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Alison KraussDreaming My Dreams With You1999Music/Lyrics
B.J. ThomasI Recall A Gypsy Woman1981Music/Lyrics
Ballistic KissesFive O'Clock World1982Music/Lyrics
BlackJack [SE]I Saw Linda Yesterday2001Music/Lyrics
Bobby Bare(I'm Not) A Candle In The Wind1982Producer
Bobby BareCold Day In Hell1982Producer
Bobby BareFellow Travelers2005Music/Lyrics
Bobby BareGolden Memories1982Producer
Bobby BareGoodnight Irene1982Producer
Bobby BareIf You Ain't Got Nothin' (You Ain't Got Nothin' To Lose)1982Producer
Bobby BareIsn't That Just Like Love1982Producer
Bobby BareI've Been Rained On Too1982Producer
Bobby BarePraise The Lord And Send Me The Money1982Producer
Bobby BareSo Good To Be Sad1982Producer
Bobby BareThe Old Swimmin' Hole1982Producer
Brenda LeeLet's Open Up Our Hearts1991Producer
Cal SmithWrong Road Again1983Music/Lyrics
CalicoCome On Down To Texas1975Producer
CalicoJody, It's Still You1975Producer
Charley Pride(There's) Nobody Home To Go Home To1970Music/Lyrics
Charley PrideIf She Just Helps Me (Get Over You)1973Music/Lyrics
Charley PrideIt Amazes Me1974Music/Lyrics
Charley PrideOn The Southbound1971Music/Lyrics
Charley PrideTake Me Home1967Music/Lyrics
Charley PrideWhich Way Do We Go1974Music/Lyrics
Charley PrideYou Never Gave Up On Me1971Music/Lyrics
Clint EastwoodBurning Bridges1970Producer
Clint EastwoodWhen I Loved Her1970Producer
Colleen HewettDreaming My Dreams With You1980Music/Lyrics
Collin RayeDreaming My Dreams With You1994Music/Lyrics
Cowboy JunkiesDreaming My Dreams With You1993Music/Lyrics
Crystal GayleA Little Bit Of The Rain1979Producer
Crystal GayleAin't No Sunshine1981Producer
Crystal GayleAll I Wanna Do In Life1977Music/Lyrics
Crystal GayleBeyond You1975Producer
Crystal GayleCry Me A River1978Producer
Crystal GayleCrying In The Rain1981Producer
Crystal GayleDancing The Night Away1979Producer
Crystal GayleDanger Zone1979Producer
Crystal GayleDeeper In The Fire1982Producer
Crystal GayleDon't Go My Love1979Producer
Crystal GayleDon't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue1977Producer
Crystal GayleDon't Treat Me Like A Stranger1978Producer
Crystal GayleDreaming My Dreams With You1979Music/Lyrics
Crystal GayleEasier Said Than Done1982Producer
Crystal GayleForgettin' 'bout You1976Music/Lyrics
Crystal GayleFunny1977Producer
Crystal GayleGoing Down Slow1977Producer
Crystal GayleGreen Door1977Producer
Crystal GayleHalf The Way1979Producer
Crystal GayleHe Is Beautiful To Me1982Producer
Crystal GayleHeart Mender1975Producer
Crystal GayleHello I Love You1978Producer
Crystal GayleHollywood1981Producer
Crystal GayleI Still Miss Someone1978Producer
Crystal GayleI Wanna Come Back To You1977Producer
Crystal GayleIt's All Right With Me1977Producer
Crystal GayleIt's Like We Never Said Goodbye1979Producer
Crystal GayleKeepin' Power1981Producer
Crystal GayleLean On Me1981Producer
Crystal GayleLet Your Feelings Show1982Producer
Crystal GayleLivin' In These Troubled Times1981Producer
Crystal GayleLove Crazy Love1981Producer
Crystal GayleLoving You So Long Now1975Music/Lyrics
Crystal GayleMake A Dream Come True1977Producer
Crystal GayleMiss The Mississippi And You1979Producer
Crystal GayleOur Love Is On The Faultline1982Producer
Crystal GaylePaintin' This Old Town Blue1978Producer
Crystal GayleReady For The Times To Get Better1978Music/Lyrics
Crystal GayleRiver Road1977Producer
Crystal GayleRoom For One More1979Producer
Crystal GayleSneakin' Out The Back Door1979Producer
Crystal GayleSomebody Loves You1975Music/Lyrics
Crystal GayleSomeday Soon1978Producer
Crystal GayleTake Me To The Dance1982Producer
Crystal GayleTalking In Your Sleep1978Producer
Crystal GayleTennessee1981Producer
Crystal GayleThe Best Thing In My Life1979Producer
Crystal GayleThe Blue Side1979Producer
Crystal GayleThe Other Side Of Me1979Producer
Crystal GayleThe Woman In Me1981Producer
Crystal GayleThrough Believing In Love Songs1979Producer
Crystal GayleTime Will Prove That I'm Right1979Producer
Crystal GayleToo Deep For Tears1979Producer
Crystal GayleToo Good To Throw Away1978Producer
Crystal GayleTrue Love1982Producer
Crystal GayleWayward Wind1978Producer
Crystal GayleWe Must Believe In Magic1977Producer
Crystal GayleWe Should Be Together1979Producer
Crystal GayleWhen I Dream1975Producer
Crystal GayleWhy Have You Left The One You Left Me For1978Producer
Crystal GayleWrong Road Again1975Music/Lyrics
Crystal GayleYou Bring Out The Lover In Me1982Producer
Crystal GayleYou Never Gave Up On Me1981Producer
Crystal GayleYou Never Miss A Real Good Thing1976Producer
Crystal GayleYou'll Be Loved Someday1979Producer
Crystal GayleYour Kisses Will1979Producer
Crystal GayleYour Old Cold Shoulder1979Producer
Daniel O'DonnellLast Waltz Of The Evening1990Producer
Daniel O'DonnellYou Know I Still Love You1990Producer
Dickey Lee(There's) Nobody Home To Gome Home To1971Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeA Country Song1973Producer
Dickey LeeA Girl I Used To Know1965Producer
Dickey LeeA Kingdom I Call Home1972Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeA Way To Go On1972Producer
Dickey LeeAshes Of Love1972Producer
Dickey LeeBaby, Bye Bye1972Producer
Dickey LeeBig Brother1965Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeCatfish John1972Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeCrying Over You1973Producer
Dickey LeeCrystal Chandeliers1972Producer
Dickey LeeDon't Wanna Think About Paula1963Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeEverybody's Reching Out For Someone1971Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeGot Leavin' On Her Mind1972Producer
Dickey LeeI Saw Linda Yesterday1962Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeI Saw My Lady1972Producer
Dickey LeeIf She Just Helps Me (Get Over You)1973Producer
Dickey LeeIf She Turns Up In Ohio1973Producer
Dickey LeeIf You Really Want Me To I'll Go1973Producer
Dickey LeeI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry1972Producer
Dickey LeeIt's Four In The Morning1972Producer
Dickey LeeJulie Never Meant A Thing1965Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeJust A Friend1963Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeLaurie (Strange Things Happen)1965Producer
Dickey LeeLet The Chips Fall1972Producer
Dickey LeeLet Time Be Your Friend1972Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeLittle Drops Of Hurt1973Producer
Dickey LeeMy Blue Tears1971Producer
Dickey LeeMy World Around You1973Producer
Dickey LeeNever Ending Song Of Love1971Producer
Dickey LeeNothing Compared To Now1973Producer
Dickey LeeOn Susan's Floor1972Producer
Dickey LeeOn The Southbound1971Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeParty Doll1965Producer
Dickey LeeShe Thinks I Still Care1972Producer
Dickey LeeSleep Walkin' Blues1972Producer
Dickey LeeSong Sung Blue1972Producer
Dickey LeeSparklin' Brown Eyes1972Producer
Dickey LeeSpecial1971Producer
Dickey LeeTake Me Home Country Roads1971Producer
Dickey LeeThat Heart Belongs To Me1972Producer
Dickey LeeThe Girl From Peyton Place1965Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeThe Girl I Can't Forget1962Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeThe Mahogany Pulpit1971Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeThe Shelter Of Your Eyes1973Producer
Dickey LeeThe Year That Clayton Delaney Died1971Producer
Dickey LeeThis Is My Year For Mexico1973Producer
Dickey LeeTupelo Country Jail1972Producer
Dickey LeeWaiting For A Train1972Producer
Dickey LeeWeekends1971Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeWhat We Used To Hang On To (Is Gone)1974Producer
Don WilliamsAmanda1973Producer
Don WilliamsAtta Way To Go1973Producer
Don WilliamsBack On The Street Again1992Producer
Don WilliamsCatfish Bates1992Producer
Don WilliamsCome Early Morning1973Producer
Don WilliamsDon't You Believe1972Producer
Don WilliamsDown The Road I Go1973Producer
Don WilliamsEndless Sleep1973Music/Lyrics
Don WilliamsFly Away1974Producer
Don WilliamsGettin' Back Together Tonight1992Producer
Don WilliamsGhost Story1973Producer
Don WilliamsGoodbye Isn't Really Good At All1974Producer
Don WilliamsHelp Yourselves To Each Other1975Music/Lyrics
Don WilliamsHow Much Time Does It Take1973Producer
Don WilliamsI Don't Think About Her No More1973Producer
Don WilliamsI Don't Wanna Let Go1975Producer
Don WilliamsI Recall A Gypsy Woman1973Music/Lyrics
Don WilliamsI Wouldn't Want To Live If You Didn't Love Me1974Producer
Don WilliamsIf She Just Helps Me Get Over You1982Music/Lyrics
Don WilliamsIn The Family1992Producer
Don WilliamsIt's Who You Love1992Producer
Don WilliamsI've Turned You To Stone1974Producer
Don WilliamsLone Star State Of Mind1992Producer
Don WilliamsLovin' Understandin' Man1974Producer
Don WilliamsLoving You So Long1973Music/Lyrics
Don WilliamsMillers Cave1973Producer
Don WilliamsMissing You, Missing Me1976Music/Lyrics
Don WilliamsMy Woman's Love1973Producer
Don WilliamsNo Use Running1973Producer
Don WilliamsOh Misery1973Producer
Don WilliamsOld Trail1992Producer
Don WilliamsOnly Water (Shining In The Air)1992Producer
Don WilliamsPlayin' Around1972Producer
Don WilliamsShe's In Love With A Rodeo Man1973Producer
Don WilliamsSo Far So Good1992Producer
Don WilliamsStanding Knee Deep In A River (Dying Of Thirst)1992Producer
Don WilliamsSuch A Lovely Lady1974Producer
Don WilliamsThat Song About The River1992Producer
Don WilliamsThe Shelter Of Your Eyes1972Producer
Don WilliamsThe Ties That Bind1974Producer
Don WilliamsToo Late To Turn Back Now1973Music/Lyrics
Don WilliamsToo Much Love1992Producer
Don WilliamsWe Should Be Together1973Music/Lyrics
Don WilliamsWhen Will I Ever Learn1974Producer
Don WilliamsWhy Lord Goodbye1974Producer
Don WilliamsWish I Was In Nashville1973Producer
Don WilliamsYou Have A Star1972Producer
Don WilliamsYour Sweet Love1973Producer
Don WilliamsYou're The Only One1975Producer
Eddie FloydI Sowed Love (And Reaped A Heartache)1969Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisBetter Off Without You1990Producer
Emmylou HarrisBrand New Dance1990Producer
Emmylou HarrisEasy For You To Say1990Producer
Emmylou HarrisIn His World1990Producer
Emmylou HarrisNever Be Anyone Else But You1990Producer
Emmylou HarrisRed Red Rose1990Producer
Emmylou HarrisRollin' And Ramblin' (The Death Of Hank Williams)1990Producer
Emmylou HarrisSomeday My Ship Will Sail1987Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisSweet Dreams Of You1990Producer
Emmylou HarrisTougher Than The Rest1990Producer
Emmylou HarrisWheels Of Love1990Producer
Emmylou Harris and Rodney CrowellDreaming My Dreams2013Music/Lyrics
Garth Brooks(There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays1999Producer
Garth BrooksA Friend To Me1997Producer
Garth BrooksAgainst The Grain1991Producer
Garth BrooksAin't Going Down (Til The Sun Comes Up)1993Producer
Garth BrooksAlabama Clay1989Producer
Garth BrooksAllison Miranda2005Producer
Garth BrooksAmerican Dream2005Producer
Garth BrooksAmerican Honky-Tonk Bar Association1993Producer
Garth BrooksBaby Jesus Is Born1999Producer
Garth BrooksBelleau Wood1997Producer
Garth BrooksBig Money2001Producer
Garth BrooksBurning Bridges1991Producer
Garth BrooksCallin' Baton Rouge1993Producer
Garth BrooksCold Shoulder1991Producer
Garth BrooksCowboy Bill1989Producer
Garth BrooksCowboy Cadillac1997Producer
Garth BrooksCowboys And Angels1995Producer
Garth BrooksDixie Chicken1992Producer
Garth BrooksDo What You Gotta Do1997Producer
Garth BrooksDon't Cross The River2001Producer
Garth BrooksEvery Now And Then1992Producer
Garth BrooksEverytime That It Rains1989Producer
Garth BrooksFace To Face1992Producer
Garth BrooksFishin' In The Dark2005Producer
Garth BrooksFit For A King1997Producer
Garth BrooksFor A Minute There2005Producer
Garth BrooksFriends In Low Places1990Producer
Garth BrooksGo Tell It On The Mountain1992Producer
Garth BrooksGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen1992Producer
Garth BrooksGood Ride Cowboy2005Producer
Garth BrooksHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas1999Producer
Garth BrooksHow You Ever Gonna Know1997Producer
Garth BrooksI Don't Have To Wonder1997Producer
Garth BrooksI Know One1989Producer
Garth BrooksI'd Rather Have Nothing2005Producer
Garth BrooksIf Tomorrow Never Comes1989Producer
Garth BrooksI'll Be The Wind2005Producer
Garth BrooksIn Lonesome Dove1991Producer
Garth BrooksIreland1995Producer
Garth BrooksIt's Midnight Cinderella1995Producer
Garth BrooksIt's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year1999Producer
Garth BrooksI've Got A Good Thing Going1989Producer
Garth BrooksKickin' And Screamin'1993Producer
Garth BrooksLast Night I Had The Strangest Dream2005Producer
Garth BrooksLearning To Live Again1992Producer
Garth BrooksLet It Snow1999Producer
Garth BrooksLongneck Bottle1997Producer
Garth BrooksMary's Dream1992Producer
Garth BrooksMore Than A Memory2007Producer
Garth BrooksMr. Blue1990Producer
Garth BrooksMr. Midnight2001Producer
Garth BrooksMr. Right1992Producer
Garth BrooksMuch Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)1989Producer
Garth BrooksMy Baby no esta aquí2005Producer
Garth BrooksNew Way To Fly1990Producer
Garth BrooksNight Rider's Lament1992Producer
Garth BrooksNobody Gets Off In This Town1989Producer
Garth BrooksNot Counting You1989Producer
Garth BrooksO Little Town Of Bethlehem1999Producer
Garth BrooksOne Night A Day1993Producer
Garth BrooksPapa Loved Mama1991Producer
Garth BrooksPlease Operator (Could You Trace This Call)2005Producer
Garth BrooksPushing Up Daisies2001Producer
Garth BrooksRodeo1991Producer
Garth BrooksRodeo Or Mexico2001Producer
Garth BrooksRollin'1995Producer
Garth BrooksSame Old Story1990Producer
Garth BrooksSanta Looked A Lot Like Daddy1992Producer
Garth BrooksShameless1991Producer
Garth BrooksShe's Every Woman1995Producer
Garth BrooksShe's Gonna Make It1997Producer
Garth BrooksSilent Night1992Producer
Garth BrooksSilver Bells1999Producer
Garth BrooksSleigh Ride1999Producer
Garth BrooksSomewhere Other Than The Night1992Producer
Garth BrooksStanding Outside The Fire1993Producer
Garth BrooksTake The Keys To My Heart1997Producer
Garth BrooksTearin' It Up (And Burnin' It Down)1998Producer
Garth BrooksThat Girl Is A Cowboy2005Producer
Garth BrooksThat Ol' Wind1995Producer
Garth BrooksThat Summer1992Producer
Garth BrooksThe Beaches Of Cheyenne1995Producer
Garth BrooksThe Change1995Producer
Garth BrooksThe Christmas Song1999Producer
Garth BrooksThe Cowboy Song1993Producer
Garth BrooksThe Dance1989Producer
Garth BrooksThe Fever1995Producer
Garth BrooksThe Friendly Beasts1992Producer
Garth BrooksThe Gift1992Producer
Garth BrooksThe Night I Called The Old Man Out1993Producer
Garth BrooksThe Night Will Only Know1993Producer
Garth BrooksThe Old Man's Back In Town1992Producer
Garth BrooksThe Old Stuff1995Producer
Garth BrooksThe Red Strokes1993Producer
Garth BrooksThe River1991Producer
Garth BrooksThe Storm2001Producer
Garth BrooksThe Thunder Rolls1990Producer
Garth BrooksThe Wise Men's Journey1999Producer
Garth BrooksThicker Than Blood2001Producer
Garth BrooksTwo Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House1990Producer
Garth BrooksTwo Pina Coladas1997Producer
Garth BrooksUnanswered Prayers1990Producer
Garth BrooksUnto You This Night1992Producer
Garth BrooksVictim Of The Game1990Producer
Garth BrooksWalking After Midnight1992Producer
Garth BrooksWe Bury The Hatchet1991Producer
Garth BrooksWe Shall Be Free1992Producer
Garth BrooksWhat Child Is This1992Producer
Garth BrooksWhat She's Doing Now1991Producer
Garth BrooksWhen There's No One Around1997Producer
Garth BrooksWhen You Come Back To Me Again2001Producer
Garth BrooksWhite Christmas1992Producer
Garth BrooksWhy Ain't I Running2001Producer
Garth BrooksWild Horses1990Producer
Garth BrooksWinter Wonderland1999Producer
Garth BrooksWolves1990Producer
Garth BrooksWrapped Up In You2001Producer
Garth BrooksYou Move Me1997Producer
Garth Brooks & Trisha YearwoodIn Another's Eyes1997Producer
Garth Brooks with George JonesBeer Run2001Producer
Garth Brooks with Trisha YearwoodSqueeze Me In2001Producer
Garth Brooks with Trisha YearwoodWild As The Wind1998Producer
George Hamilton IVEverlasting (Everlasting Love)1977Producer
George Hamilton IVIn The Palm Of Your Hand1977Producer
Graeme AllwrightEmmène-moi1966Music/Lyrics
J.J. BarrieI Recall A Gypsy Woman1977Music/Lyrics
James CarrSowed Love And Reaped A Heartache1968Music/Lyrics
Jerry GarciaCatfish John1975Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisMemphis Beat1966Music/Lyrics
Joe SunReady For The Times To Get Better1980Music/Lyrics
John DenverTrail Of Tears1985Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashMy Ship Will Sail1987Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashTake Me Home1966Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashWe Must Believe In Magic1982Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayParc'que j'ai revu Linda1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny RussellCatfish John1972Music/Lyrics
Johnny RussellToo Late To Turn Back Now1974Music/Lyrics
Jonny HillEs sind nur Erinnerungen1983Music/Lyrics
Jonny HillIch lösch' das Licht aus1983Music/Lyrics
Jungle FourI Saw Linda (Yesterday)1980Music/Lyrics
Karl BlauDreaming My Dreams2016Music/Lyrics
Kathy MatteaAs Long As I Have A Heart1987Producer
Kathy MatteaAsking Us To Dance1991Producer
Kathy MatteaBack Up Grinnin' Again1986Producer
Kathy MatteaCome From The Heart1988Producer
Kathy MatteaEighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses1987Producer
Kathy MatteaEvenin'1986Producer
Kathy MatteaEvery Love1987Producer
Kathy MatteaGoin' Gone1987Producer
Kathy MatteaLate In The Day1987Producer
Kathy MatteaLeaving West Virginia1986Producer
Kathy MatteaLife As We Knew It1987Producer
Kathy MatteaLike A Hurricane1987Producer
Kathy MatteaLove At The Five And Dime1986Producer
Kathy MatteaReason To Live1986Producer
Kathy MatteaSong For The Life1986Producer
Kathy MatteaTrain Of Memories1986Producer
Kathy MatteaTrue North1988Producer
Kathy MatteaUntasted Honey1987Producer
Kathy MatteaUntold Stories1987Producer
Kathy MatteaWalk The Way The Wind Blows1986Producer
Kathy MatteaWhat Could Have Been1991Producer
Kathy MatteaWhere've You Been1988Producer
Kathy MatteaYou Plant Your Fields1986Producer
Kathy MatteaYou're The Power1986Producer
Kathy Mattea & Tim O'BrienThe Battle Hymn Of Love1987Producer
Lena AnderssonVäntar på att allt ska bli bättre1977Music/Lyrics
LolitaIch hab' einen Bräutigam in Texas1971Music/Lyrics
Loretta LynnWrong Road Again1975Music/Lyrics
Lynn AndersonEverybody's Reaching Out For Someone1972Music/Lyrics
Marianne FaithfullAll I Wanna Do In Life1976Music/Lyrics
Marianne FaithfullDreamin' My Dreams1975Music/Lyrics
Marianne FaithfullWrong Road Again1976Music/Lyrics
Michael HolmZigeunermädchen1979Music/Lyrics
Nancy WoodReady For The Times To Get Better1985Music/Lyrics
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band feat. Alison KraussCatfish John2002Music/Lyrics
Noel Odom & The GroupCome On Down To Earth1968Producer
Noel Odom & The GroupLove Too1968Producer
PaolaNenn' es doch Liebe1978Music/Lyrics
Patty LovelessDreaming My Dreams With You2005Music/Lyrics
Peter HauptEine Welt ohne Licht1966Music/Lyrics
Roland Van CampenhoutDreaming My Dreams With You1998Music/Lyrics
Sam The Sham And The PharaohsMedicine Man1965Music/Lyrics
Sam The Sham And The PharaohsMemphis Beat1965Music/Lyrics
Sam The Sham And The PharaohsThe Memphis Beat1965Music/Lyrics
Shirley JonesEverybody's Reachin' Out for Someone1971Music/Lyrics
Susan AntonDreaming My Dreams With You1981Music/Lyrics
Sylvia VrethammarWar das derselbe Mann...1978Music/Lyrics
The CatsWe Should Be Together1976Music/Lyrics
The Cliff Adams SingersI Recall A Gypsy Woman / Blanket On The Ground1991Music/Lyrics
The Earl Scruggs Revue / Johnny CashMy Ship Will Sail1976Music/Lyrics
The LaredosCatfish John1974Music/Lyrics
The VoguesFive O'Clock World1965Music/Lyrics
Tom ForsterDie Zeit heilt deine Wunden1988Music/Lyrics
Volker LechtenbrinkIch lösche das Licht aus1978Music/Lyrics
Waylon JenningsDreaming My Dreams With You1975Music/Lyrics
Waylon JenningsI Recall A Gypsy Woman1975Music/Lyrics
Willeke AlbertiAchter de horizon1977Music/Lyrics
Dreamin' My Dreams (Marianne Faithfull)65.17
One Night A Day (Garth Brooks)105
I Saw Linda Yesterday (Dickey Lee)154.87
I Recall A Gypsy Woman (Waylon Jennings)74.86
The Thunder Rolls (Garth Brooks)334.82
Wheels Of Love (Emmylou Harris)54.8
Brand New Dance (Emmylou Harris)54.8
Ready For The Times To Get Better (Crystal Gayle)134.77
The Dance (Garth Brooks)274.74
Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For (Crystal Gayle)64.67
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Crystal Gayle)654.66
If Tomorrow Never Comes (Garth Brooks)484.65
I Recall A Gypsy Woman (Don Williams)254.6
Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses (Kathy Mattea)74.57
Burning Bridges (Garth Brooks)94.56
Shameless (Garth Brooks)224.55
When You Come Back To Me Again (Garth Brooks)114.55
Callin' Baton Rouge (Garth Brooks)154.53
Talking In Your Sleep (Crystal Gayle)364.53
Half The Way (Crystal Gayle)84.5
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Crystal Gayle)654.66
If Tomorrow Never Comes (Garth Brooks)484.65
Talking In Your Sleep (Crystal Gayle)364.53
The Thunder Rolls (Garth Brooks)334.82
The Dance (Garth Brooks)274.74
I Recall A Gypsy Woman (Don Williams)254.6
Friends In Low Places (Garth Brooks)234.39
Shameless (Garth Brooks)224.55
Dreaming My Dreams With You (Waylon Jennings)214.14
Ain't Going Down (Til The Sun Comes Up) (Garth Brooks)214
Standing Outside The Fire (Garth Brooks)204.3
Five O'Clock World (The Vogues)204.25
The River (Garth Brooks)194.11
What She's Doing Now (Garth Brooks)184.33
Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) (Garth Brooks)184.33
I Saw Linda Yesterday (Dickey Lee)154.87
Callin' Baton Rouge (Garth Brooks)154.53
Unanswered Prayers (Garth Brooks)154.07
Two Pina Coladas (Garth Brooks)153.6
We Shall Be Free (Garth Brooks)144.21

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