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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Andry Fraser
Ace Frehley / Paul StanleyFire And Water2016Music/Lyrics
(Andry Fraser)
Andy FraserBe Good To Yourself1975Music/Lyrics
Andy FraserDo You Love Me1984Producer
Andy FraserFine Fine Line1984Music/Lyrics
Andy FraserGotta Steal Away1975Music/Lyrics
Andy FraserPalm Of My Hand1984Music/Lyrics
Andy FraserThese Arms Of Mine1984Music/Lyrics
Andy Fraser BandAin't Gonna Worry1975Music/Lyrics
Andy Fraser BandBring It On Home1975Music/Lyrics
Andy Fraser BandChanged Man1975Music/Lyrics
Andy Fraser BandDon't Hide Your Love Away1975Music/Lyrics
Andy Fraser BandDouble Heart Trouble1975Music/Lyrics
Andy Fraser BandI Wanna Be There1975Music/Lyrics
Andy Fraser BandKeep On Loving You1975Music/Lyrics
Andy Fraser BandLove Forever1975Music/Lyrics
Andy Fraser BandLove Is All Around1975Music/Lyrics
Biddu OrchestraAll Right Now!1978Music/Lyrics
Bob SegerStealer1972Music/Lyrics
Brownstone [1970s]Be My Friend1973Music/Lyrics
BuffaloI'm A Mover1972Music/Lyrics
Buffalo feat. Peter VeeJumping Jack Flash1979Music/Lyrics
CaroEvery Kind Of People1983Music/Lyrics
Chaka KhanAny Old Sunday1981Music/Lyrics
Climax Blues BandI'm Ready1982Music/Lyrics
Corporal Gander's Fire Dog BandStealer1971Music/Lyrics
Def LeppardLittle Bit Of Love2006Music/Lyrics
Delbert McClintonA Fool In Love1981Music/Lyrics
Delbert McClintonBe Good To Yourself1981Music/Lyrics
Electric FoodAll Right Now1971Music/Lyrics
En Zo...All Right Now!1996Music/Lyrics
FAR CorporationFire And Water1985Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerA Fool In Love1975Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerBe Good To Yourself1977Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerDanger Danger1982Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerDon't Stop1982Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerDouble Heart Trouble1977Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerIt's All Coming Down Tonight1982Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerOn My Way1982Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerStanding On The Edge1982Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerZap Zap1982Music/Lyrics
Franz LambertAll Right Now / Spirit In The Sky / Never Marry A Railroadman1970Music/Lyrics
FreeA Little Bit Of Love1972Music/Lyrics
FreeAll Right Now1970Music/Lyrics
FreeBe My Friend1970Music/Lyrics
FreeBroad Daylight1969Music/Lyrics
FreeCatch A Train1972Music/Lyrics
FreeDon't Say You Love Me1970Music/Lyrics
FreeFire And Water1970Music/Lyrics
FreeFree Me1969Music/Lyrics
FreeGet Where I Belong1968Music/Lyrics
FreeGuardian Of The Universe1972Music/Lyrics
FreeHeavy Load1970Music/Lyrics
FreeI'll Be Creeping1969Music/Lyrics
FreeI'm A Mover1968Music/Lyrics
FreeLying In The Sunshine1969Music/Lyrics
FreeMagic Ship1972Music/Lyrics
FreeMourning Sad Morning1969Music/Lyrics
FreeMouthful Of Grass1969Music/Lyrics
FreeMr. Big1970Music/Lyrics
FreeMy Brother Jake1971Music/Lyrics
FreeOn My Way1970Music/Lyrics
FreeRide On Pony1970Music/Lyrics
FreeSail On1972Music/Lyrics
FreeSoldier Boy1972Music/Lyrics
FreeSongs Of Yesterday1969Music/Lyrics
FreeSoon I Will Be Gone1970Music/Lyrics
FreeSugar For Mr. Morrison1969Music/Lyrics
FreeSunny Day1970Music/Lyrics
FreeThe Highway Song1970Music/Lyrics
FreeThe Worm1968Music/Lyrics
FreeTravellin' Man1972Music/Lyrics
FreeTrouble On Double Time1969Music/Lyrics
FreeWalk In My Shadow1968Music/Lyrics
FreeWild Indian Woman1968Music/Lyrics
Gov't MuleMr. Big1995Music/Lyrics
Great WhiteFire And Water2002Music/Lyrics
Iron MaidenI'm A Mover1990Music/Lyrics
Jo O'MearaEvery Kinda People2002Music/Lyrics
Joe BonamassaWalk In My Shadows2000Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerEvery Kinda People2004Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerLittle Bit Of Love1991Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerSweet Little Woman1982Music/Lyrics
King KingHeavy Load2013Music/Lyrics
Lea RobertsAll Right Now1975Music/Lyrics
Leslie WestDoctor Love1975Music/Lyrics
Leslie WestLittle Bit Of Love1975Music/Lyrics
Leslie WestThe Stealer1989Music/Lyrics
Leslie WestWalk In My Shadow2005Music/Lyrics
Leslie WestWoman2006Music/Lyrics
Manfred MannAll Right Now2014Music/Lyrics
Marti JonesSoon I Will Be Gone1986Music/Lyrics
Melissa ManchesterA Fool In Love1976Music/Lyrics
Mint JulepsEvery Kinda People1987Music/Lyrics
Mr. BigMr. Big1993Music/Lyrics
Paul RodgersAll Right Now1996Music/Lyrics
Paul YoungA Little Bit Of Love1990Music/Lyrics
Pepsi & ShirlieAll Right Now1987Music/Lyrics
Queen + Paul RodgersAll Right Now2005Music/Lyrics
Queen + Paul RodgersFeel Like Makin' Love2005Music/Lyrics
Randy CrawfordEvery Kind Of People1989Music/Lyrics
Red BaronAll Right Now1979Music/Lyrics
Robert PalmerEvery Kinda People1978Music/Lyrics
Robert PalmerMean Old World1979Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartAll Right Now1984Music/Lyrics
Roni HillFire And Water1977Music/Lyrics
Simon McBrideBe My Friend2008Music/Lyrics
SunshinersEvery Kinda People2006Music/Lyrics
The AnswerFire And Water2011Music/Lyrics
The Gap BandLittle Bit Of Love1977Music/Lyrics
The London Symphony OrchestraAll Right Now1991Music/Lyrics
The RunawaysAll Right Now1991Music/Lyrics
The SoundationsMy Brother Jake1971Music/Lyrics
The SweetAlright Now1976Music/Lyrics
Three Dog NightI'll Be Creeping1970Music/Lyrics
Three Dog NightWoman1970Music/Lyrics
UFOA Fool In Love1976Music/Lyrics
Vinegar JoeTalkin' 'Bout My Baby1973Music/Lyrics
Wilson PickettFire And Water1971Music/Lyrics
Mourning Sad Morning (Free)55.2
Be My Friend (Free)75.14
Fire And Water (Wilson Pickett)115
Mr. Big (Free)95
Walk In My Shadow (Free)55
All Right Now (Free)1554.85
Don't Say You Love Me (Free)64.83
Mouthful Of Grass (Free)54.8
The Highway Song (Free)54.8
I'm A Mover (Free)64.67
Every Kinda People (Robert Palmer)544.61
Heavy Load (Free)94.56
Remember (Free)84.5
I'll Be Creeping (Free)84.5
Little Bit Of Love (Joe Cocker)84.5
Ride On Pony (Free)64.5
Fire And Water (Free)144.36
Stealer (Free)194.32
My Brother Jake (Free)254.24
A Little Bit Of Love (Free)104.2
All Right Now (Free)1554.85
Every Kinda People (Robert Palmer)544.61
My Brother Jake (Free)254.24
Sweet Little Woman (Joe Cocker)203.85
Stealer (Free)194.32
Be Good To Yourself (Frankie Miller)194.05
Fire And Water (Free)144.36
Every Kinda People (Joe Cocker)143.93
All Right Now (Rod Stewart)133
Fire And Water (Wilson Pickett)115
A Little Bit Of Love (Free)104.2
All Right Now (Pepsi & Shirlie)103.1
Mr. Big (Free)95
Heavy Load (Free)94.56
I'll Be Creeping (Free)84.5
Little Bit Of Love (Joe Cocker)84.5
Remember (Free)84.5
Fire And Water (FAR Corporation)84
All Right Now (Queen + Paul Rodgers)84
A Little Bit Of Love (Paul Young)83.88

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