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Blue Öyster CultBe My Baby2007Producer
Blue Öyster CultBoorman The Chauffer2001Producer
Blue Öyster CultDial M For Murder2007Producer
Blue Öyster CultMes Dames Sarat2001Producer
Blue Öyster CultMommy2001Producer
Blue Öyster CultNight Flyer2007Producer
Blue Öyster CultPlease Hold2007Producer
Bruce DickinsonAbduction2005Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonAcoustic Song2018Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonArc Of Space2018Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonBack From The Edge1996Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonBelievil2005Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonBorn In 581990Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonChange Of Heart2018Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonDarkness Be My Friend1990Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonDarkside Of Aquarius2018Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonDevil On A Hog2005Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonDive! Dive! Dive!1990Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonElvis Has Left The Building1994Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonEternal2018Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonGods Of War2018Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonGypsy Road1990Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonHell On Wheels1990Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonKill Devil Hill2005Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonLickin' The Gun1990Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonNavigate The Seas Of The Sun2005Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonNo Lies1990Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonOmega2018Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonPower Of The Sun2005Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonRiver Of No Return2005Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonRoad To Hell2018Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonSon Of A Gun1990Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonSoul Intruders2005Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonStrange Death In Paradise2018Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonTattooed Millionaire1990Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonTears Of The Dragon1994Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonTyranny Of Souls2005Music/Lyrics
Bruce DickinsonZulu Lulu1990Music/Lyrics
Fates WarningFlight Of Icarus2002Music/Lyrics
HalfordThe One You Love To Hate2000Music/Lyrics
Iron Maiden2 Minutes To Midnight1984Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenBack In The Village1984Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenBe Quick Or Be Dead1992Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenBlack Bart Blues1988Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenBrave New World2000Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenBrighter Than A Thousand Suns2006Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenBring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter1990Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenCan I Play With Madness1988Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenChains Of Misery1992Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenComing Home2010Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenDeath Or Glory2015Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenDie With Your Boots On1983Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenEl Dorado2010Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenEmpire Of The Clouds2015Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenFace In The Sand2003Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenFear Is The Key1992Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenFlash Of The Blade1984Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenFlight Of Icarus1983Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenGates Of Tomorrow2003Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenGhost Of The Navigator2000Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenHoly Smoke1990Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenHooks In You1990Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenIf Eternity Should Fail2015Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenJourneyman2003Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenJudas Be My Guide1992Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenLord Of Light2006Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenMontségur2003Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenMoonchild1988Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenNew Frontier2003Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenNodding Donkey Blues1992Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenOnly The Good Die Young1988Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenOut Of The Shadows2006Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenOut Of The Silent Planet2000Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenPass The Jam2003Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenPowerslave1984Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenPublic Enema Number One1990Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenRainmaker2003Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenRevelations1983Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenRun Silent Run Deep1990Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenSpeed Of Light2015Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenStarblind2010Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenSun And Steel1983Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenTailgunner1990Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenThe Alchemist2010Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenThe Evil That Men Do1988Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenThe Longest Day2006Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenThe Wicker Man2000Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenThese Colours Don't Run2006Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenWasting Love1992Music/Lyrics
John CaleWall1970Producer
Little Angels90° In The Shade1992Music/Lyrics
Little AngelsDon't Love You No More1990Music/Lyrics
Little AngelsRadical Your Lover1989Music/Lyrics
Little AngelsSail Away1993Music/Lyrics
Little AngelsSchizophrenia Blues1993Music/Lyrics
PowerwolfThe Evil That Men Do2015Music/Lyrics
Rhapsody Of FireFlash On The Blade2011Music/Lyrics
SamsonAngel With A Machine Gun1980Music/Lyrics
SamsonHard Times1980Music/Lyrics
SamsonLittle Big Man1981Music/Lyrics
SamsonTake It Like A Man1980Music/Lyrics
SamsonTake Me To Your Leader1980Music/Lyrics
SamsonToo Close To Rock1980Music/Lyrics
SamsonVice Versa1980Music/Lyrics
SamsonWalking Out On You1980Music/Lyrics
Sonata ArcticaDie With Your Boots On2001Music/Lyrics
The Psychedelic FursPretty In Pink1981Producer
Out Of The Silent Planet (Iron Maiden)185.11
Only The Good Die Young (Iron Maiden)165.06
Powerslave (Iron Maiden)235.04
2 Minutes To Midnight (Iron Maiden)525.04
The Evil That Men Do (Iron Maiden)314.94
Moonchild (Iron Maiden)154.93
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (Iron Maiden)144.93
The Longest Day (Iron Maiden)144.93
Flight Of Icarus (Iron Maiden)274.93
Tailgunner (Iron Maiden)154.87
Tears Of The Dragon (Bruce Dickinson)124.75
These Colours Don't Run (Iron Maiden)124.75
Montségur (Iron Maiden)134.69
Flash Of The Blade (Iron Maiden)154.67
Ghost Of The Navigator (Iron Maiden)154.67
Lord Of Light (Iron Maiden)154.67
Brave New World (Iron Maiden)164.62
Back In The Village (Iron Maiden)134.62
Journeyman (Iron Maiden)184.61
Revelations (Iron Maiden)154.6
Can I Play With Madness (Iron Maiden)714.31
Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter (Iron Maiden)653.95
2 Minutes To Midnight (Iron Maiden)525.04
Be Quick Or Be Dead (Iron Maiden)523.79
Holy Smoke (Iron Maiden)433.77
Rainmaker (Iron Maiden)324.31
The Evil That Men Do (Iron Maiden)314.94
Pretty In Pink (The Psychedelic Furs)313.9
The Wicker Man (Iron Maiden)294.59
Flight Of Icarus (Iron Maiden)274.93
Powerslave (Iron Maiden)235.04
Out Of The Silent Planet (Iron Maiden)185.11
Journeyman (Iron Maiden)184.61
Only The Good Die Young (Iron Maiden)165.06
Brave New World (Iron Maiden)164.62
Moonchild (Iron Maiden)154.93
Tailgunner (Iron Maiden)154.87
Flash Of The Blade (Iron Maiden)154.67
Ghost Of The Navigator (Iron Maiden)154.67
Lord Of Light (Iron Maiden)154.67

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