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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Martin "Zero" Hannett, Martin Zero
A Certain RatioAll Night Party1979Producer
(Martin Zero)
A Certain RatioFlight1980Producer
A Certain RatioThe Fox1981Producer
A Certain RatioThe Thin Boys1979Producer
(Martin Zero)
BuzzcocksAirwaves Dream1980Producer
BuzzcocksAre Everything1979Producer
BuzzcocksFast Cars1977Producer
BuzzcocksFiction Romance1978Producer
BuzzcocksGet On Your Own1978Producer
BuzzcocksI Don't Know What To Do With My Life1979Producer
BuzzcocksI Look Alone1981Producer
BuzzcocksNothing Left1978Producer
BuzzcocksOperator's Manual1978Producer
BuzzcocksRadio Nine1979Producer
BuzzcocksRunning Free1980Producer
BuzzcocksStrange Thing1980Producer
BuzzcocksWalking Distance1978Producer
BuzzcocksWhat Do You Know1980Producer
BuzzcocksWhy She's A Girl From The Chainstore1980Producer
Buzzcocks with Howard DevotoBoredom1977Producer
(Martin "Zero" Hannett)
Buzzcocks with Howard DevotoBreakdown1977Producer
(Martin "Zero" Hannett)
Buzzcocks with Howard DevotoFriends Of Mine1977Producer
(Martin "Zero" Hannett)
Buzzcocks with Howard DevotoTime's Up1976Producer
(Martin "Zero" Hannett)
Chris SieveyBaiser1979Producer
(Martin Zero)
Chris SieveyLast1979Producer
(Martin Zero)
Ed BangerBaby Was A Baby1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Ed BangerKinnel Tommy1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
ESGYou're No Good1981Producer
Happy MondaysBrain Dead1988Producer
Happy MondaysBring A Friend1988Producer
Happy MondaysCountry Song1988Producer
Happy MondaysDo It Better1988Producer
Happy MondaysFat Lady Wrestlers1988Producer
Happy MondaysLazyitis1988Producer
Happy MondaysMad Cyril1988Producer
Happy MondaysMoving In With1988Producer
Happy MondaysPerformance1988Producer
Happy MondaysW.F.L. (Think About The Future)1988Producer
Jilted JohnBaz's Party1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnFancy Mile1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnGoing Steady1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnGoodbye Karen1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnI Know I'll Never1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnI Was A Pre-Pubescent1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnIn The Bus Shelter1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnJilted John1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnKaren's Letter1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnShirley1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnThe Birthday Kiss1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnThe Paperbow Song1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
Jilted JohnTrue Love1978Producer
(Martin Zero)
John Cooper Clarke”Gimmix! Play Loud1978Music/Lyrics
John Cooper ClarkeBeasley Street1980Music/Lyrics
Joy DivisionA Means To An End1980Producer
Joy DivisionAs You Said1980Producer
Joy DivisionAtmosphere1980Producer
Joy DivisionAtrocity Exhibition1980Producer
Joy DivisionAutosuggestion1979Producer
Joy DivisionCandidate1979Producer
Joy DivisionCeremony1981Producer
Joy DivisionColony1979Producer
Joy DivisionDay Of The Lords1979Producer
Joy DivisionDead Souls1979Producer
Joy DivisionDecades1980Producer
Joy DivisionDigital1978Producer
Joy DivisionDisorder1979Producer
Joy DivisionExercise One1979Producer
Joy DivisionFailures1977Producer
Joy DivisionFrom Safety To Where1979Producer
Joy DivisionGlass1978Producer
Joy DivisionHeart And Soul1980Producer
Joy DivisionI Remember Nothing1979Producer
Joy DivisionIce Age1981Producer
Joy DivisionIncubation1980Producer
Joy DivisionInsight1979Producer
Joy DivisionInterzone1979Producer
Joy DivisionIsolation1980Producer
Joy DivisionKomakino1980Producer
Joy DivisionLeaders Of Men1977Producer
Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us Apart1979Producer
Joy DivisionNew Dawn Fades1979Producer
Joy DivisionNo Love Lost1977Producer
Joy DivisionNovelty1979Producer
Joy DivisionPassover1980Producer
Joy DivisionShadowplay1979Producer
Joy DivisionShe's Lost Control1979Producer
Joy DivisionSister Ray2007Producer
Joy DivisionSomething Must Break1981Producer
Joy DivisionThe Eternal1980Producer
Joy DivisionThe Kill1981Producer
Joy DivisionThe Only Mistake1981Producer
Joy DivisionThe Sound Of Music1979Producer
Joy DivisionThese Days1980Producer
Joy DivisionTransmission1979Producer
Joy DivisionTwenty Four Hours1979Producer
Joy DivisionWalked In Line1981Producer
Joy DivisionWarsaw1977Producer
MagazineA Song From Under The Floorboards1980Producer
MagazineBecause You're Frightened1980Producer
MagazineI Want To Burn Again1980Producer
MagazineI'm A Party1980Producer
MagazineModel Worker1980Producer
MagazineSweetheart Contract1980Producer
MagazineThank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)1980Producer
MagazineThe Book1980Producer
MagazineTwenty Years Ago1980Producer
MagazineUpside Down1980Producer
MagazineYou Never Knew Me1980Producer
Minny PopsDolphin's Spurt1980Producer
Minny PopsMental1980Producer
Minny PopsNight Out1980Producer
New OrderCeremony1981Producer
New OrderChosen Time1981Producer
New OrderCries And Whispers1981Producer
New OrderDenial1981Producer
New OrderDoubts Even Here1981Producer
New OrderDreams Never End1981Producer
New OrderEverything's Gone Green1981Producer
New OrderI.C.B.1981Producer
New OrderIn A Lonely Place1981Producer
New OrderMesh1981Producer
New OrderProcession1981Producer
New OrderSenses1981Producer
New OrderThe Him1981Producer
New OrderTruth1981Producer
NicoAll Tomorrow's Parties1982Producer
OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark)Electricity1979Producer
Royal Family And The PoorVaneigem Mix1980Producer
Section 25Dirty Disco1981Producer
Section 25Je veux ton amour1981Producer
Section 25New Horizon1981Producer
Slaughter & The DogsCranked Up Really High1977Producer
(Martin Zero)
Slaughter & The DogsThe Bitch1977Producer
(Martin Zero)
The Durutti ColumnFor Belgian Friends1980Producer
The Durutti ColumnLips That Would Kiss1981Producer
The Durutti ColumnMadeleine1981Producer
The Durutti ColumnSketch For Summer1980Producer
The Durutti ColumnSketch For Winter1981Producer
The NamesCalcutta1981Producer
The NamesRevenge1982Producer
The NamesShining Hours1982Producer
The NamesThe Astronaut1982Producer
The Psychedelic FursSoap Commercial1981Producer
The Psychedelic FursSusan's Strange1980Producer
U211 O'Clock Tick Tock1980Producer
A Means To An End (Joy Division)145.21
Dreams Never End (New Order)55.2
Shadowplay (Joy Division)275.19
Atmosphere (Joy Division)345.18
Day Of The Lords (Joy Division)205.15
The Eternal (Joy Division)275.15
Passover (Joy Division)155.07
Isolation (Joy Division)165.06
Decades (Joy Division)235.04
Twenty Four Hours (Joy Division)205
Dead Souls (Joy Division)195
Candidate (Joy Division)135
Novelty (Joy Division)95
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)1054.98
Disorder (Joy Division)264.96
New Dawn Fades (Joy Division)214.95
I Remember Nothing (Joy Division)144.93
Heart And Soul (Joy Division)204.9
Incubation (Joy Division)104.9
Electricity (OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark))824.89
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)1054.98
Electricity (OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark))824.89
Atmosphere (Joy Division)345.18
She's Lost Control (Joy Division)334.58
Transmission (Joy Division)314.71
Shadowplay (Joy Division)275.19
The Eternal (Joy Division)275.15
Ceremony (New Order)274.44
Disorder (Joy Division)264.96
Decades (Joy Division)235.04
New Dawn Fades (Joy Division)214.95
Day Of The Lords (Joy Division)205.15
Twenty Four Hours (Joy Division)205
Heart And Soul (Joy Division)204.9
Dead Souls (Joy Division)195
Digital (Joy Division)184.61
Atrocity Exhibition (Joy Division)174.71
Isolation (Joy Division)165.06
Colony (Joy Division)164.88
Warsaw (Joy Division)164.88

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