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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Michael Crossey
747sMissed That Sun2006Producer
Amber Run5AM2015Producer
Amber RunGood Morning2015Producer
Amber RunHurricane2015Producer
Amber RunI Found2014Producer
Amber RunJust My Soul Responding2015Producer
Amber RunNoah2015Producer
Amber RunPilot2014Producer
Amber RunSee You Soon2015Producer
Amber RunShiver2015Producer
Amber RunSpark2015Producer
Arctic Monkeys5052007Producer
Arctic Monkeys72006Producer
Arctic MonkeysBaby I'm Yours2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysBad Woman2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysBalaclava2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysBigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts2005Producer
Arctic MonkeysBrianstorm2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysCigarette Smoker Fiona2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysD Is For Dangerous2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysDespair In The Departure Lounge2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysDo Me A Favour2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysFluorescent Adolescent2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysIf You Were There, Beware2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysNo Buses2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysOld Yellow Bricks2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysOnly Ones Who Know2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysPut Your Dukes Up John2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysSettle For A Draw2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysStickin To The Floor2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysTeddy Picker2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysTemptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysThe Bad Thing2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysThe Bakery2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysThis House Is A Circus2007Producer
Arctic MonkeysWho The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?2006Producer
Barns Courtney992019Producer
Billy RaffoulDifficult2017Producer
Blood Red Shoes7 Years2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesADHD2007Producer
Blood Red ShoesCold2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesColours Fade2010Producer
Blood Red ShoesCount Me Out2010Producer
Blood Red ShoesDoesn't Matter Much2008Producer
Blood Red ShoesDon't Ask2010Producer
Blood Red ShoesDown Here In The Dark2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesFollow The Lines2010Producer
Blood Red ShoesForgive Nothing2008Producer
Blood Red ShoesHeartsink2010Producer
Blood Red ShoesHope You're Holding Up2008Producer
Blood Red ShoesI Wish I Was Someone Better2007Producer
Blood Red ShoesIn Time To Voices2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesIt Is Happening Again2010Producer
Blood Red ShoesIt's Getting Boring By The Sea2007Producer
Blood Red ShoesJe me perds2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesKeeping It Close2010Producer
Blood Red ShoesLight It Up2010Producer
Blood Red ShoesLost Kids2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesNight Light2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesOne More Empty Chair2010Producer
Blood Red ShoesSay Something, Say Anything2008Producer
Blood Red ShoesSlip Into Blue2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesStop Kicking2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesTake The Weight2008Producer
Blood Red ShoesThe Silence And The Drones2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesThis Is Not For You2008Producer
Blood Red ShoesTry Harder2006Producer
Blood Red ShoesTwo Dead Minutes2012Producer
Blood Red ShoesWhen We Wake2010Producer
Blood Red ShoesYou Bring Me Down2006Producer
Fickle FriendsBite2018Music/Lyrics
(Michael Crossey)
Fickle FriendsBrooklyn2018Music/Lyrics
(Michael Crossey)
Fickle FriendsIn My Head2018Music/Lyrics
(Michael Crossey)
Fickle FriendsMidnight2018Music/Lyrics
(Michael Crossey)
Fickle FriendsParis2018Music/Lyrics
(Michael Crossey)
Fickle FriendsRotation2018Music/Lyrics
(Michael Crossey)
Fickle FriendsSay No More2015Music/Lyrics
(Michael Crossey)
Fickle FriendsUseless2018Music/Lyrics
(Michael Crossey)
Half AliveOK OK?2019Producer
Half AliveRunaway2019Producer
I Blame CocoNo Smile2010Producer
Imelda MayAmber Eyes2014Producer
Imelda MayDreaming (Ukulele Track)2014Producer
Imelda MayFive Good Men2014Producer
Imelda MayGhost Of Love2014Producer
Imelda MayGypsy In Me2014Producer
Imelda MayHellfire Club2014Producer
Imelda MayI Wanna Dance2014Producer
Imelda MayIt's Good To Be Alive2014Producer
Imelda MayLittle Pixie2014Producer
Imelda MayRight Amount Of Wrong2014Producer
Imelda MayRound The Bend2014Producer
Imelda MayTears Of Clew Bay2014Producer
Imelda MayTribal2014Producer
Imelda MayWicked Way2014Producer
Imelda MayWild Woman2014Producer
Imelda MayZombie Girl2014Producer
Imelda May feat. Smokey RobinsonGet Ready2014Producer
Jake BuggBallad Of Mr Jones2012Producer
Jake BuggSeen It All2012Producer
Jake BuggSlide2012Producer
Jake BuggSomeplace2012Producer
Jake BuggTwo Fingers2012Producer
Julian LamadridPatience2020Producer
KaleoWay Down We Go2015Producer
Lauv & LanyMean It2019Producer
Lewis WatsonSink Or Swim2014Producer
Lewis WatsonWindows2014Producer
Life In FilmThe Idiot2015Producer
Louis TomlinsonBigger Than Me2022Producer
Louis TomlinsonLucky Again2022Producer
Marshmello x Yungblud x BlackbearTongue Tied2019Music/Lyrics
MunaNumber One Fan2019Producer
Noah CyrusI Burned LA Down2022Music/Lyrics
Noah Cyrus & Billy Ray CyrusNoah (Stand Still)2022Producer
Noah Cyrus & Vance JoyEverybody Needs Someone2023Producer
Nothing But ThievesAfterlife2017Producer
Nothing But ThievesAmsterdam2017Producer
Nothing But ThievesBefore We Drift Away2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesBroken Machine2017Producer
Nothing But ThievesCan You Afford To Be An Individual?2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesFree If We Want It2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesGet Better2017Producer
Nothing But ThievesHell, Yeah2017Producer
Nothing But ThievesI Was Just A Kid2017Producer
Nothing But ThievesI'm Not Made By Design2017Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesImpossible2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesIs Everybody Going Crazy?2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesLive Like Animals2017Producer
Nothing But ThievesMoral Panic2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesNumber 132017Producer
Nothing But ThievesParticles2017Producer
Nothing But ThievesPhobia2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesReal Love Song2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesReset Me2017Producer
Nothing But ThievesSoda2017Producer
Nothing But ThievesSorry2017Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesThere Was Sun2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesThis Feels Like The End2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But ThievesUnperson2020Music/Lyrics
Nothing But Thieves with The Bucharest Symphony OrchestraReal Love Song2020Music/Lyrics
Razorlight60 Thompson2008Producer
RazorlightBlood For Wild Blood2008Producer
RazorlightBurberry Blue Eyes2008Producer
RazorlightHostage Of Love2008Producer
RazorlightMonster Boots2008Producer
RazorlightNorth London Trash2008Producer
RazorlightTabloid Lover2008Producer
RazorlightThe House2008Producer
RazorlightWire To Wire2008Producer
RazorlightYou And The Rest2008Producer
Take ThatRiver2017Producer
The 1975A Change Of Heart2016Producer
The 1975Chocolate2013Producer
The 1975Girls2013Producer
The 1975Heart Out2013Producer
The 1975I Like When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It2016Producer
The 1975If I Believe You2016Producer
The 1975Lostmyhead2016Producer
The 1975Love Me2015Producer
The 1975Loving Someone2016Producer
The 1975M.O.N.E.Y.2013Producer
The 1975Menswear2013Producer
The 1975Nana2016Producer
The 1975Paris2016Producer
The 1975Please Be Naked2016Producer
The 1975Pressure2013Producer
The 1975Robbers2013Producer
The 1975Settle Down2013Producer
The 1975Sex2012Producer
The 1975She Lays Down2016Producer
The 1975She Way Out2013Producer
The 1975She's American2016Producer
The 1975Somebody Else2016Producer
The 1975Talk!2013Producer
The 1975The 19752013Producer
The 1975The Ballad Of Me And My Brain2016Producer
The 1975The City2013Producer
The 1975The Sound2016Producer
The 1975This Must Be My Dream2016Producer
The 1975UGH!2016Producer
The Enemy51st State2009Producer
The EnemyBe Somebody2009Producer
The EnemyDon't Break The Red Tape2009Producer
The EnemyElephant Song2009Producer
The EnemyKeep Losing2009Producer
The EnemyLast Goodbye2009Producer
The EnemyNation Of Checkout Girls2009Producer
The EnemyNo Time For Tears2009Producer
The EnemySilver Spoon2009Producer
The EnemySing When You're In Love2009Producer
The Gaslight Anthem1,000 Years2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemAin't That A Shame2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemBreak Your Heart2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemDark Places2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemGet Hurt2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemHalloween2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemHelter Skeleton2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemMama's Boys2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemRed Violins2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemRollin' And Tumblin'2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemSelected Poems2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemStay Vicious2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemStray Paper2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemSweet Morphine2014Producer
The Gaslight AnthemUnderneath The Ground2014Producer
The KillersDying Breed2020Music/Lyrics
The Levellers feat. Imelda MayBeautiful Day2014Producer
The ViewAB (We Need Treatment)2012Producer
The ViewAnfield Row2012Producer
The ViewBullet2012Producer
The ViewBunker (Solid Ground)2012Producer
The ViewHold On Now2012Producer
The ViewHole In The Bed2012Producer
The ViewHow Long2012Producer
The ViewLean On My World2012Producer
The ViewSour Little Sweetie2012Producer
The ViewTacky Tattoo2012Producer
The ViewThe Clock2012Producer
TribesAlone Or With Friends2012Producer
TribesBad Apple2012Producer
TribesComing Of Age2011Producer
TribesCorner Of An English Field2012Producer
TribesHalf Way Home2012Producer
TribesWalking In The Street2012Producer
TribesWe Were Children2011Producer
TribesWhen My Day Comes2011Producer
Twenty One PilotsThe Judge2015Producer
Walk The MoonCan You Handle My Love??2021Producer
Walk The MoonDNA (The Keys)2021Producer
Walk The MoonGiants2021Producer
Walk The MoonHeights2021Producer
Walk The MoonOne Foot2017Producer
Walk The MoonPopulation Of Two2021Producer
Walk The MoonSomeone Else's Game2021Producer
Walk The MoonSurrender2017Producer
Walk The MoonTimebomb2019Producer
Walk The MoonWhat You Can't Look Up2021Producer
Wolf AliceBros2015Producer
Wolf AliceFluffy2013Producer
Wolf AliceFreazy2015Producer
Wolf AliceGiant Peach2015Producer
Wolf AliceLisbon2015Producer
Wolf AliceSilk2015Producer
Wolf AliceSoapy Water2015Producer
Wolf AliceSwallowtail2015Producer
Wolf AliceThe Wonderwhy2015Producer
Wolf AliceTurn To Dust2015Producer
Wolf AliceYour Loves Whore2015Producer
Wolf AliceYou're A Germ2015Producer
YungbludWaiting On The Weekend2019Music/Lyrics
Yungblud feat. Dan ReynoldsOriginal Me2019Music/Lyrics
It's Getting Boring By The Sea (Blood Red Shoes)65.17
Old Yellow Bricks (Arctic Monkeys)245.12
Silk (Wolf Alice)65
505 (Arctic Monkeys)304.97
Balaclava (Arctic Monkeys)204.85
If You Were There, Beware (Arctic Monkeys)194.74
Get Hurt (The Gaslight Anthem)94.67
Baby I'm Yours (Arctic Monkeys)64.67
Teddy Picker (Arctic Monkeys)374.57
Ballad Of Mr Jones (Jake Bugg)94.56
Monster Boots (Razorlight)114.55
Do Me A Favour (Arctic Monkeys)174.53
Fluorescent Adolescent (Arctic Monkeys)724.53
D Is For Dangerous (Arctic Monkeys)224.5
Seen It All (Jake Bugg)184.5
Impossible (Nothing But Thieves)144.5
Amsterdam (Nothing But Thieves)134.46
This House Is A Circus (Arctic Monkeys)184.44
It's Good To Be Alive (Imelda May)74.43
Bros (Wolf Alice)124.42
Wire To Wire (Razorlight)1854.36
Fluorescent Adolescent (Arctic Monkeys)724.53
Brianstorm (Arctic Monkeys)674.27
Way Down We Go (Kaleo)564.29
Hostage Of Love (Razorlight)454.13
Teddy Picker (Arctic Monkeys)374.57
Chocolate (The 1975)324
The Sound (The 1975)313.9
505 (Arctic Monkeys)304.97
Two Fingers (Jake Bugg)304
Love Me (The 1975)263.85
Old Yellow Bricks (Arctic Monkeys)245.12
Somebody Else (The 1975)244.33
D Is For Dangerous (Arctic Monkeys)224.5
Balaclava (Arctic Monkeys)204.85
Only Ones Who Know (Arctic Monkeys)204
If You Were There, Beware (Arctic Monkeys)194.74
Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? (Arctic Monkeys)193.47
Seen It All (Jake Bugg)184.5
This House Is A Circus (Arctic Monkeys)184.44

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