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Universal 060252745146

CD Universal 060252745146 (UMG) / EAN 0602527451466
1. Let Your Love Flow
2. Bellamy Brothers - Up And Away
3. Gölä - Kids Of The Baby Boom
4. Guilty Of Crime
5. Bellamy Brothers - Swan
6. Gölä - She's Awesome
7. I Need More Of You
8. Bellamy Brothers - No More Tears
9. Gölä - Over The Line
10. If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)
11. Bellamy Brothers - Wilder Days
12. Gölä - Some Broken Hearts
13. Bellamy Brothers - I Must Be In Switzerland

Bellamy BrothersBellamy Brothers: Discography / Become a fan
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Interview with Bellamy Brothers & Gölä (2010, German)
GöläGölä: Discography / Become a fan
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Interview with Gölä (2007, German)
Interview with Gölä (2008, German)
Interview with Gölä & Bellamy Brothers (2010, German)
Interview with Gölä & TJ Gyger (2010, German)
1234 (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
A Cowboy's Holiday (Jingle Bells)
A Little Naive
Achy Breaky Heart (Bellamy Brothers / Gölä)
Adios Aufwiedersehn (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
After The Storm
Agave Blue
Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
All In The Name Of Love
Almost Jamaica
Anyway I Can
Back In The Day
Back The F*** Up (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Back To Memphis
Bahamamama (Bellamy Brothers / Peter Reber)
Banderas (Bellamy Brothers / Natacha)
Barb Wire Fence
Beggars & Heroes
Big Hair
Big Love
Bird Dog
Blame It ... On The Fire In My Heart
Blue California
Blue Highway
Blue Ribbons
Blue Rodeo
Blue Water Bay
Borderline Down (Bellamy Brothers / Phil Carmen)
Bound To Explode
Build Up The Bridges
Bye Bye Love
Can I Come On Home To You
Can Somebody Hear Me Now
Changin' Hearts
Classic Case Of The Blues
Come Back Gene And Roy
Comin' Back For More
Country Rap
Cowboy Beat
Crazy From The Heart
Crossfire (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
Dancin' Cowboys (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Dancin' Cowboys
Dancin' Romance
Dead Aim
Delta Dawn (Bellamy Brothers / Kristin Ash)
Diesel Cafe
Dinosaur Wine
Do You Love As Good As You Look (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Do You Love As Good As You Look
Do You Wanna Dance With Me
Doin' It The Hard Way
Down To You
Dyin' Breed
Elvis, Marilyn And James Dean
Endangered Species
Everybody's Somebody's Darlin'
Fast Train Out Of Texas
Feel Free
Feelin' Alright (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Feelin' The Feelin' (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
Feelin' The Feelin'
Feels Good To Be Alive (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Fly Me To Eden
Foolin' Around
For All The Wrong Reasons
Forever Ain't Long Enough
Forever Is A Long Long Way
Forget About Me (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
Forget About Me
Fountain Of Middle Age
Get A Little Crazy
Get Into Reggae Cowboy
Get Your Priorities In Line
Givin' Into Love Again
Go Ahead - Fall In Love
God Ain't Finished With Me Yet
Goin' Sane
Gotta Get A Little Crazy
Guardian Angel
Guilty Of Crime (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Guilty Of The Crime (Bellamy Brothers with The Bacon Brothers)
Guilty Of The Crime
Hand Me My Bible
Hangin' In
Hard On The Heart
Hard Rockin'
Have A Little Compassion
Having Too Much Fun
Heart Of My Heart
Heartbreak Overload
Heaven And Hell
Hell Cat
Hello, Lady Harley (Truck Stop mit den The Bellamy Brothers)
Hemingway Hideaway
Hey Baby (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
Highway 2-18 (Hang On To Your Dreams)
Highway Of Regret
Hillbilly Hell
Hippie Cowboys
Hollywood Heartache
Holy Roller
Honey, We Don't Know No One In Nashville
Hotel Angel (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
Houston (We Have A Problem)
How Can You Be Everywhere At The Same Time
Hurricane Alley
Hymn To Him
Hypocrites In Heaven
I Can Help (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
I Could Be Makin' Love To You
I Could Be Persuaded (Bellamy Brothers with Cliff Richard)
I Could Be Persuaded
I Don't Wanna Lose You
I Hit The Jackpot
I Love Her Mind
I Love It
I Love You (More And More)
I Make Her Laugh
I Must Be In Switzerland
I Need More Of You (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
I Need More Of You (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
I Need More Of You
I Need More Of You (Ich brauch' mehr von Dir) (Tom Astor & The Bellamy Brothers)
I Will Hold You Up (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
I Wish I Had You
I Would Always Love You (The Bellamy's)
I'd Lie To You For Your Love (And That's The Truth)
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me) (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me
If I Said You Have (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
If It's So Easy
If You Ever Leave
If You Ever Leave Me
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
I'll Fly Away
I'll Give You All My Love Tonight
I'll Help You Hurt Him
Illusions Of Love
I'm Gonna Hurt Her On The Radio
I'm The Only Sane Man Left Alive
Inside My Guitar
Islands In The Stream (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
It's Hard To Be A Cowboy These Days
It's Just The Gypsy In Your Soul
It's Rainin' Girls
It's So Close To Christmas (And I Am So Far From Home)
Jeannie Rae
Jesus Ain't No Stained Glass Window
Jesus Is Coming
Jet Lag Journey
Jet Lag Journey (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Kids Of The Baby Boom (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Kids Of The Baby Boom
Kookaburra Blues
Lay Ya Down
Lazy Eyes
Let Fantasy Live
Let Me Waltz Into Your Heart
Let Your Love Flow (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Let Your Love Flow (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
Let Your Love Flow
Let Your Love Flow (Remix '94)
Let Your Love Flow '93
Let's Fall In Love Again
Let's Give Love A Go
Life Goes By
Life Is A Beach
Life Is Like A Rodeo
Light Up The Candles
Like A Star (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
Livin' In Oblivion
Livin' In The West
Lonely Eyes
Lonely Planet
Long Distance Love Affair
Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person My Dog Thinks I Am
Lost In Ireland
Love By The Moon
Lovers Live Longer
Lovers Live Together
Lovin' On
Make Me Over
Makin' Music Mama
Makin' Promises
Mama Likes To Reggae
May You Never
Maybe By Then
Melt Down
Mermaid Cowgirl (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year
Mexico Came Here
Miami Moon
Miss Misunderstood
More Than A One Night Feeling
More Than I Can Say (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Mornin' Mockingbird
My Heart Is Crying
My Indiana Lady
My Shy Annie
My Wife Left Me For My Girlfriend
Naked Lady
Native American
Neon Cowboy
New Man In The Suit
No More Lonely Nights
No More Tears
Nobody's Perfect
Nothin' Heavy
Number Of Breaths
Number Two
October Moon
Old Country / New Country
Old Hippie
Old Hippie (The Sequel)
Old Hippie Christmas
Old Love Song
Ole Faithful
On A Summernight
On The Run (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
One Too Many Times
One Way Love
Our Family
Our Love
Our Love Is Like Christmas
Over The Line
Passion's Thunder
Pit Bulls And Chain Saws
Pray For Me
Put Your Arms Around Me
Rainy, Windy, Sunshine (Roaded Road)
Ramblin' Again
Reality Check
Rebels Without A Clue
Redneck Girl (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Redneck Girl
Redneck Riviera (Tom Astor & The Bellamy Brothers)
Reggae Cowboy (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Reggae Cowboy
Rip Off The Knob
Rip Off The Knop
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Rockin' Sally
Rodeo For Jesus
Rollin' Thunder
Rolling Thunder (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Santa Fe
Satin Sheets
Save The Last Dance For Me
Save Your Love
Schuld ist der Baby Boom (Tom Astor & The Bellamy Brothers)
Season Of The Wind
She Don't Know That She's Perfect
She's Awesome
Shine Them Buckles
Silent Night
Slippin' Away
Slow Hurry
Some Broken Hearts
Spiders And Snakes
Spirit In The Sky
Stayin' In Love
Strong Weakness
Strung Out
Sugar Daddy
Summertime Heart (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Suzanne, Suzanne
Sweet Caroline (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
Sweet Nostalgia
Swiss American Yodel (Bellamy Brothers / Oesch's die Dritten)
Switzerland (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Take Me Home
Texas Girls
Thats How U Roll When U Rock
The Andy Griffith Show
The Center Of My Universe
The Courthouse
The Fires Of Time
The Fountain Of Middle Age
The Gambler (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
The Night They Killed Country Music
The Old Bulls
The Older You Get (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
The Other Side Of The World (Bellamy Brothers / Flaco Jimenez)
The Right To Be Wrong
The Rock
The Rock (Bellamy Brothers / Gölä)
The Single Man And His Wife
The Spanish Bible
The Strength Of The Weaker Sex
They Could Put Me In Jail
This Love (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
This Time
Tiger Lily Lover
Time Rocks On (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Time Rocks On
Together We Have It All
Too Late
Too Much Fun
Too Much Is Not Enough
Tough Love
Tropical Christmas
Trust Me
Tumbleweed And Rosalee
Twang Town
Until The Money's Gone
Up And Away
Up And Away (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Vertical Expression (Of Horizontal Desire)
Was There Life Before This Love
We All Get Crazy At Christmas
We Can Handle It
We Dared The Lightning
We Dared The Lightning (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
We Don't Call 911
We Don't Wanna Go For It
We Made It
We're Havin' Some Fun Now
We're Having Some Fun Now
We're Just A Little Ole Country Band
Wet T-Shirt
What's The Dang Deal
What's This World Coming To
When I'm Away From You
When The Music Meant Everything
When The Music Plays
When We All Get To Heaven
When We Were Boys
When You Walk In The Room (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
Where Did The Common Sense Go
Where The Light Comes From
Where's Your Brother
White Christmas
White Trash
Who's Gonna Take You Home
Why Did We Die So Young
Wild Honey
Wilder Days
Wonderful Mistake
World's Greatest Lover
Ying Yang
You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie (Bellamy Brothers with Alan Jackson)
You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie
You Can Get Crazy With Me
You Drive Me Crazy
You Made Me
You Make Love So Easy
You'll Never Be Sorry
Your Name
You're My Favorite Star
You're My Favorite Waste Of Time
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
40 Years - The Album
Angels & Outlaws
BB&G Platinum (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Beautiful Friends
Beggars & Heroes
Bellamy Brothers & Friends (Bellamy Brothers & Friends)
Best Of The Best
Collectors Edition (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Country Rap
Crazy From The Heart
Dancin' Cowboys: Our Favourite Songs
Die schönsten Songs 1991-2000
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits Volume III
Howard & David
Ihre großen Hits
Jesus Is Coming
L.T. Series: If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body - Redneck Girl - Sugar Daddy (Bellamy Brothers & Friends)
Let Your Love Flow
Let Your Love Flow - Die neue Best Of
Life Goes By
Lonely Planet
Mermaid Cowgirl (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year
Native American
Neon Cowboy - The Very Best Of The Bellamy Brothers
Nobody's Perfect
Nur das Beste - Die schönsten Songs 1991-2000
Our Best Country Songs
Our Norwegian Hits
Our Swedish Collection
Over The Line
Over The Moon
Plain & Fancy
Pray For Me
Reality Check
Rebels Without A Clue
Redneck Girls Forever
Rip Off The Knob
Rollin' Thunder
Simply The Best (DJ Ötzi / Bellamy Brothers)
Sons Of The Sun
Strong Weakness
The 25 Year Collection, Volume 1
The 25 Year Collection, Volume 2
The Anthology Volume 1
The Anthology Volume 2
The Best Of
The Greatest Hits Sessions (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
The Latest And The Greatest: Bellamy Brothers
The Reason For The Season
The Reggae Cowboys
The Two And Only
The Very Best Of
Uforglemmelige klassikere
When We Were Boys
You Can Get Crazy
1234 (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
5 Minute (Papagallo & Gollo)
7 dunkli Jahr
9.81 (I Fall For You)
Abe id Hocki (Papagallo & Gollo)
Achy Breaky Heart (Bellamy Brothers / Gölä)
Addicted To You
Adios Aufwiedersehn (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Afrika Lied (Papagallo & Gollo)
Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Ängu u Dämone
Äs isch guet so wie's isch (Gölä / Trauffer)
Asie Lied (Papagallo & Gollo)
Aues wär so liecht
Australie Lied (Papagallo & Gollo)
Back Me Up
Back The F*** Up (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Bad Day
Bis ig
Blibe oder gah (Gölä feat. Baze & Gimma)
Blibe oder gah
Bösi Buebe, billigi Meitschi
Bring On The Blues
Büetzer (Gölä / Jodlerklub St. Stephan)
Büetzer Buebe (Gölä / Trauffer)
Can't Take That Away
Cheap Wine
Ching i mir (Gölä / Trauffer)
Chume nieme hei
City Of Wannabe's
Coming Home
D.A.N.I. (Burn)
Da ghöri hii (Gölä / Trauffer)
Dä Zug isch ab
Dancin' Cowboys (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Das dörfsch nöd (Bligg feat. Gölä)
Diese vo dert oder äine vo hie
Disco-King (Papagallo & Gollo)
DJ Papagallo (Papagallo & Gollo)
Do The Choo Choo
Do You Love As Good As You Look (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Dokter Dokter
Don't Mess
Dr erscht Tag
Dr glich Ring am Finger
Dr Gring vom Tüüfu
Dr Himu brönnt
Drüber rede oder nid
Ds erscht Mau
Ds Läbe isch e länge Wäg
D'Strass dürab (Urchig-Chor & Gölä, Sandra & Barbara Moser)
D'Strass dürab
Du bisch schön
Du u ig
Easy Go
Eine nähme mer no (Polo Hofer & Gölä)
Eines Tages
Es isch e Brief cho
Feelin' Alright (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Feelin' Lonely
Feels Good To Be Alive (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Finechli e Meite worde
Flügu (Gölä / Heimatchörli Luzern)
Foolish Pride (Burn)
For The Money
Friitig (Gölä / Trauffer)
Für di da
Für geng
Gib e chli
Gib mir chli Musig
Gib nid uf
Gimme A Band
Gimme Some Time
Gimmer ä Bänd
Go & Fly
Good Ol' Mountain Home
Goodbye Lover
Gredi ache
Grosspère (Gölä / Echo vom Glaubenberg)
Gsicht us Schtei
Gueti Musig u es chauts Bier
Guilty Of Crime (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Gummi gä (Gölä / Trauffer)
Ha gmeint ig kenn di
Hard To Start
Herti Schale, weiche Chärn (Gölä / Trauffer)
Hesch Du wider öpper gfunge
Hey Hey
Hey hey [2016]
Hey, Shit
I bi geng scho anders gsi
I Can Do
I gloube Du lügsch
I ha di gärn
I ha me wöue vo Dir
I hätt
I hätt no viu blöder ta (Gölä / Oesch's die Dritten)
I hätt no viu blöder ta
I Need More Of You (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
I stah wider uf
I vermisse di
I wärche hert
I Will Hold You Up (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me) (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
If You Do (Burn)
Im höche Norde (Papagallo & Gollo)
Indianer (Gölä / Echo vom Glaubenberg)
Irgendwie, irgendwo
It's Time (Burn)
Iz u nid irgendeis
Je ne regrette rien (Burn)
Jet Lag Journey (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
John Deere (Gölä / Trauffer)
Jolidulio (Gölä / Trauffer)
Just Can't Wait
Keini Träne meh
Keni Träne meh (Gölä / Jodlerklub Heimelig Buochs)
Kids Of The Baby Boom (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Kids Of The Baby Boom
La bambala lah
La se la rede
Las la si
Last Chance
Let Your Love Flow (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Lonely Night
Love Machine (Gölä & The Deed)
Love Me Tonight
Love Will Do
Maa gäge Maa (Gölä / Trauffer)
Meitschi tanz dür d'Nacht (Gölä / Trauffer)
Mermaid Cowgirl (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Mir beidi
Mir si aues Heldä (Papagallo & Gollo)
Mir si Pirate (Papagallo & Gollo)
Misery Loves Company
Miss You
Miss You (Senza te) (Burn)
More Than I Can Say (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Na na na
Nie hei wöue lose
Nimm mi mit
Nümm elei (Sandee feat. Gölä)
O e Buch het si Charme
Oh I (Burn)
Oh Yeah (Gölä / Corinne "Coco" Gfeller)
Ohni di (Gölä / Jodlerquartett Rosenberg)
Ohni di
On The Run (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
One Good Reason (Burn)
Over The Line
Papagallo & Gollo Lied (Papagallo & Gollo)
Redneck Girl (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Reggae Cowboy (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Return To You (Gölä & The Deed)
Ride My Pride
Rock'n' Roll
Rock'n'Roll History
Rolling Thunder (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Route 66 (Papagallo & Gollo)
Ruure wiene Löi (Papagallo & Gollo)
Samschtig Nacht
Say You Will (Burn)
Scheiss Spiel
Schlampe Blues
Scho lang verbi
Schwan (Gölä / Jodlerklub Ahori)
She's Awesome
Sie lügt
Slow Down
So Damn Sexy
So wie Du
Some Broken Hearts
Somebody Lonely (Burn)
Stay In Bed (Burn)
Sternenträumer (Jodlerklub "Alphüttli" Plaffeien & Andrea Berg, Gölä)
Still Believe (Burn)
Stop This Feeling (Burn)
S'tuet mir leid
Summertime Heart (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Switzerland (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Taking The Long Way Home (Slädu feat. Gölä)
Tanze! (Papagallo & Gollo)
Tell Me Why (DJ BoBo with Gölä)
The Chevy Song
The Older You Get (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
The Rock (Bellamy Brothers / Gölä)
The Way You Make Me Feel (Burn)
This Love (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
This Time (Burn)
Time Rocks On (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Töif unger d'Huut (Gölä / Trauffer)
Uf u dervo
Uf u dervo (Gölä / Jodlerklub Wiesenberg)
Uf u dervo [2009]
Unändlich chli
Up And Away (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Vatter (Gölä / Jodlerquartett Männertreu)
Wäm de?
We aues verkeit (Gölä / Trauffer)
We Dared The Lightning (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
We du am Schlafe bisch
We du geisch
We Du jung bisch
We Du meinsch
We Du nid bi mir bisch
We ig alleini bi (Gölä / Corinne "Coco" Gfeller)
We ig Di wär
Weiss no guet
Wenn ig jung muess stärbe (Florian Ast & Gölä)
Wet dir so viu säge
Whisky, Sex u Rock'n'Roll
Wi lang no
Wider mau z'Sau uselah
Wider Summer
Wie dr Wind
Wildi Ross
Wiu mer nie hei wöue lose
Wo si mini Tröim
Workin' Class Man
You Don't Love Me
Z'Läbe fägt
Z'Rubige im Hüsi
Zwöi unschuldigi Ouge
Zyt zum Danke
Zyt zum Danke (Gölä / Jodlerquartett Männertreu, Fredrik Strömberg & Oesch's die Dritten)
Zyt zum Zügle
100% Mundart Stadion Thun
20 Jahre Bühnenjubiläum - Hallenstadion 2018
Am Loebegge z'Bärn (Hörspiel / Papagallo & Gollo)
Am Nordpol (Hörspiel / Papagallo & Gollo)
Ängu u Dämone
Ängu u Dämone I
Ängu u Dämone II
Au pôle Nord (Hörspiel / Papagallo & Gollo)
BB&G Platinum (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Büetzer Buebe (Gölä / Trauffer)
Burn (Burn)
Collectors Edition (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Die grössten Schweizer Hits
Die schönsten Mundart-Balladen - Nashville Aufnahmen
En Asie (Hörspiel / Papagallo & Gollo)
Gimme A Band
Gölä III
Hour Of The Thief (Gölä & The Deed)
Im Circus Knie (Hörbuch / Papagallo & Gollo)
In Afrika (Hörbuch / Papagallo & Gollo)
In Asien (Hörspiel / Papagallo & Gollo)
In Australien (Hörspiel / Papagallo & Gollo)
Live: 02
Mermaid Cowgirl (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Opinion Abuse (Burn)
Party, Dance & Rock 'n' Roll (Papagallo & Gollo)
Rock & Roll
Route 66 (Hörbuch / Papagallo & Gollo)
Tättoo - Best Of Bärndütsch / So Damn Sexy
The Greatest Hits Sessions (Bellamy Brothers & Gölä)
Uf u dervo
Wildi Ross
Z'Läbe fägt
Ängu u Dämone
III - Extrem - Live im Hallenstadion
Live 100% Mundart
Average points: 4.29 (Reviews: 14)
ganz ok.
Die Songs von Gölä in Englisch gesungen tönen ungewohnt, aber gut. Gölä in Englisch - naja.
Ganz gutes Album, zwar ohne Überraschungen und sehr kalkuliert, aber sonst ok, einzig die Abwechslung fehlt mir mit der Zeit ein wenig, da alle Songs doch recht ähnlich klingen!
Insgesamt gut, mit 2 3 Ausnahmen (Baby Boom, Some Broken..., Guilty...).<br>Was mir (auch) aufgefallen ist: Gölä klingt englisch anders, irgendwie gepresst. Vielleicht wollte er auf "Country" und "amerikanisch" machen...<br><br>... "Tu vuo' fa' l'americano" ...<br>Nein, das ist etwas Anderes ...<br><br>Zurück zum Album:<br>Bellamy Brothers mit Gölä-Lieder gefallen mir besser als Gölä mit Bellamy Brothers-Lieder.<br><br>
Last edited: 02.10.2010 21:21
Bin auch der Meinung, dass die Bellamy Brothers besser sind. Aber das ganze Projekt finde ich gut. Es sollte mehr solche Projekte geben, wo CH-Musiker mit Legenden zusammenspielen (oder umgekehrt).
Recht gut.
Ganz nette Idee - internationale Kollaborationen kennt man hierzulande kaum und wenn, dann nur sehr beschränkt. Das Ergebnis ist hörbar, aber nur für ein, zwei Mal. Dann geht man weiter. Musikalisch solide, aber kaum mehr als Mittelmass. Störend ist Göläs Englisch-Stimme: Die klingt extrem mies, man hat den Eindruck, als verstelle er sie um irgendwie n raubeinigen Country-Touch zu erhalten. Hat er das nötig? Es huscht somit mehr ein gequältes Quaken & unglaubwürdiges Krächzten ins Mikrofon. Was mich zudem bei den Gölä-Liedern stört, ist, dass sie textlich zu schnell gesungen werden - wohl werden müssen. Zu viele Worte für zu wenig Zeilen - irgendwo hat halt jede Übersetzung ihre Mängel. Und tschüss!
Last edited: 08.11.2010 23:00
Eine interessante Zusammenarbeit mit einem ausgesprochen guten Resultat.
Geniales Album! Und wer jetzt noch sagt, Gölä könne kein Englisch, soll bitte mal genau hinhören.
Weil ich kaum einem Song *** (oder gar mehr) gegeben habe, kann ich nur eine stark aufgerundete 3 verteilen. Kein Anspieltipp von mir!
knappe aufgerundete 4
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