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Entry:16/04/2006 (Position 94)
Last week in charts:16/04/2006 (Position 94)
Peak:94 (1 weeks)
Place on best of all time:7952 (7 points)
World wide:
ch  Peak: 1 / weeks: 38
de  Peak: 1 / weeks: 52
at  Peak: 1 / weeks: 38
fr  Peak: 65 / weeks: 1
nl  Peak: 1 / weeks: 58
be  Peak: 2 / weeks: 35 (Vl)
  Peak: 6 / weeks: 34 (Wa)
se  Peak: 40 / weeks: 2
no  Peak: 1 / weeks: 20
es  Peak: 94 / weeks: 1
nz  Peak: 43 / weeks: 3

eastwest 4509-91014-2

Atlantic 7 82432-2 (us)

CD EastWest 4509-91014-2
CD Atlantic 7 82432-2 (Warner) [us] / EAN 0075678243226
1. Vangelis - Opening [1492 - Conquest Of Paradise]
2. Vangelis - Conquest Of Paradise
3. Vangelis - Monastery Of La Rabida
4. Vangelis - City Of Isabel
5. Vangelis - Light And Shadow
6. Vangelis - Deliverance [1492 - Conquest Of Paradise]
7. Vangelis - West Across The Ocean Sea
8. Vangelis - Eternity
9. Vangelis - Hispanola
10. Vangelis - Moxica And The Horse
11. Vangelis - Twenty Eighth Parallel
12. Vangelis - Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria (Into Eternity)

16/04/2006: N 94.
VangelisVangelis: Discography / Become a fan
SoundtrackSoundtrack: Discography / Become a fan

1492 - Conquest Of Paradise (Soundtrack / Vangelis)16/04/2006941
Odyssey - The Definitive Collection17/09/2006883
Blade Runner (Soundtrack / Vangelis)24/02/2008425
The Collection29/07/2012931
Nocturne - The Piano Album03/02/2019862
100 Metres
12 O'clock
23rd December 1787
3 + 3
A Last Night Together
A Play Within A Play (Jon And Vangelis)
A Song (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
Abraham's Theme
Across The Mountains
After The Race
Albedo 0.06
Albedo 0.39
Alternate Titles
And When The Night Comes (Jon And Vangelis)
Antarctic Echoes
Anthem (2002 Fifa World Cup Official Anthem)
Anyone Can Light A Candle (Jon And Vangelis)
Apo 22
Apocalypse des animaux - Générique
Aquatic Dance
Ask The Mountains
At The Starting Blocks
Atlas' Push
Atom Blaster
Back To School (Jon And Vangelis)
Bagoas' Dance
Be A Good Friend Of Mine (Jon And Vangelis)
Beaubourg Part I
Beaubourg Part II
Beside (Jon And Vangelis)
Bird Song (Jon And Vangelis)
Bizarre Bazar
Blade Runner Blues
Bligh's Fury
Bligh's Madness
Blush Response
Bon voyage
Can You Hear The Dogs Barking?
Cape Horn
Cast Adrift
Celestial Whispers
Celtic Dawn
Chariots Of Fire [Suite]
Chung kuo
City Of Isabel
Civilised Men
Closing Titles From Mutiny On The Bounty
Come On (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
Come To Me (Vangelis feat. Caroline Lavelle)
Conquest Of Paradise
Création du monde
Curious Electric (Jon And Vangelis)
Damask Rose
Deborah (Jon And Vangelis)
Deliverance [1492 - Conquest Of Paradise]
Deliverance [Antarctica]
Dervish D.
Dial Out
Doesn't Matter (Peter Marsh & Vangelis)
Domestic Logic 1
Don't Be Foolish (Peter Marsh & Vangelis)
Dream In An Open Place
Dream Of Babylon
Dreams Of Surf
Each And Every Day (Jon And Vangelis)
Early Years
Eastern Path
El Greco - Movement I
El Greco - Movement II
El Greco - Movement III
El Greco - Movement IV (Vangelis feat. Montserrat Caballé)
El Greco - Movement IX
El Greco - Movement V
El Greco - Movement VI (Vangelis feat. Konstantinos Paliatsaras)
El Greco - Movement VII
El Greco - Movement VIII
El Greco - Movement X (Epilogue)
End Titles From Blade Runner
Eric's Pleasure
Eric's Theme
Eternal Alexander
Exo Genesis
Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit - Part 1
Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit - Part 2
Far Away In Baagad (Jon And Vangelis)
Fields Of Coral
First Approach
First Day At Sea
Five Circles
Flamants roses
Forbidden Love
Garden Of Senses (Jon And Vangelis)
Gardens Of Delight
Genevieve (Jon And Vangelis)
Glorianna (Hymn a la femme)
Good To See You
Harold's Despair
He Is Sailing (Jon And Vangelis)
Heaven And Hell (Part 1): 2nd Movement
Heaven And Hell (Part 1): 3rd Movement
Heaven And Hell (Part 1): Bacchanale
Heaven And Hell (Part 1): Symphony To The Powers
Heaven And Hell (Part 2): 12 O'Clock
Heaven And Hell (Part 2): A Way
Heaven And Hell (Part 2): Aries
Heaven And Hell (Part 2): Intestinal Bat
Heaven And Hell (Part 2): Needles & Bones
He-o (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
Hera / Juno Queen Of The Gods (Vangelis / Angela Gheorghiu)
Home In The Glen
Horizon (Jon And Vangelis)
Hypothesis Part One
Hypothesis Part Two
I Can't Take It Any More
I Hear You Now (Jon And Vangelis)
Ignacio Part 1
Ignacio Part 2
I'll Find My Way Home (Jon And Vangelis)
In serenitatem
In The Magic Of Cosmos
Inside Our Perspectives
Intergalactic Radio Station
Invisible Connections
Is It Love (Jon And Vangelis)
Islands Of The Orient
Italian Song (Jon And Vangelis)
Jazzy Box (Jon And Vangelis)
Jerusalem (Vangelis & The Ambrosian Singers)
Journey To Ixtlan (Jon And Vangelis)
Juno's Accomplishments (Vangelis / Angela Gheorghiu)
Juno's Echoes
Juno's Ethereal Breeze
Juno's Power
Juno's Quiet Determination
Juno's Tender Call (Vangelis / Angela Gheorghiu)
Jupiter Rex
Jupiter's Intuition
Jupiter's Veil Of Clouds
La fête sauvage (Part 1)
La fête sauvage (Part 2)
La mer recommencée
La mort du loup
La petite fille de la mer
Le singe bleu
Let It Happen (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
Life Of Antarctica
Light And Shadow
Like A Dream (Montserrat Caballé & Vangelis)
Limits Of Endurance
Line Open
Little Guitar (Jon And Vangelis)
Log Entries
Lord Lindsay
Losing Sleep (Still, My Heart) (Vangelis feat. Paul Young)
L'ours musicien
Love Is (Jon And Vangelis)
Love Theme From Blade Runner
Main Sequence
Main Theme From Missing
Main Titles From Blade Runner
March With Me (Montserrat Caballé & Vangelis)
Mare Tranquillitatis
Mask - Movement 1
Mask - Movement 2
Mask - Movement 3
Mask - Movement 4
Mask - Movement 5
Mask - Movement 6
Memories Of Blue
Memories Of Green
Memories Of Home
Memory Of Antarctica
Men Against The Sea
Metallic Rain
Mission accomplie (Rosetta's Waltz)
Monastery Of La Rabida
Money (Jon And Vangelis)
Moonlight Reflections
Morning Papers
Moxica And The Horse
Multi-Track Suggestion
Mutiny On The Bounty
My Face In The Rain (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
My Love
Mythodea - Introducion
Mythodea - Movement 1
Mythodea - Movement 10
Mythodea - Movement 2
Mythodea - Movement 3
Mythodea - Movement 4
Mythodea - Movement 5
Mythodea - Movement 6
Mythodea - Movement 7
Mythodea - Movement 8
Mythodea - Movement 9
Neighbours Above
Nerve Centre
Nocturnal Promenade
Not A Bit - All Of It
Nucleogenesis (Part One)
Nucleogenesis (Part Two)
One More Kiss, Dear
One More Time (Jon And Vangelis)
One Morning At Pella
Opening [1492 - Conquest Of Paradise]
Opening Titles From Mutiny On The Bounty
Origins (Arrival)
Other Side Of Antarctica
Out In Space
Outside Of This (Inside Of That) (Jon And Vangelis)
Page Of Life (Jon And Vangelis)
Philae's Descent
Physical Energy
Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria (Into Eternity)
Polonaise (Jon And Vangelis)
Pour Melia
Psalmus Ode (Vangelis feat. Jeremy Budd)
Rachel's Song
Red Lights
Return To Otahiti
Return To The Void
Ritual (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
Rotation's Logic
Roxane's Dance
Roxane's Veil
Sauvage et beau
See You Later
Sex Power (1ière partie) - Introduction (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power (1ière partie) - Part 1 (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power (1ière partie) - Part 2 (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power (1ière partie) - Part 3 (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power (1ière partie) - Part 4 (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power (1ière partie) - Part 5 (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power (2ième partie) - Part 1 (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power (2ième partie) - Part 2 (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power (2ième partie) - Part 3 (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power (2ième partie) - Part 4 (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power (2ième partie) - Part 5 (Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Shine For Me (Jon And Vangelis)
Side Streets
Siren's Whispering
So Long Ago, So Clear
Soil Festivities - Movement 1
Soil Festivities - Movement 2
Soil Festivities - Movement 3
Soil Festivities - Movement 4
Soil Festivities - Movement 5
Song Is (Jon And Vangelis)
Song Of The Seas
Song Of White
Song One
Song Two
Space's Mystery Road
Spanish Harbour
State Of Independence (Jon And Vangelis)
Stuffed Aubergine
Stuffed Tomato
Sunny Earth (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
Sweet Nostalgia
Sword Of Orion
Tales Of The Future
Tears In Rain
Tender Memories
The Charge
The City (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
The Dragon
The Dragon [China]
The Drums Of Gaugamelia
The Friends Of Mr. Cairo (Jon And Vangelis)
The Little Fete
The Long March
The Mayflower (Jon And Vangelis)
The Motion Of Stars
The Mutineers's Threats
The Oracle Of Apollo
The Parting
The Plum Blossom
The Road (Jon And Vangelis)
The Saga Of H.M.S. Bounty
The Tao Of Love
The Trial Of Lt. William Bligh
The Will Of The Wind
Theme From "Bitter Moon" (Vangelis feat. Mary Hopkin)
Theme From Antarctica
Theme From 'Bitter Moon'
Theme From Cavafy
Thermo Vision
Through The Night Mist
Thunder (Jon And Vangelis)
Titles From Chariots Of Fire
To A Friend
To Fletcher‚ A Wife
To The Unknown Man
To The Unknown Man (Part Two)
Twenty Eighth Parallel
Unfulfilled Desire
Up And Running
Wait For Me
Watch Out (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
We Were All Uprooted (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
West Across The Ocean Sea
Wisdom Chain (Jon And Vangelis)
Yin & Yang
Young Alexander
Zeus Almighty
1492 - Conquest Of Paradise (Soundtrack / Vangelis)
2 In 1: The City / Voices
Albedo 0.39
Albedo 0.39 / Heaven And Hell
Alexander (Soundtrack / Vangelis)
Antarctica (Soundtrack / Vangelis)
Blade Runner (Soundtrack / Vangelis)
Can You Hear The Dogs Barking?
Chariots Of Fire (Soundtrack / Vangelis)
Chariots Of Fire - The Play
Chronicles (Jon And Vangelis)
Earth (Vangelis O. Papathanassiou)
El Greco
Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit (Poem symphonique)
Greatest Hits
Heaven And Hell
Ignacio (Entends-tu les chiens aboyer?) (Soundtrack / Vangelis)
In London (Neuronium & Vangelis)
Invisible Connections
Juno To Jupiter
La fête sauvage
L'apocalypse des animaux (Soundtrack / Vangelis)
Light & Shadow - The Best Of Vangelis
Mythodea - Music For The NASA Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey
Nocturne - The Piano Album
Odyssey - The Definitive Collection
Opera sauvage
Original Album Classics
Page Of Life (Jon And Vangelis)
Portraits (So Long Ago, So Clear)
Private Collection (Jon And Vangelis)
Reprise 1990-1999
See You Later
Sex Power (Soundtrack / Vangelis Papathanassiou)
Sex Power / Poem Symphonique
Short Stories (Jon And Vangelis)
Soil Festivities
The Best Of Jon And Vangelis (Jon And Vangelis)
The Best Of Vangelis
The Best Of Vangelis [1993]
The Bounty (Soundtrack / Vangelis)
The City
The Collection
The Collection [Albedo 0.39 / Beaubourg / Spiral]
The Dragon
The Dragon / Hypothesis
The Friends Of Mr. Cairo (Jon And Vangelis)
Themes II - The Very Best Of
Zijn Grootste Successen

El milagro de candeal09/01/2005871
Mar adentro09/01/2005852
The Phantom Of The Opera (Soundtrack / Andrew Lloyd Webber)09/01/2005584
Bridget Jones - The Edge Of Reason09/01/2005339
Los chicos del coro09/01/2005170
Kill Bill Vol. 116/01/2005258
The Last Of The Mohicans16/01/20053718
Bridget Jones's Diary16/01/2005373
Love Actually16/01/2005767
Alejandro Magno23/01/2005443
Kill Bill Vol. 230/01/2005814
Notting Hill30/01/2005971
Ray (Soundtrack / Ray Charles)30/01/20051214
The Bodyguard (Soundtrack / Whitney Houston)20/02/2005258
Pasion de gavilanes20/03/20053114
Habana Blues27/03/2005716
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith (Soundtrack / John Williams)08/05/2005140
Kingdom Of Heaven (Soundtrack / Harry Gregson-Williams)22/05/2005781
Gladiator (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard)19/06/20053619
Dirty Dancing19/06/20052313
War Of The Worlds (Soundtrack / John Williams)10/07/2005582
Drawing Restraint 9 (Soundtrack / Björk)31/07/2005741
The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home (Soundtrack / Bob Dylan)11/09/2005315
Saturday Night Fever02/10/2005502
Pasion de gavilanes 220/11/2005588
Todo pasion de gavilanes27/11/2005428
Hoy no me puedo levantar04/12/20051716
Brokeback Mountain (Soundtrack / Gustavo Santaolalla)29/01/2006447
Volver (Soundtrack / Alberto Iglesias)26/03/2006921
1492 - Conquest Of Paradise (Soundtrack / Vangelis)16/04/2006941
Coyote Ugly16/04/2006472
High School Musical24/09/2006646
Yo soy bea22/10/2006525
Yo soy la juani29/10/2006624
Pulp Fiction14/01/20076317
Tommy - The Movie04/02/2007911
Moulin Rouge04/02/2007901
Hannah Montana25/02/20071447
Grey's Anatomy Volume 204/03/20071622
300 (Soundtrack / Tyler Bates)08/04/2007911
Grey's Anatomy22/04/20072416
High School Musical - The Concert27/05/20074011
Pirates Of The Caribbean - At Worlds End (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)27/05/2007634
Destilando Amor15/07/2007549
El cantante (Soundtrack / Marc Anthony)29/07/20071111
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Soundtrack / Nicholas Hooper)19/08/20071001
Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof"09/09/2007642
Into The Wild (Soundtrack / Eddie Vedder)23/09/2007891
High School Musical 223/09/2007255
High School Musical - Sing-A-Long25/11/2007961
Sweeney Todd17/02/2008495
Blade Runner (Soundtrack / Vangelis)24/02/2008425
Once (Soundtrack / Glen Hansard / Marketa Irglova)02/03/2008981
High School Musical - On Stage25/05/2008952
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (Soundtrack / John Williams)25/05/2008322
Mamma Mia!03/08/2008145
Camp Rock31/08/2008235
High School Musical 3 - Senior Year26/10/2008133
Sin tetas no hay paraíso07/12/20085510
Física o química07/12/2008753
Wall.E (Soundtrack / Thomas Newman)01/02/2009921
18 RDC08/02/2009591
Slumdog Millionaire (Soundtrack / A.R. Rahman)01/03/20091710
Hannah Montana - The Movie (Soundtrack / Miley Cyrus)05/04/2009140
Cambio de clase19/04/2009705
Los mejores años de nuestra vida17/05/20091017
Hannah Montana 326/07/2009625
Pop It - Rock It!30/08/2009941
Yellow Submarine (Soundtrack / The Beatles)20/09/2009971
Phineas And Ferb18/10/2009450
The Twilight Saga: New Moon25/10/20091231
This Is It (Soundtrack / Michael Jackson)01/11/2009366
Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds"29/11/2009951
Avatar (Soundtrack / James Horner)24/01/2010717
Nine (Soundtrack / Maury Yeston)31/01/2010622
The Princess And The Frog (Soundtrack / Randy Newman)21/02/2010942
Almost Alice18/04/2010742
Iron Man 2 (Soundtrack / AC/DC)25/04/2010241
Alice In Wonderland (Soundtrack / Danny Elfman)30/05/2010461
Sex And The City 206/06/2010693
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse13/06/20101215
Pop It - Rock It 220/06/2010181
Océans (Soundtrack / Bruno Coulais)25/07/2010421
Jonas L.A. (Soundtrack / Jonas Brothers)25/07/2010517
Inception (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)22/08/2010742
Camp Rock 2 - The Final Jam22/08/2010424
Hannah Montana Forever (Soundtrack / Hannah Montana)24/10/20102314
Phineas y Ferb - Navidades von Perry21/11/2010278
Princesas - Las canciones de tus Princesas favoritas05/12/2010902
Tron Legacy (Soundtrack / Daft Punk)12/12/20103010
Burlesque (Soundtrack / Cher / Christina Aguilera)26/12/2010696
Chico & Rita20/02/2011541
Gnomeo & Juliet (Soundtrack / Elton John)20/03/2011336
Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer / Rodrigo y Gabriela)22/05/2011553
Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure29/05/2011931
Morente (Soundtrack / Enrique Morente)10/07/20114912
Shake It Up - Dance Dance17/07/20112118
Phineas And Ferb - Across The 1st And 2nd Dimensions04/09/2011237
La piel que habito (Soundtrack / Alberto Iglesias)04/09/2011384
PJ 20 (Soundtrack / Pearl Jam)25/09/2011336
The Adventures Of Tintin (Soundtrack / John Williams)30/10/2011442
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 113/11/2011306
Las canciones de Disney Junior13/11/20113618
Lemonade Mouth27/11/20113811
The Artist (Soundtrack / Ludovic Bource)26/02/2012346
La gira Season 2 (Spanish Version)18/03/20121235
Titanic (Soundtrack / James Horner)15/04/2012871
Shake It Up - Live 2 Dance20/05/2012826
The Amazing Spider-Man (Soundtrack / James Horner)08/07/2012971
The Dark Knight Rises (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)22/07/2012275
Brave (Soundtrack / Patrick Doyle)12/08/2012335
Rock Of Ages19/08/2012373
Let It Shine23/09/2012713
A.N.T. Farm (Soundtrack / China Anne McClain)07/10/2012981
The Descendants14/10/2012621
Lo imposible (Soundtrack / Fernando Velazquez)14/10/2012445
Skyfall (Soundtrack / Thomas Newman)28/10/2012941
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 218/11/2012257
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey (Soundtrack / Howard Shore)16/12/20122812
Lincoln (Soundtrack / John Williams)20/01/2013762
Life Of Pi (Soundtrack / Mychael Danna)03/03/2013801
Los amantes pasajeros (Soundtrack / Alberto Iglesias)10/03/2013981
Searching For Sugar Man (Soundtrack / Rodriguez)10/03/2013740
Sound City - Real To Reel17/03/2013541
Violetta - La música es mi mundo24/03/2013180
Shake It Up - I <3 Dance31/03/20132312
The Great Gatsby12/05/2013229
Man Of Steel (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)16/06/2013355
Teen Beach Movie15/09/20131517
Through The Never (Soundtrack / Metallica)29/09/20131526
Violetta - Hoy somos más17/11/2013150
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire24/11/2013961
The Hobbit - The Desolation Of Smaug (Soundtrack / Howard Shore)15/12/2013395
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty12/01/2014862
Inside Llewyn Davis19/01/2014941
American Hustle09/02/2014754
Violetta en concierto06/04/2014246
The Amazing Spider-Man 220/04/2014971
Begin Again03/08/20141124
Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy - Awesome Mix Vol. 117/08/20141911
Jersey Boys14/09/2014842
Violetta - En gira05/10/2014428
Interstellar (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)23/11/2014492
The Hobbit - The Battle Of The Five Armies (Soundtrack / Howard Shore)14/12/2014454
Fifty Shades Of Grey15/02/2015438
Cinderella (Soundtrack / Patrick Doyle)29/03/2015851
Furious 705/04/2015296
Violetta - Crecimos juntos19/04/2015424
Empire - Original Soundtrack From Season 119/04/2015741
Teen Beach 205/07/20151311
Los descendientes18/10/20153616
Roger Waters The Wall (Soundtrack / Roger Waters)29/11/2015542
Lo mejor de violetta13/12/2015774
Star Wars - The Force Awakens (Soundtrack / John Williams)27/12/20152016
The Killing Fields (Soundtrack / Mike Oldfield)07/02/2016671
Palmeras en la nieve07/02/2016583
Batman v Superman - Dawn Of Justice (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL)27/03/2016393
Altamira (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)10/04/2016436
Soy Luna17/04/2016143
El secreto de Puente Viejo08/05/2016731
Star Wars: Trilogy - A New Hope (Soundtrack / John Williams)12/06/2016621
Game Of Thrones - Music From The HBO Series Season 6 (Soundtrack / Ramin Djawadi)24/07/2016761
Suicide Squad - The Album14/08/201697
Stranger Things - Volume One (Soundtrack / Kyle Dixon / Michael Stein)21/08/2016691
The Get Down21/08/2016702
Café Society11/09/2016841
Bridget Jones's Baby25/09/2016214
Soy Luna - Música en ti09/10/20161128
Rogue One - A Star Wars Story (Soundtrack / Michael Giacchino)25/12/2016484
La La Land22/01/20171103
Fifty Shades Darker19/02/20171011
La La Land (Soundtrack / Justin Hurwitz)12/03/20174211
Beauty And The Beast [2017]19/03/2017713
Fast & Furious 8 - The Album23/04/2017182
Soy Luna: La vida es un sueño - Season 2: 130/04/2017531
Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy - Awesome Mix Vol. 207/05/20171723
Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales (Soundtrack / Geoff Zanelli)04/06/2017681
Baby Driver16/07/2017523
Amy (Soundtrack / Antonio Pinto and Amy Winehouse)23/07/2017842
Beauty And The Beast30/07/2017950
Dunkirk (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)30/07/2017462
Baila con tadeo jones03/09/2017743
Game Of Thrones - Music From The HBO Series Season 7 (Soundtrack / Ramin Djawadi)03/09/2017852
Twin Peaks - Music From The Limited Event Series17/09/2017254
Soy Luna: La vida es un sueño - Season 2: 201/10/2017818
Los descendientes 215/10/20174311
Blade Runner 2049 (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer / Benjamin Wallfisch)15/10/2017485
Coco [2017]10/12/20173537
Star Wars - The Last Jedi (Soundtrack / John Williams)24/12/2017196
The Greatest Showman07/01/20188108
Stranger Things28/01/2018434
Fifty Shades Freed - The Final Chapter18/02/2018145
Chica Vampiro - L'album04/03/20181615
The Shape Of Water (Soundtrack / Alexandre Desplat)11/03/2018681
Ready Player One (Soundtrack / Alan Silvestri)22/04/2018831
Sanz - Lo que fui es lo que soy - Banda Sonora Original29/04/20181032
Star Wars - El imperio Ccontraataca (Soundtrack / John Williams)20/05/2018801
Solo - A Star Wars Story (Soundtrack / John Williams / John Powell)03/06/2018114
Life In 12 Bars (Soundtrack / Eric Clapton)17/06/2018751
Soy Luna - Modo amar01/07/20181815
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again22/07/2018331
Scream For Me Sarajevo (Soundtrack / Bruce Dickinson)29/07/2018491
A Star Is Born (Soundtrack / Lady Gaga / Bradley Cooper)14/10/20182140
Bohemian Rhapsody (Soundtrack / Queen)28/10/20182149
Suspiria (Soundtrack / Thom Yorke)04/11/2018262
Game Of Thrones - Music From The HBO Series Season 8 (Soundtrack / Ramin Djawadi)26/05/2019512
Aladdin [2019] (Soundtrack / Alan Menken)02/06/2019324
Spider-Man: Far From Home (Soundtrack / Michael Giacchino)21/07/2019921
El rey león [Banda sonora original en español21/07/2019274
BTS World (Soundtrack / BTS)04/08/2019115
Stranger Things 304/08/2019551
Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood25/08/20191526
Blinded By The Light (Soundtrack / Bruce Springsteen)08/09/2019971
Western Stars - Songs From The Film (Soundtrack / Bruce Springsteen)03/11/20191023
Descendants 310/11/2019821
Who's That Girl (Soundtrack / Madonna)17/11/2019461
Last Christmas (Soundtrack / George Michael & Wham!)17/11/2019376
Frozen II24/11/20192830
Peaky Blinders22/12/2019842
Star Wars - The Rise Of Skywalker (Soundtrack / John Williams)29/12/2019286
1917 (Soundtrack / Thomas Newman)02/02/2020491
Joker (Soundtrack / Hildur Guðnadóttir)16/02/2020444
Trolls World Tour22/03/2020571
Death Stranding (Soundtrack / Ludvig Forssell)29/03/202061
Final Fantasy VII (Soundtrack / Nobuo Uematsu)05/04/202033
The Last Of Us - Part II (Soundtrack / Gustavo Santaolalla / Mac Quayle)06/09/2020852
Us + Them (Soundtrack / Roger Waters)11/10/2020134
Music (Soundtrack / Sia)21/02/2021451
Her (Soundtrack / Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett)28/03/2021511
Angel Dream (Soundtrack / Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers)11/07/20211001
Cinderella -La cenicienta12/09/2021942
The Dune Sketchbook (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)26/09/2021951
No Time To Die (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)10/10/2021302
Euphoria - Season 113/02/2022736
Marry Me13/02/2022901
Bridgerton - Season Two (Soundtrack / Kris Bowers)03/04/2022565
Top Gun - Maverick05/06/2022573
Purple Hearts (Soundtrack / Sofia Carson)14/08/2022762
Stranger Things - Season 413/11/2022891
Black Panther - Wakanda Forever20/11/2022472
Moonage Daydream (Soundtrack / David Bowie)27/11/2022611
Fast X28/05/2023412
The Little Mermaid [2023] (Soundtrack / Alan Menken)04/06/2023941
Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (Soundtrack / Metro Boomin)11/06/2023178
Barbie - The Album30/07/2023513
The Last Of Us - Soundtrack From The Series - Season 1 (Soundtrack / Gustavo Santaolalla & David Fleming)10/09/2023971
The Nightmare Before Christmas (Soundtrack / Danny Elfman)22/10/2023951
Hazbin Hotel - Season One25/02/2024548
Average points: 5.08 (Reviews: 26)
...sehr gut...
Gut, aber keine 6 für mich. Unglaublich, dass so lange Zeit hier niemand von der Scheibe etwas wissen wollte, erst dank Henry Maske wurde die Scheibe auch verdient zum Hit. Die meisten Titel haben eine tolle Atmosphäre und lassen sich auch einzeln ohne den Film gut hören, was doch eher selten ist. Schön!
Da bin ich genau anderer Meinung Uebi. Ich finde, dass viele der Stücke schlicht langweilig klingen. Für mich lassen sich die Stücke eben auch nicht ohne Film hören, weshalb meine Bewertung so hart ausfällt.
Gefällt mir sehr gut, obwohl ich sonst Instrumentals nicht so mag...
Spitze, genial, einfach super!!!
Sehr gut, trotzdem nicht vollkommen.
Entspannung PUR... SO soll es sein - super!!!
25 Jahre sollten vergehen, bis Vangelis sein bestes Album (Soundtrack) abliefern sollte..<br>Genießen kann man viele dieser stimmungsvollen Titel, auch relaxen..manche Tracks sind sogar DIE traumhaften Relaxsongs schlechthin!<br><br>Zum 25. Jahrestag heute (!) nun aber die 4,5* abgerundet.<br>
Last edited: 24.09.2020 16:41
Neben Blade Runner und Chariots of Fire DIE Sountracks von Vangelis!
Sehr speziell,schönes Album!
Ich kenne den Film nicht. Das Album an sich ist für mich deshalb einfach solid. "Conquest Of Paradise" und natürlich das wunderbare "Eternity" sind Highlights.
Christopher Columbus der Amerika Entdeckte und dazu noch von Meisterklassiker Musik begleitet wird!!!!
Vad musik kan göra mycke
Ein klanggewaltiges Epos, das zur Entspannung, Besinnung oder Ruhe einlädt. Funktioniert auch ohne den Film optimal.<br>Bestes Stück neben dem berühmten Titelsong ist für mich 'Light And Shadow' das mit beeindruckendem Chorgesang und außergewöhnlich schöner Klangatmosphäre wie von einer anderen Welt ist.<br>
Ausgezeichnete Filmmusik, die zu Recht ganz gross abgeräumt hat.<br><br>Highlights: Conquest Of Paradise / Monastery Of La Rabida / Light And Shadow / Twenty Eighth Parallel / Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria (Into Eternity)
Last edited: 28.12.2010 11:20
I don't think it's THAT good, but it's ok...
Wie immer bei Soundtracks von Vangelis: der Film ist Scheiße, die Musik dazu aber ziemlich stark. Für mich persönlich ist "1492 - Conquest of Paradise" sogar sein bester Soundtrack. Der Sound klingt hier super, einige Melodien sind grandios ... und ich hatte die CD mehr als zwei Jahre eher zuhause als manche andere, die erst mit H. Maske dazukammen. <br><br>Hörenswert:<br>- Monastery Of La Rabida<br>- West Across The Ocean Sea<br>- Eternity<br>- Conquest Of Paradise
Magnifique album!! A chaque écoute, j'en ai des frissons d'émotion!!
... für einen Instrumental-Soundtrack ein wirklich hervorragendes Album, das man so selten finden dürfte ...
5 stars<br><br>CDN: #64, 1992<br>USA: -
Ein sehr schöner Soundtrack.
Vangelis sowieso!<br>Favoriten:<br>1. Conquest Of Paradise<br>2. Monastery Of La Rabida<br>3. Twenty Eight Parallel<br>4. Hispanola<br>5. West Across The Ocean Sea
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