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Belouis SomeAnimal Magic1987Music/Lyrics
Belouis SomeDream Girl1987Music/Lyrics
Belouis SomePassion Play1987Music/Lyrics
Dire StraitsCalling Elvis1991Producer
Dire StraitsHeavy Fuel1991Producer
Dire StraitsLocal Hero - Wild Theme1993Producer
Dire StraitsOn Every Street1991Producer
Dire StraitsSolid Rock1980Producer
Dire StraitsThe Bug1991Producer
Dire StraitsYou And Your Friend1991Producer
Dire StraitsYour Latest Trick1985Producer
Dire StraitsYour Latest Trick (Live)1993Producer
John Dawson ReadA Friend Of Mine Is Going Blind Producer
Mark Knopfler.38 Special2015Producer
Mark KnopflerBack On The Dance Floor2018Producer
Mark KnopflerBasil2015Producer
Mark KnopflerBehind With The Rent2007Producer
Mark KnopflerBeryl2015Producer
Mark KnopflerBroken Bones2015Producer
Mark KnopflerBy The Grave2016Producer
Mark KnopflerDrovers' Road2018Producer
Mark KnopflerEvery Heart In The Room2018Producer
Mark KnopflerFloating Away2018Producer
Mark KnopflerGood On You Son2018Producer
Mark KnopflerHeart Full Of Holes2007Producer
Mark KnopflerHeart Of Oak2015Producer
Mark KnopflerHeavy Up2018Producer
Mark KnopflerIn The Sky2007Producer
Mark KnopflerJust A Boy Away From Home2018Producer
Mark KnopflerLaughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes2015Producer
Mark KnopflerLet It All Go2007Producer
Mark KnopflerLights Of Taormina2015Producer
Mark KnopflerLong Cool Girl2015Producer
Mark KnopflerMadame Geneva's2007Producer
Mark KnopflerMarcelino's Despair2016Producer
Mark KnopflerMatchstick Man2018Producer
Mark KnopflerMighty Man2015Producer
Mark KnopflerMy Bacon Roll2018Producer
Mark KnopflerMy Heart Has Never Changed2015Producer
Mark KnopflerNobody Does That2018Producer
Mark KnopflerNobody's Child2018Producer
Mark KnopflerOne Song At A Time2018Producer
Mark KnopflerPunish The Monkey2007Producer
Mark KnopflerRear View Mirror2018Producer
Mark KnopflerRiver Towns2015Producer
Mark KnopflerSecondary Waltz2007Producer
Mark KnopflerSilver Eagle2015Producer
Mark KnopflerSkydiver2015Producer
Mark KnopflerSlow Learner2018Producer
Mark KnopflerTerminal Of Tribute To2015Producer
Mark KnopflerThe Fish And The Bird2007Producer
Mark KnopflerThe Fizzy And The Still2007Producer
Mark KnopflerThe Scaffolder's Wife2007Producer
Mark KnopflerTrapper Man2018Producer
Mark KnopflerTrue Love Will Never Fade2007Producer
Mark KnopflerWe Can Get Wild2007Producer
Mark KnopflerWhen You Leave2018Producer
Mark Knopfler & Evelyn GlennieAltamira2016Producer
Mark Knopfler & Evelyn GlennieDream Of The Bison2016Producer
Mark Knopfler & Evelyn GlennieFarewell To Altamira2016Producer
Mark Knopfler & Evelyn GlennieFarewell To The Bison2016Producer
Mark Knopfler & Evelyn GlennieGlory Of The Cave2016Producer
Mark Knopfler & Evelyn GlennieMaria2016Producer
Mark Knopfler & Evelyn GlennieOnward2016Producer
Mark Knopfler & Evelyn GlennieThis Is Science2016Producer
Mark Knopfler feat. Ruth MoodyWherever I Go2015Producer
The Notting HillbilliesBewildered1990Producer
The Notting HillbilliesBlues Stay Away From Me1990Producer
The Notting HillbilliesFeel Like Going Home1990Producer
The Notting HillbilliesOne Way Gal1990Producer
The Notting HillbilliesPlease Baby1990Producer
The Notting HillbilliesRailroad Worksong1990Producer
The Notting HillbilliesRun Me Down1990Producer
The Notting HillbilliesThat's Where I Belong1990Producer
The Notting HillbilliesWeapon Of Prayer1990Producer
The Notting HillbilliesWill You Miss Me1990Producer
The Notting HillbilliesYour Own Sweet Way1990Producer
Vicente AmigoBolero a los padres2013Producer
Vicente AmigoCampos de San Gregorio2013Producer
Vicente AmigoCanción de Laura2013Producer
Vicente AmigoEstación primavera2013Producer
Vicente AmigoIdílico2013Producer
Vicente AmigoPrólogo y epílogo2013Producer
Vicente AmigoRío de la seda2013Producer
Vicente AmigoRoma2013Producer
Vicente AmigoTierra2013Producer
Silver Eagle (Mark Knopfler)55.4
Will You Miss Me (The Notting Hillbillies)175.24
Trapper Man (Mark Knopfler)65.17
Local Hero - Wild Theme (Dire Straits)275.04
Broken Bones (Mark Knopfler)55
Nobody's Child (Mark Knopfler)55
Just A Boy Away From Home (Mark Knopfler)55
My Bacon Roll (Mark Knopfler)55
You And Your Friend (Dire Straits)574.98
Heart Full Of Holes (Mark Knopfler)154.93
Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes (Mark Knopfler)94.89
Your Latest Trick (Dire Straits)874.86
Behind With The Rent (Mark Knopfler)144.86
Wherever I Go (Mark Knopfler feat. Ruth Moody)114.82
Solid Rock (Dire Straits)414.8
Drovers' Road (Mark Knopfler)54.8
One Song At A Time (Mark Knopfler)54.8
The Bug (Dire Straits)544.8
In The Sky (Mark Knopfler)234.78
Punish The Monkey (Mark Knopfler)214.76
Calling Elvis (Dire Straits)1434.14
Your Latest Trick (Dire Straits)874.86
On Every Street (Dire Straits)784.62
Heavy Fuel (Dire Straits)724.26
Your Latest Trick (Live) (Dire Straits)594.41
You And Your Friend (Dire Straits)574.98
The Bug (Dire Straits)544.8
Shine (Frida)443.93
Solid Rock (Dire Straits)414.8
True Love Will Never Fade (Mark Knopfler)294.59
Local Hero - Wild Theme (Dire Straits)275.04
In The Sky (Mark Knopfler)234.78
Beryl (Mark Knopfler)234.65
Punish The Monkey (Mark Knopfler)214.76
Your Own Sweet Way (The Notting Hillbillies)184.22
Will You Miss Me (The Notting Hillbillies)175.24
Madame Geneva's (Mark Knopfler)164.62
The Scaffolder's Wife (Mark Knopfler)164.44
Heart Full Of Holes (Mark Knopfler)154.93
Feel Like Going Home (The Notting Hillbillies)154.73

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