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Air TrafficCharlotte2007Producer
Air TrafficEmpty Space2007Producer
Air TrafficGet In Line2007Producer
Air TrafficI Can't Understand2007Producer
Air TrafficI Like That2007Producer
Air TrafficJust Abuse Me2007Producer
Air TrafficNever Even Told Me Her Name2007Producer
Air TrafficNo More Running Away2007Producer
Air TrafficShooting Star2007Producer
Air TrafficThis Old Town2007Producer
Air TrafficTime Goes By2007Producer
Air TrafficYour Fractured Life2007Producer
Anna AaronCase2014Producer
Anna AaronDoubleclub2014Producer
Anna AaronGirl2014Producer
Anna AaronHeathen2014Producer
Anna AaronLabyrinth2014Producer
Anna AaronLinda2014Producer
Anna AaronNeurohunger2014Producer
Anna AaronOff2014Producer
Anna AaronSimstim2014Producer
Anna AaronStellarling2014Producer
Anna AaronSutekina2014Producer
Anna AaronTotemheart2014Producer
Baba ShrimpsGrizzly Heart2017Producer
Baba ShrimpsLetters2017Producer
Baba ShrimpsMajesty2017Producer
Baba ShrimpsOracle2017Producer
Baba ShrimpsRoad To Rome2017Producer
Baba ShrimpsStay2017Producer
Baba ShrimpsSuperdome2017Producer
Baba ShrimpsUndercover2017Producer
Baba ShrimpsWalk A Mile2017Producer
Baba ShrimpsWish You Luck2017Producer
Bat For LashesA Forest2009Producer
Bat For LashesA Wall2012Producer
Bat For LashesDaniel2009Producer
Bat For LashesGlass2009Producer
Bat For LashesGood Love2009Producer
Bat For LashesHorse And I2006Producer
Bat For LashesHorses Of The Sun2012Producer
Bat For LashesLilies2012Producer
Bat For LashesMarilyn2012Producer
Bat For LashesMoon And Moon2009Producer
Bat For LashesPeace Of Mind2009Producer
Bat For LashesPearl's Dream2009Producer
Bat For LashesSiren Song2009Producer
Bat For LashesSleep Alone2009Producer
Bat For LashesThe Big Sleep2009Producer
Bat For LashesThe Haunted Man2012Producer
Bat For LashesTravelling Woman2009Producer
Bat For LashesTrophy2006Producer
Bat For LashesTwo Planets2009Producer
Bat For LashesWhat's A Girl To Do?2007Producer
Bat For LashesWinter Fields2012Producer
Christophe HérautSeul contre tous2016Producer
Damien SargueUn jour2015Producer
David BanHo hé2016Producer
Easyworld'Til The Day2004Producer
EmjiJe suis cash2016Producer
Everything Everything_Arc_2013Producer
Everything EverythingArmourland2013Producer
Everything EverythingChoice Mountain2013Producer
Everything EverythingCome Alive Diana2010Producer
Everything EverythingCough Cough2012Producer
Everything EverythingDon't Try2013Producer
Everything EverythingDuet2013Producer
Everything EverythingFeet For Hands2013Producer
Everything EverythingFinal Form2010Producer
Everything EverythingKemosabe2013Producer
Everything EverythingLeave The Engine Room2010Producer
Everything EverythingMY KZ, YR BF2010Producer
Everything EverythingNASA Is On Your Side2010Producer
Everything EverythingPhotoshop Handsome2009Producer
Everything EverythingQwerty Finger2010Producer
Everything EverythingRadiant2013Producer
Everything EverythingSchoolin'2010Producer
Everything EverythingSuffragette Suffragette2010Producer
Everything EverythingThe House Is Dust2013Producer
Everything EverythingThe Peaks2013Producer
Everything EverythingTin (The Manhole)2010Producer
Everything EverythingTorso Of The Week2013Producer
Everything EverythingTwo For Nero2010Producer
Everything EverythingUndrowned2013Producer
Everything EverythingWeights2010Producer
Faultline, Brian Molko & Françoise HardyRequiem For A Jerk2006Producer
Gabrielle AplinThe Power Of Love2012Producer
Jacob GoldenCome On Over2002Music/Lyrics
Joseph ArthurEcho Park2004Producer
Joseph ArthurHouse Of Your Love2013Producer
Joseph ArthurIn Ohio2004Producer
Josh RecordWide Awake2014Producer
KeaneChase The Night Away2019Producer
KeaneDifficult Year2019Producer
KeaneI Need Your Love2019Producer
KeaneI'm Not Leaving2019Producer
KeaneLove Too Much2019Producer
KeaneNew Golden Age2019Producer
KeanePut The Radio On2019Producer
KeaneStrange Room2019Producer
KeaneStupid Things2019Producer
KeaneThe Way I Feel2019Producer
KeaneYou're Not Home2019Producer
LenkaBlinded By Love2011Producer
LenkaEverything At Once2011Producer
LenkaSad Song2011Producer
Lucy SpragganMountains2013Producer
Marina And The DiamondsBetter Than That2015Producer
Marina And The DiamondsBlue2015Producer
Marina And The DiamondsCan't Pin Me Down2015Producer
Marina And The DiamondsForget2015Producer
Marina And The DiamondsFroot2014Producer
Marina And The DiamondsGold2015Producer
Marina And The DiamondsHappy2014Producer
Marina And The DiamondsI'm A Ruin2015Producer
Marina And The DiamondsImmortal2015Producer
Marina And The DiamondsSavages2015Producer
Marina And The DiamondsSolitaire2015Producer
Marina And The DiamondsWeeds2015Producer
MeganEt si c'était lui2016Producer
Megan & Olivier DionReste2016Producer
Morning ParadeBlue Winter2012Producer
Morning ParadeCarousel2012Producer
Morning ParadeHalf Litre Bottle2012Producer
Morning ParadeMonday Morning2012Producer
Morning ParadeRunning Down The Aisle2012Producer
Natalie ImbrugliaHoneycomb Child2005Music/Lyrics
Olivier DionDe mes propres ailes2016Producer
Olivier DionJe t'aime c'est tout2015Producer
Olivier Dion, Damien Sargue & David BanTous pour un2016Producer
PuggyAnything For You2016Producer
PuggyChange The Colours2016Producer
PuggyFeel So Low2016Producer
PuggyFight Like You're Fighting2016Producer
PuggyGods Could Give2016Producer
PuggyLonely Town2016Producer
PuggyThis Time2016Producer
PuggyWhere It Wants To Be2016Producer
PuggyYou Are2016Producer
SkinOn And On2003Producer
Steven Wilson12 Things I Forgot2020Producer
Steven WilsonCount Of Unease2021Producer
Steven WilsonEminent Sleaze2021Producer
Steven WilsonFollower2021Producer
Steven WilsonKing Ghost2021Producer
Steven WilsonMan Of The People2021Producer
Steven WilsonPersonal Shopper2021Producer
Steven WilsonSelf2021Producer
Steven WilsonUnself2021Producer
Tom Chaplin2000 Miles2017Producer
Tom ChaplinThe Wave2016Music/Lyrics
VictoriaFace à face2016Producer
Immortal (Marina And The Diamonds)235.26
Savages (Marina And The Diamonds)165.19
Happy (Marina And The Diamonds)275.11
Froot (Marina And The Diamonds)325.03
I'm A Ruin (Marina And The Diamonds)245
What's A Girl To Do? (Bat For Lashes)165
Blue (Marina And The Diamonds)174.94
Solitaire (Marina And The Diamonds)124.83
Daniel (Bat For Lashes)264.81
Soul (Puggy)54.8
Forget (Marina And The Diamonds)214.71
Duet (Everything Everything)74.71
Can't Pin Me Down (Marina And The Diamonds)104.7
Weeds (Marina And The Diamonds)124.67
Better Than That (Marina And The Diamonds)114.55
Gold (Marina And The Diamonds)164.44
Blinded By Love (Lenka)94.33
Charlotte (Air Traffic)104.3
No More Running Away (Air Traffic)124.25
Sad Song (Lenka)84.25
Everything At Once (Lenka)813.86
The Power Of Love (Gabrielle Aplin)454.02
Froot (Marina And The Diamonds)325.03
Happy (Marina And The Diamonds)275.11
Daniel (Bat For Lashes)264.81
I'm A Ruin (Marina And The Diamonds)245
Immortal (Marina And The Diamonds)235.26
Forget (Marina And The Diamonds)214.71
Blue (Marina And The Diamonds)174.94
Savages (Marina And The Diamonds)165.19
What's A Girl To Do? (Bat For Lashes)165
Gold (Marina And The Diamonds)164.44
Love Too Much (Keane)164.19
Cough Cough (Everything Everything)163.69
Solitaire (Marina And The Diamonds)124.83
Weeds (Marina And The Diamonds)124.67
No More Running Away (Air Traffic)124.25
Shooting Star (Air Traffic)124.08
Better Than That (Marina And The Diamonds)114.55
Can't Pin Me Down (Marina And The Diamonds)104.7

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