music/Lyrics
Debbie ClarkeTo Me You Are A Work Of Art2012Music/Lyrics
DeftonesPlease Please Please Let Me Get What I Want1995Music/Lyrics
Dum Dum GirlsThere Is A Light That Never Goes Out2011Music/Lyrics
Emily BrowningAsleep2011Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
EurythmicsLast Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me1989Music/Lyrics
Grant-Lee PhillipsLast Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me2006Music/Lyrics
J MascisThe Boy With The Thorn In His Side1996Music/Lyrics
Jazzanova feat. Paul RandolphDial A Cliché2008Music/Lyrics
Jeff BuckleyI Know It's Over1995Music/Lyrics
Jeff BuckleyI Know It's Over [2016]2016Music/Lyrics
Jeff BuckleyThe Boy With The Thorn In His Side2016Music/Lyrics
Kirsty MacCollYou Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby1989Music/Lyrics
Love Spit LoveHow Soon Is Now?1996Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
Marianne FaithfullDear God Please Help Me2008Music/Lyrics
Mark Ronson feat. Daniel MerriweatherStop Me2007Music/Lyrics
Matthew Sweet and Susanna HoffsHow Soon Is Now2013Music/Lyrics
Morrissey(I'm) The End Of The Family Line1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyA Swallow On My Neck1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAll The Lazy Dykes2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAll The Young People Must Fall In Love2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyAll You Need Is Me2008Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAlma Matters1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAlsatian Cousin1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAmbitious Outsiders1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAmerica Is Not The World2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAngel, Angel, Down We Go Together1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyArt - Hounds2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAsian Rut1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyAt Amber1990Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBecause Of My Poor Education2008Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBengali In Platforms1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBest Friend On The Payroll1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBilly Budd1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBlack Cloud2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBlack-Eyed Susan1993Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBobby, Don't You Think They Know?2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBreak Up The Family1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyBrow Of My Beloved2019Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyCertain People I Know1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyChildren In Pieces2008Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyChristian Dior2006Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyCome Back To Camden2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyDagenham Dave1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyDarling, I Hug A Pillow2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyDo Your Best And Don't Worry1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyDon't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyDrag The River2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyDriving Your Girlfriend Home1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyEarth Is The Loneliest Planet2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyEveryday Is Like Sunday1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyFantastic Bird1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyFirst Of The Gang To Die2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyForgive Someone2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyFound Found Found1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyFriday Mourning2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyGet Off The Stage1990Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyGirl Least Likely To1990Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyGlamorous Glue1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyGood Looking Man About Town2006Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHairdresser On Fire1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHappy Lovers At Last United2010Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHave-A-Go Merchant1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHe Cried1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHe Knows I'd Love To See Him1990Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHeir Apparent1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHold On To Your Friends1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHome Is A Question Mark2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyHoney, You Know Where To Find Me1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHow Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyHuman Being2006Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Am Hated For Loving1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Am Not A Dog On A Chain2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Bury The Living2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyI Can Have Both1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Don't Mind If You Forget Me1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Have Forgiven Jesus2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Keep Mine Hidden2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Knew I Was Next2006Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Know It's Gonna Happen Someday1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Know Very Well How I Got My Name1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Like You2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI Wish You Lonely2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyI'd Love To1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyIf You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me2006Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI'm Not A Man2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI'm Not Sorry2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI'm OK By Myself2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyIn Your Lap2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyInteresting Drug1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyIrish Blood, English Heart2004Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyIt's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyIt's Not Your Birthday Anymore2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyI've Changed My Plea To Guilty1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyJack The Ripper1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyJacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyJim Jim Falls2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyJournalists Who Lie1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyJulie In The Weeds2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyKick The Bride Down The Aisle2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyKing Leer1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyKiss Me A Lot2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyKnockabout World2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLate Night, Maudlin Street1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLet Me Kiss You2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLet The Right One Slip In1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLifeguard On Duty2010Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLittle Man, What Now?1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLove Is On Its Way Out2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyLucky Lisp1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMama Lay Softly On The Riverbed2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMargaret On The Guillotine1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMichael's Bones1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMunich Air Disaster 19582004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMute Witness1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMy Dearest Love2008Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMy Hurling Days Are Done2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMy Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMy Love Life1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyMy Love, I'd Do Anything For You2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyNeal Cassady Drops Dead2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyNobody Loves Us1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyNovember Spawned A Monster1990Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyNovember The Second1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyNow I Am A Was1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyNow My Heart Is Full1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOboe Concerto2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOh Phoney2010Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOh Well, I'll Never Learn1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOnce I Saw The River Clean2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOne Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOne Of Our Own2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOuija Board, Ouija Board1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOur Frank1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyPashernate Love1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyPiccadilly Palare1990Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyPregnant For The Last Time1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyReader Meet Author1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySatan Rejected My Soul1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySeasick, Yet Still Docked1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyShame Is The Name2008Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySing Your Life1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySister I'm A Poet1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySmiler With Knife2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySomething Is Squeezing My Skull2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySorrow Will Come In The End1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySorry Doesn't Help2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySpent The Day In Bed2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseySpring-Heeled Jim1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyStaircase At The University2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySuch A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseySweet And Tender Hooligan (Live)1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyTeenage Dad On His Estate2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThat's How People Grow Up2008Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Bed Took Fire2010Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Boy Racer1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Bullfighter Dies2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Edges Are No Longer Parallel1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyThe Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Last Of The Famous International Playboys1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Lazy Sunbathers1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Loop1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe National Front Disco1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Never-Played Symphonies2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Operation1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Ordinary Boys1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Secret Of Music2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Truth About Ruth2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe World Is Full Of Crashing Bores2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThe Youngest Was The Most Loved2006Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThere Is A Light That Never Goes Out2005Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThere Speaks A True Friend1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThere's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyThis Is Not Your Country1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyTo Me You Are A Work Of Art2006Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyTony The Pony1991Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyTrouble Loves Me1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyUsed To Be A Sweet Boy1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyWe Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyWe'll Let You Know1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyWhat Kind Of People Live In These Houses?2020Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyWhatever Happens, I Love You1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyWhen Last I Spoke To Carol2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyWhen You Open Your Legs2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyWho Will Protect Us From The Police?2017Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
MorrisseyWhy Don't You Find Out For Yourself1994Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyWide To Receive1997Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyWill Never Marry1988Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyWorld Peace Is None Of Your Business2014Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyYes, I Am Blind1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyYou Have Killed Me2006Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyYou Know I Couldn't Last2004Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyYou Should Have Been Nice To Me1995Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyYou Were Good In Your Time2009Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyYou're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyYou're The One For Me, Fatty1992Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyYou've Had Her1992Music/Lyrics
MusePlease, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want2001Music/Lyrics
Nancy SinatraLet Me Kiss You2004Music/Lyrics
Paradise LostHow Soon Is Now1997Music/Lyrics
PlaceboBigmouth Strikes Again1996Music/Lyrics
Plan BStop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before2008Music/Lyrics
QuicksandHow Soon Is Now?1993Music/Lyrics
Sandie ShawHand In Glove1984Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
Sandie ShawI Don't Owe You Anything1984Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
Sandie ShawJeane1984Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
Sandie ShawPlease Help The Cause Against Loneliness1988Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
Scott MatthewThere's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends2013Music/Lyrics
Scott WeilandReel Around The Fountain2008Music/Lyrics
She & HimPlease, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want2009Music/Lyrics
Slow Moving MilliePlease, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want2012Music/Lyrics
SupergrassSome Girls Are Bigger Than Others1996Music/Lyrics
t.A.T.u.How Soon Is Now?2002Music/Lyrics
The Boo RadleysThe Queen Is Dead1996Music/Lyrics
The Divine ComedyThere Is A Light That Never Goes Out1996Music/Lyrics
The Dream AcademyPlease Please Please Let Me Get What I Want1985Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
The Frank And WaltersCemetry Gates1996Music/Lyrics
The High LlamasFrankly Mr Shankly1996Music/Lyrics
The JacquelinesSing Your Life2018Music/Lyrics
(Steven Patrick Morrissey)
The Magic NumbersThere Is A Light That Never Goes Out2006Music/Lyrics
The PretendersEveryday Is Like Sunday1995Music/Lyrics
The Puppini SistersPanic2006Music/Lyrics
The SmithsA Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsAccept Yourself1983Music/Lyrics
The SmithsAsk1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsAsleep1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsBack To The Old House1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsBarbarism Begins At Home1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsBigmouth Strikes Again1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsCemetry Gates1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsDeath At One's Elbow1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsDeath Of A Disco Dancer1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsFrankly, Mr Shankly1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsGirl Afraid1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsGirlfriend In A Coma1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsHalf A Person1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsHand In Glove1983Music/Lyrics
The SmithsHandsome Devil1983Music/Lyrics
The SmithsHeaven Knows I'm Miserable Now1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsHow Soon Is Now?1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsI Don't Owe You Anything1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsI Keep Mine Hidden1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsI Know It's Over1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsI Started Something I Couldn't Finish1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsI Want The One I Can't Have1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsI Won't Share You1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsIs It Really So Strange?1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsJeane1983Music/Lyrics
The SmithsLast Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsLondon1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsMeat Is Murder1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsMiserable Lie1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsNever Had No One Ever1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsNowhere Fast1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsOscillate Wildly1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsPaint A Vulgar Picture1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsPanic1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsPlease, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsPretty Girls Make Graves1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsReel Around The Fountain1983Music/Lyrics
The SmithsRubber Ring1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsRusholme Ruffians1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsShakespeare's Sister1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsSheila Take A Bow1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsShoplifters Of The World Unite1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsSome Girls Are Bigger Than Others1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsStill Ill1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsStop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsStretch Out And Wait1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsSuffer Little Children1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsSweet And Tender Hooligan1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsThat Joke Isn't Funny Anymore1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsThe Boy With The Thorn In His Side1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsThe Draize Train1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsThe Hand That Rocks The Cradle1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsThe Headmaster Ritual1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsThe Queen Is Dead1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsThere Is A Light That Never Goes Out1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsThese Things Take Time1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsThis Charming Man1983Music/Lyrics
The SmithsThis Night Has Opened My Eyes1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsUnhappy Birthday1987Music/Lyrics
The SmithsUnloveable1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsVicar In A Tutu1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsWell I Wonder1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsWhat Difference Does It Make?1983Music/Lyrics
The SmithsWhat She Said1985Music/Lyrics
The SmithsWilliam, It Was Really Nothing1984Music/Lyrics
The SmithsWonderful Woman1983Music/Lyrics
The SmithsYou Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby1986Music/Lyrics
The SmithsYou've Got Everything Now1984Music/Lyrics
The Trash Can SinatrasI Know It's Over1996Music/Lyrics
The UkrainiansBatyar1992Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
Therapy?Vicar In A Tutu1996Music/Lyrics
Universal Poplab feat. Håkan HellströmWe Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful2004Music/Lyrics
Xiu XiuAsleep2003Music/Lyrics
Zee AviFirst Of The Gang To Die2009Music/Lyrics
(Steven Morrissey)
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Morrissey)85.25
Girlfriend In A Coma (The Smiths)465.24
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths)475.17
I Want The One I Can't Have (The Smiths)65.17
Bigmouth Strikes Again (The Smiths)505
A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours (The Smiths)115
Rusholme Ruffians (The Smiths)75
Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage (Morrissey)55
Everyday Is Like Sunday (Morrissey)654.95
How Soon Is Now? (The Smiths)764.95
America Is Not The World (Morrissey)144.93
Barbarism Begins At Home (The Smiths)124.92
Asleep (The Smiths)174.88
Panic (The Smiths)484.88
First Of The Gang To Die (Morrissey)324.84
How Soon Is Now? (Love Spit Love)124.83
The Headmaster Ritual (The Smiths)174.82
Irish Blood, English Heart (Morrissey)394.82
Suedehead (Morrissey)604.82
The Queen Is Dead (The Smiths)244.79
How Soon Is Now? (t.A.T.u.)1093.64
Stop Me (Mark Ronson feat. Daniel Merriweather)993.99
How Soon Is Now? (The Smiths)764.95
Everyday Is Like Sunday (Morrissey)654.95
Suedehead (Morrissey)604.82
Bigmouth Strikes Again (The Smiths)505
Panic (The Smiths)484.88
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths)475.17
Girlfriend In A Coma (The Smiths)465.24
This Charming Man (The Smiths)424.69
Irish Blood, English Heart (Morrissey)394.82
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get (Morrissey)344.21
First Of The Gang To Die (Morrissey)324.84
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (The Smiths)314.48
What Difference Does It Make? (The Smiths)314.45
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys (Morrissey)314.39
That's How People Grow Up (Morrissey)313.81
I Have Forgiven Jesus (Morrissey)284.46
You Have Killed Me (Morrissey)274.52
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before (The Smiths)264.58

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