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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Lee Oscar, Lee Oskar Levitin
"Weird Al" YankovicNow That's What I Call Polka!2014Music/Lyrics
53rd & 3rd feat. The Sound Of ShagWhy Can't We Be Friends1975Music/Lyrics
Anuel AA / Daddy Yankee / Karol G / Ozuna / J BalvinChina2019Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oskar Levitin)
Black M feat. DadjuTout se passe après minuit2017Music/Lyrics
Cleveland EatonSlipping Into Darkness1972Music/Lyrics
Daniel Sentacruz EnsembleBallero1974Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
Eric Burdon & WarBlues For Memphis Slim1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarBlues For Memphis Slim: a. Birth1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarBlues For Memphis Slim: b. Mother Earth1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarBlues For Memphis Slim: b. Mother Earth - Part21969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarBlues For Memphis Slim: c. Mr. Charlie1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarBlues For Memphis Slim: d. Danish Party1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarDedication1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarHome Dream1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarI Have A Dream1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarLove Is All Around1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarMagic Mountain1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarRoll On Kirk1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarSpill The Wine1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarThe Vision Of Rassan1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & WarYou're No Stranger1969Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarBare Back Ride1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarBlack Bird1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarBlack On Black In Black1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarGun1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarHome Cookin'1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarJimbo1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarLaurel And Hardy1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarNuts, Seeds And Life1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarOut Of Nowhere1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarPretty Colors1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarS.P.C. 31970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarSpirit1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarSun/Moon1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarThe Bird And The Squirrel1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And WarThey Can't Take Away Our Music1970Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon And War feat. Sharon Scott & The Beautiful New Born Children Of Southern CaliforniaBeautiful New Born Child1970Music/Lyrics
Freaked-Out Flower ChildrenSpill The Wine1991Music/Lyrics
George BensonThe World Is A Ghetto1977Music/Lyrics
Geto Boys feat. FlajThe World Is A Ghetto1996Music/Lyrics
Janet JacksonYou1997Music/Lyrics
Johnny Guitar WatsonBaby Face (She Said Do Do Do Do)1978Music/Lyrics
Kandace SpringsThe World Is A Ghetto2016Music/Lyrics
Kat DeLuna feat. Trey SongzBum Bum2015Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oskar Levitin)
Latin Alliance feat. WarLowrider (On The Boulevard) Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarBefore The Rain1978Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarBlisters1976Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarBLT1976Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarChildren's Song (You Can Find Your Way)1980Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarDown The Nile1976Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarFeelin' Happy1978Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
Lee OskarHaunted House1978Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarI Remember Home (A Peasant's Journey): a. The Journey1976Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarI Remember Home (A Peasant's Journey): b. The Immigrant1976Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarI Remember Home (A Peasant's Journey): c. The Promised Land1976Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarMore Than Words Can Say1978Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarMy Road1980Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarOur Road1980Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarSan Francisco Bay1978Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarSing Song1978Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarSong For My Son1980Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarStarkite1976Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarSteppin'1978Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarSunshine Keri1976Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarUp All Night1980Music/Lyrics
Lee OskarYes, I'm Singing1980Music/Lyrics
Liam Payne feat. QuavoStrip That Down2017Music/Lyrics
Lighter Shade Of BrownSpill The Rhyme1993Music/Lyrics
Macy GrayDo Something1999Music/Lyrics
MFSBSmile Happy1975Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
Michael HutchenceSpill The Wine2019Music/Lyrics
Pitbull feat. Ke$haTimber2013Music/Lyrics
PopKidz [BE]Zomer2014Music/Lyrics
Rhythm HeritageDo It Again Cisco Kid1977Music/Lyrics
Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox starring Robyn Adele Anderson & The Tee TonesTimber2018Music/Lyrics
Shaggy feat. RikRokIt Wasn't Me2000Music/Lyrics
Sly & RobbieSlippin' Into Darkness1982Music/Lyrics
Soda MachineSlippin' Into Darkness2016Music/Lyrics
Stolen PropertyLow Rider1975Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
The Barden BellasKennedy Center Performance2015Music/Lyrics
The Barden BellasWorld Championship Finale 22015Music/Lyrics
The HomesteadersSummer1976Music/Lyrics
The Ramsey Lewis TrioSlippin' Into Darkness1972Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
The Rock Steady CrewMe And Baby Brother1984Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
The Sir EchoesGypsy Man1973Music/Lyrics
The Sir EchoesThe World Is A Ghetto1973Music/Lyrics
Ummet Ozcan & WarLow Rider2018Music/Lyrics
WarAll Around The World1979Music/Lyrics
WarAll Day Music1971Music/Lyrics
WarBaby Brother1971Music/Lyrics
WarBaby Face1977Music/Lyrics
WarBack Home1971Music/Lyrics
WarBad Mutha Trucka1985Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
(Lee Oscar)
WarBeetles In The Bog1972Music/Lyrics
WarCity Country City1972Music/Lyrics
WarCorns And Callouses (Hey Dr. Shoals)1979Music/Lyrics
WarCutest Girl1985Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
WarDay II1985Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
WarDeliver The World1973Music/Lyrics
WarFidel's Fantasy1971Music/Lyrics
WarFlying Machine (The Chase)1978Music/Lyrics
WarFour Cornered Room1972Music/Lyrics
WarGalaxy 20002000Music/Lyrics
WarGet Down1971Music/Lyrics
WarGood Good Feelin'1979Music/Lyrics
WarGypsy Man1973Music/Lyrics
WarH2 Overture1973Music/Lyrics
WarHey Señorita1977Music/Lyrics
WarI'm The One Who Understands1979Music/Lyrics
WarIn Your Eyes1973Music/Lyrics
WarKeep On Doin'1978Music/Lyrics
WarL.A. Sunshine1976Music/Lyrics
WarLonely Feelin'1971Music/Lyrics
WarLow Rider1975Music/Lyrics
WarMe And Baby Brother1973Music/Lyrics
WarNappy Head1971Music/Lyrics
WarNo Need To Worry1985Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
WarSlippin' Into Darkness1971Music/Lyrics
WarSlippin' Into Darkness 19991999Music/Lyrics
WarSouthern Part Of Texas1973Music/Lyrics
WarStill In Love1985Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
WarSun Oh Sun1971Music/Lyrics
WarSweet Fighting Lady1977Music/Lyrics
WarTake It To The Bank1985Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
WarThat's What Love Will Do1971Music/Lyrics
WarThe Cisco Kid1972Music/Lyrics
WarThe Music Band1979Music/Lyrics
WarThe Seven Tin Soldiers1977Music/Lyrics
WarThe World Is A Ghetto1972Music/Lyrics
WarThere Must Be A Reason1971Music/Lyrics
WarThree Dog Night Eyes1973Music/Lyrics
WarWar Drums1971Music/Lyrics
WarWar Is Coming! War Is Coming ♪1976Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
WarWar's Song1985Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oscar)
WarWhere Was You At1972Music/Lyrics
WarWhy Can't We Be Friends?1975Music/Lyrics
WarYoungblood (Livin' In The Streets)1978Music/Lyrics
Wrecks-N-EffectNew Jack Swing1989Music/Lyrics
(Lee Oskar Levitin)
Gypsy Man (War)75.14
They Can't Take Away Our Music (Eric Burdon And War)95
The World Is A Ghetto (War)94.89
Low Rider (War)454.58
Galaxy (War)204.4
Summer (War)104.4
Me And Baby Brother (War)114.18
All Day Music (War)64.17
Spill The Wine (Eric Burdon & War)304.13
New Jack Swing (Wrecks-N-Effect)114.09
Why Can't We Be Friends? (War)194
Slippin' Into Darkness (War)114
It Wasn't Me (Shaggy feat. RikRok)1763.99
The Cisco Kid (War)243.96
Do Something (Macy Gray)213.86
Lonely Feelin' (War)53.8
You (Janet Jackson)123.67
Timber (Pitbull feat. Ke$ha)1663.34
Strip That Down (Liam Payne feat. Quavo)473.04
Lowrider (On The Boulevard) (Latin Alliance feat. War)53
It Wasn't Me (Shaggy feat. RikRok)1763.99
Timber (Pitbull feat. Ke$ha)1663.34
Strip That Down (Liam Payne feat. Quavo)473.04
Low Rider (War)454.58
Spill The Wine (Eric Burdon & War)304.13
The Cisco Kid (War)243.96
Do Something (Macy Gray)213.86
Galaxy (War)204.4
Why Can't We Be Friends? (War)194
China (Anuel AA / Daddy Yankee / Karol G / Ozuna / J Balvin)162.62
You (Janet Jackson)123.67
Me And Baby Brother (War)114.18
New Jack Swing (Wrecks-N-Effect)114.09
Slippin' Into Darkness (War)114
Summer (War)104.4
They Can't Take Away Our Music (Eric Burdon And War)95
The World Is A Ghetto (War)94.89
World Championship Finale 2 (The Barden Bellas)81.75
Gypsy Man (War)75.14
All Day Music (War)64.17

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