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Music/Lyrics:Eric Burdon
Producer:Tony Braunagel

3:59My Secret LifeSPV
Eric Burdon & WarEric Burdon & War: Discography / Become a fan
27 Forever (Eric Burdon)
A Day In The Life
American Dreams (Eric Burdon)
Another Brick In The Wall Pt. II (Eric Burdon)
Atom-Most Fear (Eric Burdon)
Baby What's Wrong (Eric Burdon)
Be My Baby (Eric Burdon)
Before You Accuse Me (Eric Burdon)
Bird On The Beach (Eric Burdon)
Black And White World (Eric Burdon)
Blues For Memphis Slim
Blues For Memphis Slim: a. Birth
Blues For Memphis Slim: b. Mother Earth
Blues For Memphis Slim: b. Mother Earth - Part2
Blues For Memphis Slim: c. Mr. Charlie
Blues For Memphis Slim: d. Danish Party
Bo Diddley Special (Eric Burdon)
Brand New Day (Eric Burdon)
Broken Records (Eric Burdon)
Can't Kill The Boogieman (Eric Burdon)
Circuit Rider (Eric Burdon)
Comeback (Eric Burdon)
Coming For Your Love (Eric Burdon)
Como Se Llama Mama (Eric Burdon)
Crawling King Snake (Eric Burdon)
Cry To Me (Eric Burdon)
Cum (Eric Burdon)
Darkness Darkness (Eric Burdon)
Devil And Jesus (Eric Burdon)
Devil Run (Eric Burdon)
Devil Slide (Eric Burdon)
Devil's Daughter (Eric Burdon)
Dey Won't (Eric Burdon)
Do You Feel It (Eric Burdon)
Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down (Eric Burdon)
Don't Give A Damn (Mask Mask) (Eric Burdon)
Don't Shoot Me (Eric Burdon)
Don't You Feel It (Eric Burdon)
Dragon Lady (Eric Burdon)
Driftin'/Geronimo's Last Stand (Eric Burdon)
Dry (Eric Burdon)
Ecstasy (Eric Burdon)
Factory Girl (Eric Burdon)
Famous Flames (Eric Burdon)
Feeling Blue (Eric Burdon)
Female Terrorist (Eric Burdon)
First Sight (Eric Burdon)
Forty Days And Forty Nights (Eric Burdon)
Forty-Four Blues (Eric Burdon)
Ghetto Child (Eric Burdon)
Going Back To Memphis (Eric Burdon)
Good Times '88 (Eric Burdon)
Gospel Singer (Eric Burdon)
Gotta Serve Somebody (Eric Burdon)
GTO (Eric Burdon)
Heart Attack (Eric Burdon)
Heaven (Eric Burdon)
Help Me Girl (Eric Burdon)
Highway 62 (Eric Burdon)
Highway Dealer (Eric Burdon)
Highway Mover (Eric Burdon)
Hollywood Woman (Eric Burdon)
Home Dream
Hook Of Holland (Eric Burdon)
I Don't Live Today (Eric Burdon)
I Don't Mind (Eric Burdon)
I Have A Dream
I Used To Be An Animal (Eric Burdon)
I Was Born To Live The Blues (Eric Burdon)
I Will Be With You Again (Eric Burdon)
I'm A Wicked Man (Eric Burdon)
I'm Crying (Eric Burdon)
I'm Ready (Eric Burdon)
I'm Your Man (Eric Burdon)
In The Ground (Eric Burdon)
Inside Looking Out (Eric Burdon)
Invitation To The White House (Eric Burdon)
Is There Another World (Eric Burdon)
It Hurts Me Too (Eric Burdon)
It's Too Late (Eric Burdon)
Jamie's Last Ride (Eric Burdon)
Jazzman (Eric Burdon)
Jim Crow (Eric Burdon)
Kingsize Jones (Eric Burdon)
Leo's Place (Eric Burdon)
Lights Out (Eric Burdon)
Little Queenie (Eric Burdon)
Living In Fear (Eric Burdon)
Love Is All Around
Love is for all Time (Eric Burdon)
Magic Mountain
Medicine Man (Eric Burdon)
Memorial Day (Eric Burdon)
Memories Of Anna (Eric Burdon)
Mercy's Hand (Eric Burdon)
Mind Arc (Eric Burdon)
Mirage (Eric Burdon)
Motorcycle Girl (Eric Burdon)
My Secret Life (Eric Burdon)
Never Give Up Blues (Eric Burdon)
New Orleans Rap (Eric Burdon)
Nightrider (Eric Burdon)
No Man's Land (The Blue & The Grey) (Eric Burdon)
No More Elmore (Eric Burdon)
No More War (Eric Burdon)
Old Habits Die Hard (Eric Burdon)
On The Horizon (Eric Burdon)
Once Upon A Time (Eric Burdon)
Over The Border (Eric Burdon)
P.O. Box 500 (Eric Burdon)
Portrait Of A Soldier (Eric Burdon)
Power Company (Eric Burdon)
Rat Race (Eric Burdon)
Red Cross Store (Eric Burdon)
Ride On (Eric Burdon)
River Is Rising (Eric Burdon)
River Of Blood (Eric Burdon)
Roadhouse Blues (Eric Burdon)
Rock And Roll Shoes (Eric Burdon)
Rocky (Eric Burdon)
Roll On Kirk
Run For Your Life (Eric Burdon)
She Stole My Heart Away (Eric Burdon)
Sixteen Tons (Eric Burdon)
Slow Moving Train (Eric Burdon)
So Much Love (Eric Burdon)
Soul Of A Man (Eric Burdon)
Spill The Wine
Stop What You're Doing (Eric Burdon)
Streetwalker (Eric Burdon)
Sweet Blood Call (Eric Burdon)
Take It Easy (Eric Burdon)
Tango (Eric Burdon)
The Dream (Eric Burdon)
The House Of The Rising Sun (Eric Burdon)
The Kid (Eric Burdon)
The Last Drive (Eric Burdon)
The Last Poet (Eric Burdon)
The Night (Eric Burdon)
The Road (Eric Burdon)
The Royal Canal (Eric Burdon)
The Rubbing Out Of Long Hair (Eric Burdon)
The Secret (Eric Burdon)
The Vision Of Rassan
Third Stone From The Sun/The Story Of Life (Eric Burdon)
Tobacco Road (Eric Burdon)
Tobacco Road
Tomb Of The Unknown Singer (Eric Burdon)
Too Late (Eric Burdon)
Tryin' To Get You (Eric Burdon)
Wait (Eric Burdon)
Wall Of Silence (Eric Burdon)
Water (Eric Burdon)
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Eric Burdon)
When We Were A Gang (Eric Burdon)
White Houses (Eric Burdon)
Who Gives A F--k (Eric Burdon)
Wicked Man (Eric Burdon)
Woman Of The Rings (Eric Burdon)
Woman's Touch (Eric Burdon)
Yes Indeed, Yeah (Eric Burdon)
You Can't Kill My Spirit (Eric Burdon)
You Got Me Floating (Eric Burdon)
Young Girls (Eric Burdon)
You're No Stranger
30 Ańos De Música Rock - Salvat (Eric Burdon)
At His Best (Eric Burdon)
Athens Traffic Live (Eric Burdon)
Best Of (Eric Burdon)
Best Of Eric Burdon & War
Comeback (Eric Burdon)
Darkness Darkness (Eric Burdon)
Devil's Daughter (Eric Burdon)
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - The Very Best Of (Eric Burdon)
Eric Burdon (Eric Burdon)
Eric Burdon [1974] (Eric Burdon)
Eric Burdon Band (Eric Burdon)
Eric Burdon Declares War
From Time To Time (Eric Burdon)
Golden Greats (Eric Burdon)
Greatest (Eric Burdon)
Greatest Hits (Eric Burdon)
Greatest Hits [1989] (Eric Burdon)
Historia De La Musica Rock 14 (Eric Burdon)
House Of The Rising Sun (Eric Burdon)
I Used To Be An Animal (Eric Burdon)
In Concert - Recorded Live 1974 (Eric Burdon)
In Gold (Eric Burdon)
Last Drive (Eric Burdon)
Live 17th October 1974 (Eric Burdon)
Live At The Roxy (Eric Burdon)
Live in Seattle 2002 (Eric Burdon)
Lost Within The Halls Of Fame (Eric Burdon)
Love Is All Around
Mad Man (Eric Burdon)
Mirage (Eric Burdon)
My Secret Life (Eric Burdon)
Nightwinds Dying (Eric Burdon)
Pop Heroes (Eric Burdon)
Power Company (Eric Burdon)
Rare Masters (Eric Burdon)
Rock Sensation (Eric Burdon)
Soul Of A Man (Eric Burdon)
Starportrait (Eric Burdon)
Startrack Vol. 3 (Eric Burdon)
Survivor (Eric Burdon)
That's Live (Eric Burdon)
The Album (Eric Burdon)
The Best Of Eric Burdon (Eric Burdon)
The Hits (Eric Burdon)
The Magic Collection (Eric Burdon)
The Masters (Eric Burdon)
The Story Of Eric Burdon (Eric Burdon)
'Til Your River Runs Dry (Eric Burdon)
Tobacco Road
Wall Of Silence (Eric Burdon)
Wild & Wicked (Eric Burdon)
The Animals And Beyond (Eric Burdon)
The Lost Broadcasts (Eric Burdon)
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