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Al StewartAntarctica1988Producer
Al StewartBad Reputation1988Producer
Al StewartFields Of France1988Producer
Al StewartGhostly Horses Of The Plain1988Producer
Al StewartHelen And Cassandra1988Producer
Al StewartJosephine Baker1988Producer
Al StewartKing Of Portugal1988Producer
Al StewartLast Days Of The Century1988Producer
Al StewartLicense To Steal1988Producer
Al StewartReal And Unreal1988Producer
Al StewartRed Toupée1988Producer
Al StewartWhere Are They Now1988Producer
Alanis MorissetteCelebrity2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteEdge Of Evolution2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteEmpathy2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteGuardian2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteHavoc2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteLens2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteMagical Child2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteNumb2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteReceive2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteSpiral2012Producer
Alanis Morissette'Til You2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteWill You Be My Girlfriend?2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteWin And Win2012Producer
Alanis MorissetteWoman Down2012Producer
Alberta CrossBonfires2012Producer
Alberta CrossI Believe In Everything2012Producer
Alberta CrossLay Down2012Producer
Alberta CrossMagnolia2012Producer
Alberta CrossMoney For The Weekend (Pocket Full Of Shame)2011Producer
Alberta CrossOphelia On My Mind2012Producer
Alberta CrossWasteland2012Producer
American Music ClubGoodbye To Love1994Producer
AugustinesAre We Alive2016Producer
AugustinesDays Roll By2016Producer
AugustinesHold Me Loneliness2016Producer
AugustinesNo Need To Explain2016Producer
AugustinesThe Forgotten Way2016Producer
AugustinesThis Is Your Life2016Producer
AugustinesWhen Things Fall Apart2016Producer
Augustines feat. Pape & CheikhMay You Keep Well2016Producer
Augustines feat. Pape & CheikhRunning In Place2016Producer
Big TalkGetaways2011Producer
Big TalkReplica2011Producer
Bill Medley & Gladys KnightLoving On Borrowed Time1986Producer
Boy & BearBeach2011Producer
Boy & BearBig Man2011Producer
Boy & BearFeeding Line2011Producer
Boy & BearGolden Jubilee2011Producer
Boy & BearHouse & Farm2011Producer
Boy & BearLordy May2011Producer
Boy & BearMilk & Sticks2011Producer
Boy & BearMy Only One2011Producer
Boy & BearPart Time Believer2011Producer
Boy & BearPercy Warner Park2011Producer
Boy & BearThe Village2011Producer
Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys Producer
Christina PerriArms2011Producer
Christina PerriBang Bang Bang2011Producer
Christina PerriBluebird2011Producer
Christina PerriDistance2011Producer
Christina PerriInterlude2011Producer
Christina PerriMiles2011Producer
Christina PerriMine2011Producer
Christina PerriPenguin2011Producer
Christina PerriSad Song2011Producer
Christina PerriThe Lonely2011Producer
Christina PerriTragedy2011Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterCome Together2008Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterCome With Me2008Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterEverything To Me2008Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterHit The Ground Running2008Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterLife, Love & Laughter2008Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterMansions On The Sand2008Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterPass It Around2008Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterSing A Song2008Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterSomeone's Something2008Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterToo Much Water2008Producer
Donavon FrankenreiterYour Heart2008Producer
Eleni MandellA Possibility2012Producer
Eleni MandellBun In The Oven2012Producer
Eleni MandellCrooked Man2012Producer
Eleni MandellDesert Song2012Producer
Eleni MandellDon't Say No2012Producer
Eleni MandellI'm Lucky2012Producer
Eleni MandellLooking To Look For2012Producer
Eleni MandellMagic Summertime2012Producer
Eleni MandellNow We Are Strangers2012Producer
Eleni MandellSo Easy2012Producer
Eleni MandellThe Future2012Producer
Eleni MandellWho You Wanna Dance With2012Producer
Eleni Mandell feat. Benji HughesNever Have To Fall In Love Again2012Producer
Flogging MollyCrushed (Hostile Nations)2017Producer
Flogging MollyHope2017Producer
Flogging MollyLife Is Good2017Producer
Flogging MollyReptiles (We Woke Up)2017Producer
Flogging MollyThe Bride Wore Black2017Producer
Flogging MollyThe Days We've Yet To Meet2017Producer
Flogging MollyThe Guns Of Jericho2017Producer
Flogging MollyThe Hand Of John L. Sullivan2017Producer
Flogging MollyThe Last Serenade (Sailors And Fishermen)2017Producer
Flogging MollyThere's Nothing Left Pt. 12017Producer
Flogging MollyUntil We Meet Again2017Producer
Flogging MollyWelcome To Adamstown2017Producer
Half Moon RunThen Again2019Producer
Jamie LawsonA Little Mercy2017Producer
Jamie LawsonCan't See Straight2017Producer
Jamie LawsonDon't Say You Don't If You Do2017Producer
Jamie LawsonFall Into Me2017Producer
Jamie LawsonFalling In Love2017Producer
Jamie LawsonHe's Reading Helena2017Producer
Jamie LawsonI Almost Gave It Away2017Producer
Jamie LawsonLetter Never Sent2017Producer
Jamie LawsonLove Come Down2017Producer
Jamie LawsonLove Finds A Way2017Producer
Jamie LawsonMiracle Of Love2017Producer
Jamie LawsonOther Side Of The Day2017Producer
Jamie LawsonSing To The River2017Producer
Jamie LawsonTell Me Again2017Producer
Jamie LawsonThe Last Spark2017Producer
Jamie LawsonTime On My Hands2017Producer
Jamie Lawson feat. Ron SexsmithSorrow Town2017Producer
Jason Mraz5/62012Producer
Jason Mraz93 Million Miles2012Producer
Jason MrazEverything Is Sound2012Producer
Jason MrazFrank D. Fixer2012Producer
Jason MrazI Won't Give Up2012Producer
Jason MrazIn Your Hands2012Producer
Jason MrazLiving In The Moment2012Producer
Jason MrazThe Freedom Song2012Producer
Jason MrazThe Woman I Love2012Producer
Jason MrazThe World As I See It2011Producer
Jason MrazWho's Thinking About You Now?2012Producer
Jason Mraz feat. Inara GeorgeBe Honest2012Producer
JEFF The BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie2015Producer
Jeff The BrotherhoodCoat Check Girl2015Producer
Jeff The BrotherhoodCosmic Visions2015Producer
Jeff The BrotherhoodIn My Dreams2015Producer
Jeff The BrotherhoodIn My Mouth2015Producer
Jeff The BrotherhoodKaraoke, TN2015Producer
Jeff The BrotherhoodMelting Place2015Producer
Jeff The BrotherhoodMystified Minds2015Producer
Jeff The BrotherhoodPrairie Song2015Producer
Jeff The BrotherhoodVoyage Into Dreams2015Producer
Jeff The BrotherhoodWhat's A Creep2015Producer
Keaton Henson10 AM, Gare du Nord2013Producer
Keaton HensonBeekeeper2013Producer
Keaton HensonDon't Swim2013Producer
Keaton HensonIf I Don't Have To2013Producer
Keaton HensonIn The Morning2013Producer
Keaton HensonKronos2013Producer
Keaton HensonLying To You2013Producer
Keaton HensonMilk Teeth2013Producer
Keaton HensonOn The News2013Producer
Keaton HensonSweetheart, What Have You Done To Us2013Producer
Keaton HensonTeach Me2013Producer
Keaton HensonThe Best Today2013Producer
Keaton HensonYou2013Producer
Manchester OrchestraI've Got Friends2009Producer
MilowLonely One2016Producer
MilowLove Like That Is Easy2016Producer
MilowReally Rich2016Producer
MilowThe Fast Lane2016Producer
Minus The BearAnimal Backwards2010Producer
Minus The BearBroken China2010Producer
Minus The BearDayglow Vista RD2010Producer
Minus The BearExcuses2010Producer
Minus The BearFooled By The Night2010Producer
Minus The BearHold Me Down2010Producer
Minus The BearInto The Mirror2010Producer
Minus The BearMy Time2010Producer
Minus The BearSecret Country2010Producer
Minus The BearSummer Angel2010Producer
Minus The BearThe Thief2010Producer
Minus The BearYour Private Sky2010Producer
MorrisseyAll The Young People Must Fall In Love2017Producer
MorrisseyArt - Hounds2014Producer
MorrisseyBobby, Don't You Think They Know?2020Producer
MorrisseyBrow Of My Beloved2019Producer
MorrisseyDarling, I Hug A Pillow2020Producer
MorrisseyDays Of Decision2019Producer
MorrisseyDon't Interrupt The Sorrow2019Producer
MorrisseyDrag The River2014Producer
MorrisseyEarth Is The Loneliest Planet2014Producer
MorrisseyForgive Someone2014Producer
MorrisseyHome Is A Question Mark2017Producer
MorrisseyI Am Not A Dog On A Chain2020Producer
MorrisseyI Bury The Living2017Producer
MorrisseyI Wish You Lonely2017Producer
MorrisseyI'm Not A Man2014Producer
MorrisseyIn Your Lap2017Producer
MorrisseyIt Happens Every Time2019Producer
MorrisseyIt's Over2019Producer
MorrisseyJacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage2017Producer
MorrisseyJim Jim Falls2020Producer
MorrisseyJulie In The Weeds2014Producer
MorrisseyKick The Bride Down The Aisle2014Producer
MorrisseyKiss Me A Lot2014Producer
MorrisseyKnockabout World2020Producer
MorrisseyLady Willpower2019Producer
MorrisseyLenny's Tune2019Producer
MorrisseyLoneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets2019Producer
MorrisseyLove Is On Its Way Out2020Producer
MorrisseyMorning Starship2019Producer
MorrisseyMy Hurling Days Are Done2020Producer
MorrisseyMy Love, I'd Do Anything For You2017Producer
MorrisseyNeal Cassady Drops Dead2014Producer
MorrisseyOboe Concerto2014Producer
MorrisseyOnce I Saw The River Clean2020Producer
MorrisseyOne Of Our Own2014Producer
MorrisseyOnly A Pawn In Their Game2019Producer
MorrisseySmiler With Knife2014Producer
MorrisseySome Say I Got Devil2019Producer
MorrisseySpent The Day In Bed2017Producer
MorrisseyStaircase At The University2014Producer
MorrisseySuffer The Little Children2019Producer
MorrisseyThe Bullfighter Dies2014Producer
MorrisseyThe Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel2017Producer
MorrisseyThe Secret Of Music2020Producer
MorrisseyThe Truth About Ruth2020Producer
MorrisseyWhat Kind Of People Live In These Houses?2020Producer
MorrisseyWhen You Close Your Eyes2019Producer
MorrisseyWhen You Open Your Legs2017Producer
MorrisseyWho Will Protect Us From The Police?2017Producer
MorrisseyWorld Peace Is None Of Your Business2014Producer
Morrissey with Billie Joe ArmstrongWedding Bell Blues2019Producer
My Morning JacketAluminum Park2008Producer
My Morning JacketEvil Urges2008Producer
My Morning JacketHighly Suspicious2008Producer
My Morning JacketI'm Amazed2008Producer
My Morning JacketLibrarian2008Producer
My Morning JacketLook At You2008Producer
My Morning JacketRemnants2008Producer
My Morning JacketSec Walkin2008Producer
My Morning JacketSmokin From Shootin2008Producer
My Morning JacketThank You Too!2008Producer
My Morning JacketTouch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.12008Producer
My Morning JacketTouch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.22008Producer
My Morning JacketTwo Halves2008Producer
NeedToBreatheDifference Maker2014Producer
NeedToBreatheFeet, Don't Fail Me Now2014Producer
NeedToBreatheMore Heart, Less Attack2014Producer
NeedToBreatheState Im In2014Producer
NeedToBreatheThe Heart2014Producer
Pat BenatarLe Bel Age1985Producer
Pat BenatarRun Between The Raindrops1985Producer
Pat BenatarSeven Rooms Of Gloom1985Producer
Pat BenatarSex As A Weapon1985Producer
Pat BenatarWalking In The Underground1985Producer
Robert TepperAngel Of The City1986Producer
Robert TepperDon't Walk Away1986Producer
Robert TepperNo Easy Way Out1985Producer
Russell MorrisTartan Lines1991Producer
Russian RedAlex T2014Producer
Russian RedAnthony2014Producer
Russian RedCasper2014Producer
Russian RedJohn Michael2014Producer
Russian RedMichael P2014Producer
Russian RedNeruda2014Producer
Russian RedStevie J2014Producer
Russian RedTim B2014Producer
Russian RedWilliam2014Producer
Russian RedXabier2014Producer
Stan RidgwayA Mission In Life1989Producer
Stan RidgwayCalling Out To Carol1989Producer
Stan RidgwayCan't Complain1989Producer
Stan RidgwayCan't Stop The Show1986Producer
Stan RidgwayDogs1989Producer
Stan RidgwayGoin' Southbound1989Producer
Stan RidgwayHeat Takes A Walk1989Producer
Stan RidgwayLonely Town1989Producer
Stan RidgwayNewspapers1989Producer
Stan RidgwayPeg And Pet And Me1989Producer
Stan RidgwaySalesman1985Producer
Stan RidgwayThe Last Honest Man1989Producer
The Front Bottoms2YL2015Producer
The Front BottomsCough It Out2015Producer
The Front BottomsGinger2015Producer
The Front BottomsHelp2015Producer
The Front BottomsHistory Cemetry2015Producer
The Front BottomsLaugh Till I Cry2015Producer
The Front BottomsMotorcycle2015Producer
The Front BottomsPlastic Flowers2015Producer
The Front BottomsSummer Shandy2015Producer
The Front BottomsThe Plan (F**k Jobs)2015Producer
The Front BottomsWest Virginia2015Producer
The KillersBoots2010Producer
The Madden BrothersBad2014Producer
The Madden BrothersBrother2014Producer
The Madden BrothersCalifornia Rain2014Producer
The Madden BrothersEmpty Spirits2014Producer
The Madden BrothersGood Gracious Abbey2014Producer
The Madden BrothersSuddenly2014Producer
The ShinsA Comet Appears2007Producer
The ShinsAustralia2007Producer
The ShinsBlack Wave2007Producer
The ShinsGirl Sailor2007Producer
The ShinsPam Berry2007Producer
The ShinsPhantom Limb2006Producer
The ShinsRed Rabbits2007Producer
The ShinsSea Legs2007Producer
The ShinsSleeping Lessons2007Producer
The ShinsSplit Needles2007Producer
The ShinsTurn On Me2007Producer
The StrokesGratisfaction2011Producer
The StrokesLife Is Simple In The Moonlight2011Producer
The StrokesTwo Kinds Of Happiness2011Producer
The StrokesUnder Cover Of Darkness2011Producer
TitaniumI Won't Give Up2012Producer
Young The Giant12 Fingers2011Producer
Young The GiantApartment2011Producer
Young The GiantCough Syrup2011Producer
Young The GiantGarands2011Producer
Young The GiantGod Made Man2011Producer
Young The GiantGuns Out2011Producer
Young The GiantI Got2011Producer
Young The GiantIslands2011Producer
Young The GiantMy Body2010Producer
Young The GiantSt. Walker2011Producer
Young The GiantStrings2011Producer
Young The GiantYour Side2011Producer
Lay Down (Alberta Cross)55
Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage (Morrissey)55
No Easy Way Out (Robert Tepper)504.92
Angel Of The City (Robert Tepper)94.89
Le Bel Age (Pat Benatar)214.86
Australia (The Shins)174.82
Sea Legs (The Shins)104.8
God Made Man (Young The Giant)54.8
Phantom Limb (The Shins)194.74
King Of Portugal (Al Stewart)114.73
I've Got Friends (Manchester Orchestra)114.73
Sex As A Weapon (Pat Benatar)414.71
Empathy (Alanis Morissette)134.69
Librarian (My Morning Jacket)64.67
Apartment (Young The Giant)164.62
Part Time Believer (Boy & Bear)134.62
St. Walker (Young The Giant)54.6
Morning Starship (Morrissey)54.6
Calling Out To Carol (Stan Ridgway)194.58
Guardian (Alanis Morissette)1144.56
Guardian (Alanis Morissette)1144.56
I Won't Give Up (Jason Mraz)883.82
No Easy Way Out (Robert Tepper)504.92
Sex As A Weapon (Pat Benatar)414.71
Under Cover Of Darkness (The Strokes)384.47
Arms (Christina Perri)364.5
Receive (Alanis Morissette)344.47
Boots (The Killers)274.07
Feeding Line (Boy & Bear)264.46
Cough Syrup (Young The Giant)264.35
Le Bel Age (Pat Benatar)214.86
My Body (Young The Giant)214.43
Phantom Limb (The Shins)194.74
Calling Out To Carol (Stan Ridgway)194.58
Australia (The Shins)174.82
The Freedom Song (Jason Mraz)174.12
Penguin (Christina Perri)173.35
Apartment (Young The Giant)164.62
The Lonely (Christina Perri)154.53
Woman Down (Alanis Morissette)154.33

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