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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Cliver Langer
a-haAfternoon High2002Producer
a-haOranges On Appletrees2002Producer
Alexei Sayle'ullo John! Gotta New Motor?1982Music/Lyrics
(Cliver Langer)
Aztec CameraBeautiful Girl1995Producer
Aztec CameraCrazy1995Producer
Aztec CameraDebutante1995Producer
Aztec CameraImperfectly1995Producer
Aztec CameraMethod Of Love1995Producer
Aztec CameraOn The Avenue1995Producer
Aztec CameraPhenomenal World1995Producer
Aztec CameraRainy Season1995Producer
Aztec CameraSun1995Producer
Aztec CameraSunset1995Producer
Bette BrightAll Girls Lie1980Music/Lyrics
Bette BrightHello, I Am Your Heart1980Producer
Bette BrightHold On1981Producer
Bette BrightOn A Night Like This1981Producer
Bette BrightShoorah, Shoorah1981Producer
Bette BrightSome Girls Have All The Luck1981Producer
Bette BrightTake What You Find1981Producer
Bette BrightTalking Whispers1981Music/Lyrics
Bette BrightTender Touch1981Music/Lyrics
Bette BrightThunder And Lightning1981Music/Lyrics
Bette BrightWhen You Were Mine1981Producer
Bette Bright and The IlluminationsThe Captain Of Your Ship1979Producer
Bette Bright and The IlluminationsThose Greedy Eyes1979Music/Lyrics
Blue Rondo A La TurkThe Heavens Are Crying1982Music/Lyrics
Bush40 Miles From The Sun1999Producer
BushAltered States1999Producer
BushDead Meat1999Producer
BushEnglish Fire1999Producer
BushEverything Zen1994Producer
BushJesus Online1999Producer
BushLittle Things1994Producer
BushThe Disease Of The Dancing Cats1999Producer
BushWarm Machine1999Producer
CatatoniaImaginary Friend2001Producer
CatatoniaStone By Stone2001Producer
CatatoniaThe Mother Of Misogyny2001Producer
China CrisisA Day's Work For The Dayo's Done1986Producer
China CrisisArizona Sky1986Producer
China CrisisBest Kept Secret1986Producer
China CrisisHampton Beach1986Producer
China CrisisIt's Everything1986Producer
China CrisisJune Bridge1986Producer
China CrisisSafe As Houses1986Producer
China CrisisThe Understudy1986Producer
China CrisisTrading In Gold1986Producer
China CrisisWe Do The Same1986Producer
China CrisisWorlds Apart1986Producer
David BowieAbsolute Beginners1986Producer
David Bowie and Mick JaggerDancing In The Street1985Producer
Deaf School2nd Honeymoon1976Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolBigger Splash1976Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolCapaldi's Cafe1977Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolCocktails At 81976Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolDarling1977Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolDon't Stop The World1977Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolEverything For The Dancer1977Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolGet Set Ready Go1976Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolHi Jo Hi1976Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolHypertension1977Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolIt's A Boys World1977Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolKnock Knock Knocking1976Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolNearly Moonlit Night Motel1976Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolOperator1977Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolRock Ferry1977Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolTaxi!1977Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolWhat A Jerk1977Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolWhat A Way To End It All1976Music/Lyrics
Deaf SchoolWhere's The Weekend?1976Music/Lyrics
Dexys Midnight Runners & The Emerald ExpressCome On Eileen1982Producer
Dexys Midnight Runners & The Emerald ExpressDubious1982Producer
Dexys Midnight Runners & The Emerald ExpressLove Part Two1982Producer
Dexys Midnight Runners & The Emerald ExpressThe Celtic Soul Brothers1982Producer
Dogs Die In Hot CarsGodhopping2004Producer
Eighth WonderHaving It All1986Producer
Elvis CostelloHeathen Town1983Producer
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsThe Only Flame In Town1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsCharm School1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsEveryday I Write The Book1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsHome Truth1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsI Wanna Be Loved1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsInch By Inch1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsJoe Porterhouse1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsKing Of Thieves1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsLet Them All Talk1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsLove Field1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsLove Went Mad1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsMouth Almighty1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsPeace In Our Time1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsPills And Soap1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsRoom With No Number1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsShipbuilding1983Music/Lyrics
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsSour Milk-Cow Blues1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsThe Comedians1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsThe Deportees Club1984Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsThe Element Within Her1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsThe Flirting Kind1983Producer
(Cliver Langer)
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsThe Great Unknown1984Music/Lyrics
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsThe Greatest Thing1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsThe Invisible Man1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsThe World And His Wife1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsTKO (Boxing Day)1983Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsWorthless Thing1984Producer
Haysi FantayzeeHere Comes The Beast1983Producer
Haysi FantayzeeShiny Shiny1983Producer
Haysi FantayzeeSister Friction1983Producer
Hothouse FlowersBallad Of Katie1988Producer
Hothouse FlowersDon't Go1987Producer
Hothouse FlowersFeet On The Ground1988Producer
Hothouse FlowersForgiven1988Producer
Hothouse FlowersGive It Up1990Producer
Hothouse FlowersHallelujah Jordan1988Producer
Hothouse FlowersHydroman1991Producer
Hothouse FlowersIf You Go1988Producer
Hothouse FlowersI'm Sorry1988Producer
Hothouse FlowersIt'll Be Easier In The Morning1988Producer
Hothouse FlowersLove Don't Work This Way1987Producer
Hothouse FlowersMovies1990Producer
Hothouse FlowersSaved1988Producer
Hothouse FlowersSeeline Woman1991Producer
Hothouse FlowersThe Older We Get1988Producer
Hothouse FlowersWater1990Producer
Hothouse FlowersYes I Was1988Producer
Ian McCullochCockles And Mussels1984Producer
Ian McCullochSeptember Song1984Producer
Jesus JonesCome On Home2002Producer
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight RunnersAll In All (This One Last Wild Waltz)1982Producer
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight RunnersI'll Show You1982Producer
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight RunnersJackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)1982Producer
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight RunnersLet's Get This Straight (From The Start)1982Producer
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight RunnersLet's Make This Precious1982Producer
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight RunnersLiars A To E1982Producer
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight RunnersOld1982Producer
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight RunnersT.S.O.P.1982Producer
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight RunnersThe Celtic Soul Brothers1982Producer
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight RunnersUntil I Believe In My Soul1982Producer
Lloyd ColeThat Boy1998Producer
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsBrand New Friend1985Producer
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsCut Me Down1985Producer
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsGrace1985Producer
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsJames1985Producer
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsLost Weekend1985Producer
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsMinor Characters1985Producer
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsPerfect Blue1985Producer
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsPretty Gone1985Producer
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsRich1985Producer
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsWhy I Love Country Music1985Producer
Madness(Don't Let Them) Catch You Crying2016Producer
Madness(Waiting For) The Ghost Train1985Producer
MadnessA Town With No Name1981Producer
MadnessAnimal Farm1982Producer
MadnessAnother Version Of Me2016Producer
MadnessAre You Coming (With Me)1982Producer
MadnessBaggy Trousers1980Producer
MadnessBed & Breakfast Man1979Producer
MadnessBelieve Me1979Producer
MadnessBenny Bullfrog1981Producer
MadnessBlue Skinned Beast1982Producer
MadnessBrand New Beat1983Producer
MadnessBullingdon Boys2019Producer
MadnessBurning The Boats1985Producer
MadnessCalling Cards1982Producer
MadnessCan't Touch Us Now2016Producer
MadnessCardiac Arrest1981Producer
MadnessChipmunks Are Go!1979Producer
MadnessClose Escape1980Producer
MadnessColdest Day1985Music/Lyrics
MadnessDeceives The Eye1980Producer
MadnessDon't Leave The Past Behind You2016Producer
MadnessDon't Look Back1982Producer
MadnessDon't Quote Me On That1980Producer
MadnessDrip Fed Fred1999Producer
MadnessDriving In My Car1982Producer
MadnessDust Devil2009Producer
MadnessForever Young2009Producer
MadnessGive Me A Reason1983Producer
MadnessGiven The Opportunity2016Producer
MadnessGood Times2016Producer
MadnessGrey Day1981Producer
MadnessHouse Of Fun1982Producer
MadnessI Believe2016Producer
MadnessIf You Think There's Something1983Producer
MadnessI'll Compete1985Producer
MadnessIn The City1982Producer
MadnessIn The Middle Of The Night1979Producer
MadnessIn The Rain1980Producer
MadnessIt Must Be Love1981Producer
MadnessJennie (A Portrait Of)1985Producer
MadnessJohnny The Horse1999Producer
MadnessKeep Moving1983Producer
MadnessLand Of Hope And Glory1979Producer
MadnessMad Not Mad1985Producer
MadnessMadness (Is All In The Mind)1982Producer
MadnessMarch Of The Gherkins1983Producer
MadnessMaybe In Another Life1985Producer
MadnessMichael Caine1983Producer
MadnessMissing You1981Producer
MadnessMoney Money Money1999Producer
MadnessMr Speaker (Gets The Word)1982Producer
MadnessMr. Apples2016Producer
MadnessMrs. Hutchinson1981Producer
MadnessMumbo Jumbo2016Producer
MadnessMummy's Boy1979Producer
MadnessMy Girl1979Producer
MadnessNew Delhi1982Producer
MadnessNight Boat To Cairo1979Producer
MadnessNot Home Today1980Producer
MadnessOn The Beat Pete1980Producer
MadnessOne Better Day1983Producer
MadnessOne Step Beyond...1979Producer
MadnessOur House1982Producer
MadnessPam The Hawk2016Producer
MadnessPowder Blue2012Producer
MadnessPrimrose Hill1982Producer
MadnessPromises Promises1981Producer
MadnessRazor Blade Alley1979Producer
MadnessRiding On My Bike1982Producer
MadnessRise And Fall1982Producer
MadnessRockin' In Ab1979Producer
MadnessSarah's Song2002Producer
MadnessShadow Of Fear1980Producer
MadnessShadow On The House1981Producer
MadnessShut Up1981Producer
MadnessSign Of The Times1981Producer
MadnessSimple Equation2002Producer
MadnessSolid Gone1980Producer
MadnessSoul Denying2016Producer
MadnessSugar And Spice2009Producer
MadnessSunday Morning1982Producer
MadnessSwan Lake1979Producer
MadnessSweetest Girl1985Producer
MadnessTake It Or Leave It1980Producer
MadnessTarzan's Nuts1979Producer
MadnessTears You Can't Hide1985Producer
MadnessThat Face1982Producer
MadnessThat's The Way To Do It1980Producer
MadnessThe Opium Eaters1981Producer
MadnessThe Prince1979Producer
MadnessThe Return Of The Los Palmas 71980Producer
MadnessThe Sun And The Rain1983Producer
MadnessThe Young & The Old1980Producer
MadnessTime For Tea1983Producer
MadnessTomorrow's (Just Another Day)1982Producer
MadnessTomorrow's Dream1981Producer
MadnessTurning Blue1983Producer
MadnessUncle Sam1985Producer
MadnessVictoria Gardens1983Producer
MadnessWalking With Mr. Wheeze1982Producer
MadnessWaltz Into Mischief1983Producer
MadnessWhen Dawn Arrives1981Producer
MadnessWhistle In The Dark2016Producer
MadnessWhite Heat1985Producer
MadnessWings Of A Dove1983Producer
MadnessYesterday's Men1985Producer
MadnessYou Are My Everything2016Producer
MadnessYou Said1980Producer
Madness feat. Elvis CostelloTomorrow's (Just Another Day)1983Producer
MarilynCalling Your Name1983Producer
MarilynCry And Be Free1984Producer
MarilynMountain To The Ocean1985Producer
MarilynPray For That Sunshine1985Producer
MarilynSurrender To Your Love1985Producer
MarilynYou Don't Love Me1984Producer
Martin RappeneauÀ demain2006Producer
Martin RappeneauÇa m'est égal2006Producer
Martin RappeneauComment font les autres?2006Producer
Martin RappeneauJulien2006Producer
Martin RappeneauLa poudrière2006Producer
Martin RappeneauLa sortie c'est par là2006Producer
Martin RappeneauL'âge d'or2006Producer
Martin RappeneauLes pieds sur terre2006Producer
Martin RappeneauL'heure d'hiver2006Producer
Martin RappeneauNos corps balancent2006Producer
Martin RappeneauPlus d'excuses2006Producer
Martin RappeneauPoupée russe2006Producer
Martin RappeneauRoméo meurt2006Producer
MorrisseyEast West1989Producer
MorrisseyGet Off The Stage1990Producer
MorrisseyGirl Least Likely To1990Producer
MorrisseyHe Knows I'd Love To See Him1990Producer
MorrisseyI've Changed My Plea To Guilty1991Producer
MorrisseyJournalists Who Lie1991Producer
MorrisseyKing Leer1991Producer
MorrisseyMute Witness1991Producer
MorrisseyMy Love Life1991Producer
MorrisseyNovember Spawned A Monster1990Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyNovember The Second1989Music/Lyrics
MorrisseyOh Phoney2010Producer
MorrisseyOuija Board, Ouija Board1989Producer
MorrisseyOur Frank1991Producer
MorrisseyPiccadilly Palare1990Producer
MorrisseyPregnant For The Last Time1991Producer
MorrisseySing Your Life1991Producer
MorrisseySkin Storm1991Producer
MorrisseyThat's Entertainment1991Producer
MorrisseyThe Loop1991Producer
MorrisseyThere's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends1991Producer
MorrisseyTony The Pony1991Producer
MorrisseyYes, I Am Blind1989Producer
Original Mirrors20,000 Dreamers1981Producer
(Cliver Langer)
Paul CarrackMerilee1987Producer
Primal ScreamAftermath1987Producer
Primal ScreamGentle Tuesday1987Producer
Primal ScreamImperial1987Producer
Primal ScreamLeaves1987Producer
Primal ScreamLove You1987Producer
Primal ScreamMay The Sun Shine Bright For You1987Producer
Primal ScreamSilent Spring1987Producer
Primal ScreamSonic Sister Love1987Producer
Primal ScreamTreasure Trip1987Producer
Primal ScreamWe Go Down Slowly Rising1987Producer
Ray DaviesQuiet Life1986Producer
RepublicaFaster Faster1998Producer
RepublicaFrom Rush Hour With Love1998Producer
RepublicaKung Fu Movies1998Producer
RepublicaNothing's Feeling New1998Producer
RepublicaPub Pusher1998Producer
RepublicaTry Everything1998Producer
Robert WyattMemories Of You1982Producer
Robert WyattShipbuilding1982Music/Lyrics
Sandie ShawAre You Ready To Be Heartbroken?1986Producer
Sandie ShawComrade In Arms1988Music/Lyrics
Schnell FensterLove / Hate Relationship1988Producer
Scott MatthewShipbuilding2013Music/Lyrics
Sinéad O'Connor with The BlockheadsWake Up And Make Love With Me2001Producer
Strawberry SwitchbladeJolene1985Producer
The Belle StarsHiawatha1981Producer
The Belle StarsMiss World1981Producer
The Belle StarsSlick Trick1981Producer
The HollowaysTwo Left Feet2006Producer
The Jeremy Days(Chasing My) Crooked Shadow1995Producer
The Jeremy DaysAll Content?1995Producer
The Jeremy DaysAre You Inventive?1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysBrand New Toy1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysCircushead1990Producer
The Jeremy DaysFantastic Friend1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysFood & Coffee1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysFrank, An Almost True Story1995Producer
The Jeremy DaysGive It A Name1990Producer
The Jeremy DaysHistory (Heavenly Father)1990Producer
The Jeremy DaysJulie Thru The Blinds1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysMy House1995Producer
The Jeremy DaysMy Man1990Producer
The Jeremy DaysPunk By Numbers1995Producer
The Jeremy DaysRaintree Country1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysRome Wasn't Built In A Day1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysRoom To Revolution1990Music/Lyrics
The Jeremy DaysStarting To Pretend1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysSylvia Suddenly1990Producer
The Jeremy DaysThat's What I Call Love1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysThe Clouds Of Maine1990Producer
The Jeremy DaysThe End1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysThe Sleeping Room1990Producer
The Jeremy DaysThis World1988Producer
The Jeremy DaysVirginia1990Producer
The Jeremy DaysWhat The Wind's Blowin' Round1990Producer
The Teardrop Explodes...And The Fighting Takes Over1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesBent Out Of Shape1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesColours Fly Away1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesFalling Down Around Me1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesLike Leila Khaled Said1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesPassionate Friend1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesPoppies1980Music/Lyrics
The Teardrop ExplodesPure Joy1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesReward1980Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesSeven Views Of Jerusalem1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesThe Culture Bunker1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesThe Great Dominions1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesTiny Children1981Producer
The Teardrop ExplodesTreason (It's Just A Story)1980Music/Lyrics
The YachtsHypnotising Lies1978Producer
The YachtsI Can't Stay Long1978Producer
The YachtsLook Back In Love (Not In Anger)1978Producer
The YachtsYachting Types1978Producer
They Might Be GiantsBangs2001Producer
They Might Be GiantsBirdhouse In Your Soul1989Producer
They Might Be GiantsCyclops Rock2001Producer
They Might Be GiantsIstanbul (Not Constantinople)1990Producer
They Might Be GiantsI've Got A Fang2001Producer
They Might Be GiantsMy Man2001Producer
They Might Be GiantsWe Want A Rock1990Producer
They Might Be GiantsYour Racist Friend1990Producer
Tim FinnAlways Never Know1993Producer
Tim FinnCan't Do Both1993Producer
Tim FinnHit The Ground Running1993Producer
Tim FinnSecret Heart1993Producer
Tim FinnWalk You Home1993Producer
Working WeekRodrigo Bay1986Producer
In The City (Madness)124.92
The Celtic Soul Brothers (Dexys Midnight Runners & The Emerald Express)64.83
Absolute Beginners (David Bowie)1734.83
Birdhouse In Your Soul (They Might Be Giants)374.81
Come On Eileen (Dexys Midnight Runners & The Emerald Express)2264.81
Glycerine (Bush)424.81
NW5 (Madness)104.8
Our House (Madness)2174.73
Let's Make This Precious (Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners)114.73
Comedown (Bush)154.67
My Girl (Madness)594.64
One Step Beyond... (Madness)1314.63
Tarzan's Nuts (Madness)84.62
In The Middle Of The Night (Madness)84.62
It Must Be Love (Madness)744.61
Let Them All Talk (Elvis Costello And The Attractions)54.6
That's Entertainment (Morrissey)54.6
Sugar And Spice (Madness)54.6
Lost Weekend (Lloyd Cole & The Commotions)314.58
The Celtic Soul Brothers (Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners)194.58
Come On Eileen (Dexys Midnight Runners & The Emerald Express)2264.81
Our House (Madness)2174.73
Absolute Beginners (David Bowie)1734.83
Dancing In The Street (David Bowie and Mick Jagger)1443.57
One Step Beyond... (Madness)1314.63
It Must Be Love (Madness)744.61
Brand New Toy (The Jeremy Days)734.34
House Of Fun (Madness)714.51
Baggy Trousers (Madness)614.36
My Girl (Madness)594.64
Night Boat To Cairo (Madness)584.1
Don't Go (Hothouse Flowers)554.33
Shiny Shiny (Haysi Fantayzee)443.98
Michael Caine (Madness)434.3
Glycerine (Bush)424.81
Embarrassment (Madness)414.39
Birdhouse In Your Soul (They Might Be Giants)374.81
Driving In My Car (Madness)363.81
Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile) (Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners)354.17
Wings Of A Dove (Madness)354.06

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