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Annie Haslam's RenaissanceI Light This Candle1994Music/Lyrics
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceRaindrops And Leaves1994Music/Lyrics
Dream Theater2285 Entr'acte2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterA Better Life2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterA Life Left Behind2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterA New Beginning2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterA Nightmare To Remember2009Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterA Rite Of Passage2009Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterA Savior In The Square2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterA Tempting Offer2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterAbout To Crash2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterAct Of Faythe2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterAlong For The Ride2013Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterAs I Am2003Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterAstonishing2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterAt Wit's End2019Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterBarstool Warrior2019Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterBegin Again2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterBehind The Veil2013Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterBlind Faith2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterBreaking All Illusions2011Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterBridges In The Sky2011Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterBrother, Can You Hear Me?2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterBuild Me Up, Break Me Down2011Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterChosen2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterConstant Motion2007Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterDescent Of The Nomacs2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterDigital Discord2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterDisappear2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterDystopian Overture2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterEndless Sacrifice2003Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterEnigma Machine2013Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterFall Into The Light2019Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterFalse Awakening Suite2013Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterFar From Heaven2011Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterForsaken2007Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterGoodnight Kiss2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterHeaven's Cove2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterHonor Thy Father2003Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterHymn Of A Thousand Voices2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterIllumination Theory2013Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterIn The Name Of God2003Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterIn The Presence Of Enemies, Part 1: Prelude / Resurrection2007Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterIn The Presence Of Enemies, Part 2: Heretic / The Slaughter Of The Damned2007Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterLord Nafaryus2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterLosing Faythe2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterLosing Time / Grand Finale2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterLost Not Forgotten2011Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterMachine Chatter2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterMisunderstood2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterMoment Of Betrayal2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterMy Last Farewell2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterOn The Backs Of Angels2011Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterOur New World2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterOut Of Reach2019Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterOutcry2011Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterOverture2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterPale Blue Dot2019Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterParalyzed2019Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterPower Down2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterProphets Of War2007Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterRavenskill2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterRepentance2007Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterRoom 1372019Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterS2N2019Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterSolitary Shell2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterStream Of Consciousness2003Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterSurrender To Reason2013Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Answer2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Best Of Times2009Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Bigger Picture2013Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Count Of Tuscany2009Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Dark Eternal Night2007Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Enemy Inside2013Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Gift Of Music2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Glass Prison2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Great Debate2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Hovering Sojourn2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Looking Glass2013Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Ministry Of Lost Souls2007Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Path That Divides2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Road To Revolution2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Shattered Fortress2009Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Test That Stumped Them All2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe Walking Shadow2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThe X Aspect2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThis Dying Soul2003Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThis Is The Life2011Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterThree Days2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterUntethered Angel2019Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterVacant2003Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterViper King2019Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterWar Inside My Head2002Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterWhen Your Time Has Come2016Music/Lyrics
Dream TheaterWhisperes On The Wind2016Music/Lyrics
DregsRidin' High1982Music/Lyrics
In The Name Of God (Dream Theater)65.33
The Best Of Times (Dream Theater)65.17
A Rite Of Passage (Dream Theater)65
Repentance (Dream Theater)55
In The Presence Of Enemies, Part 1: Prelude / Resurrection (Dream Theater)64.83
On The Backs Of Angels (Dream Theater)74.57
As I Am (Dream Theater)94.56
Constant Motion (Dream Theater)54.4
Paralyzed (Dream Theater)64.33
Forsaken (Dream Theater)104.3
Forsaken (Dream Theater)104.3
As I Am (Dream Theater)94.56
On The Backs Of Angels (Dream Theater)74.57
In The Name Of God (Dream Theater)65.33
The Best Of Times (Dream Theater)65.17
A Rite Of Passage (Dream Theater)65
In The Presence Of Enemies, Part 1: Prelude / Resurrection (Dream Theater)64.83
Paralyzed (Dream Theater)64.33
Repentance (Dream Theater)55
Constant Motion (Dream Theater)54.4

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