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AFI...But Home Is Nowhere2003Producer
AFIBleed Black2003Producer
AFIDancing Through Sunday2003Producer
AFIDeath Of Seasons2003Producer
AFIEndlessly, She Said2006Producer
AFIGirl's Not Grey2003Producer
AFIKill Caustic2006Producer
AFIKiss And Control2006Producer
AFILove Like Winter2006Producer
AFIMiseria Cantare - The Beginning2003Producer
AFIMiss Murder2006Producer
AFIPaper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings)2003Producer
AFIPrelude 12/212006Producer
AFIRabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 372006Producer
AFISilver And Cold2003Producer
AFISummer Shudder2006Producer
AFIThe Great Disappointment2003Producer
AFIThe Interview2006Producer
AFIThe Killing Lights2006Producer
AFIThe Leaving Song2003Producer
AFIThe Leaving Song Pt. II2003Producer
AFIThe Missing Frame2006Producer
AFIThe Spoken Word2003Producer
AFIThis Celluloid Dream2003Producer
AFIThis Time Imperfect2003Producer
Alkaline TrioMercy Me2005Producer
Blink 182Adam's Song1999Producer
Blink 182Aliens Exist1999Producer
Blink 182All The Small Things1999Producer
Blink 182Always2003Producer
Blink 182Anthem Part II2001Producer
Blink 182Asthenia2003Producer
Blink 182Blew Job Producer
Blink 182Carousel1994Producer
Blink 182Don't Leave Me1999Producer
Blink 182Down2003Producer
Blink 182Dumpweed1999Producer
Blink 182Easy Target2003Producer
Blink 182Everytime I Look For You2001Producer
Blink 182Feeling This2003Producer
Blink 182First Date2001Producer
Blink 182Give Me One Good Reason2001Producer
Blink 182Go2003Producer
Blink 182Going Away To College1999Producer
Blink 182Happy Holidays, You Bastard2001Producer
Blink 182Here's Your Letter2003Producer
Blink 182I Miss You2003Producer
Blink 182I'm Lost Without You2003Producer
Blink 182Josie (Everything's Gonna Be Fine)1997Producer
Blink 182Man Overboard2000Producer
Blink 182Mutt1999Producer
Blink 182Not Now2004Producer
Blink 182Obvious2003Producer
Blink 182Online Songs2001Producer
Blink 182Pathetic1997Producer
Blink 182Peggy Sue1994Producer
Blink 182Please Take Me Home2001Producer
Blink 182Reckless Abandon2001Producer
Blink 182Rich Lips Producer
Blink 182Roller Coaster2001Producer
Blink 182Shut Up2001Producer
Blink 182Stay Together For The Kids2001Producer
Blink 182Stockholm Syndrome2003Producer
Blink 182Story Of A Lonely Guy2001Producer
Blink 182The Country Song Producer
Blink 182The Fallen Interlude2003Producer
Blink 182The Rock Show2001Producer
Blink 182Time To Break Up2001Producer
Blink 182Untitled1997Producer
Blink 182Violence2003Producer
Blink 182Voyeur1997Producer
Blink 182Wendy Clear1999Producer
Blink 182What's My Age Again?1999Producer
Blink 182 feat. Robert SmithAll Of This2003Producer
DaredevilsHate You1996Producer
DaredevilsRules, Hearts1996Producer
FastballAre You Ready For The Fallout?1997Producer
Green DayMaria2001Producer
Green DayPoprocks And Coke2001Producer
MorrisseyAll The Lazy Dykes2004Producer
MorrisseyAll You Need Is Me2008Producer
MorrisseyAmerica Is Not The World2004Producer
MorrisseyBecause Of My Poor Education2008Producer
MorrisseyBlack Cloud2009Producer
MorrisseyChildren In Pieces2008Producer
MorrisseyCome Back To Camden2004Producer
MorrisseyDon't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice2004Producer
MorrisseyFirst Of The Gang To Die2004Producer
MorrisseyFriday Mourning2004Producer
MorrisseyHow Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?2004Producer
MorrisseyI Have Forgiven Jesus2004Producer
MorrisseyI Like You2004Producer
MorrisseyI'm Not Sorry2004Producer
MorrisseyI'm OK By Myself2009Producer
MorrisseyI'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris2009Producer
MorrisseyIrish Blood, English Heart2004Producer
MorrisseyIt's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small2004Producer
MorrisseyIt's Not Your Birthday Anymore2009Producer
MorrisseyLet Me Kiss You2004Producer
MorrisseyMama Lay Softly On The Riverbed2009Producer
MorrisseyMunich Air Disaster 19582004Producer
MorrisseyMy Dearest Love2008Producer
MorrisseyMy Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye2004Producer
MorrisseyOne Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell2009Producer
MorrisseyShame Is The Name2008Producer
MorrisseySomething Is Squeezing My Skull2009Producer
MorrisseySorry Doesn't Help2009Producer
MorrisseyTeenage Dad On His Estate2004Producer
MorrisseyThat's How People Grow Up2008Producer
MorrisseyThe Never-Played Symphonies2004Producer
MorrisseyThe World Is Full Of Crashing Bores2004Producer
MorrisseyWhen Last I Spoke To Carol2009Producer
MorrisseyYou Know I Couldn't Last2004Producer
MorrisseyYou Were Good In Your Time2009Producer
PennywiseEvery Single Day1995Producer
PennywiseI Won't Have It1995Producer
PennywiseIt's What You Do With It1995Producer
PennywiseKilling Time1995Producer
PennywiseNot Far Away1995Producer
PennywisePeaceful Day1995Producer
PennywisePerfect People1995Producer
PennywiseSame Old Story1995Producer
PennywiseWaste Of Time1995Producer
RancidRuby Soho1995Producer
SpartaAssemble The Empire2002Producer
SpartaCut Your Ribbon2002Producer
SpartaEchodyne Harmonic2002Producer
SpartaGlasshouse Tarot2002Producer
SpartaLight Burns Clear2002Producer
SpartaRed Alibi2002Producer
SpartaRX Coup2002Producer
SpartaSans Cosm2002Producer
Sum 41In Too Deep2001Producer
The OffspringBeheaded [1999]1999Producer
Peaceful Day (Pennywise)55.4
Easy Target (Blink 182)115
Here's Your Letter (Blink 182)95
Cut Your Ribbon (Sparta)55
Anthem Part II (Blink 182)154.93
America Is Not The World (Morrissey)144.93
Online Songs (Blink 182)134.92
Go (Blink 182)134.92
Roller Coaster (Blink 182)124.92
Reckless Abandon (Blink 182)124.92
Everytime I Look For You (Blink 182)164.88
Adam's Song (Blink 182)534.87
First Of The Gang To Die (Morrissey)324.84
Shut Up (Blink 182)124.83
Irish Blood, English Heart (Morrissey)394.82
Going Away To College (Blink 182)154.8
Story Of A Lonely Guy (Blink 182)84.75
You Know I Couldn't Last (Morrissey)74.71
I'm Lost Without You (Blink 182)104.7
Obvious (Blink 182)94.67
All The Small Things (Blink 182)1864.06
I Miss You (Blink 182)1124.29
What's My Age Again? (Blink 182)1024.25
The Rock Show (Blink 182)804.24
In Too Deep (Sum 41)694.28
First Date (Blink 182)664.15
Feeling This (Blink 182)583.57
Adam's Song (Blink 182)534.87
Always (Blink 182)464.26
Miss Murder (AFI)424.17
Stay Together For The Kids (Blink 182)414.54
Irish Blood, English Heart (Morrissey)394.82
First Of The Gang To Die (Morrissey)324.84
Down (Blink 182)324.03
That's How People Grow Up (Morrissey)313.81
I Have Forgiven Jesus (Morrissey)284.46
Love Like Winter (AFI)263.81
Man Overboard (Blink 182)254.08
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris (Morrissey)234.57
Poprocks And Coke (Green Day)214.38

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