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Editors A Life As A Ghost 2009      
Editors A Ton Of Love 2013      
Editors All Sparks 2005      
Editors All The Kings 2015      
Editors Alone 2010      
Editors An End Has A Start 2007      
Editors At All Cost 2015      
Editors Barricades 2019      
Editors Belong 2018      
Editors Bird Of Prey 2013      
Editors Blood 2005      
Editors Bones 2007      
Editors Bricks And Mortar 2009      
Editors Bullets 2004      
Editors Camera 2005      
Editors Cold 2018      
Editors Colours 2005      
Editors Come Share The View        
Editors Comrade Spill My Blood 2013      
Editors Counting Spooks 2018      
Editors Crawl Down The Wall 2005      
Editors Darkness At The Door 2018      
Editors Disappear 2005      
Editors Distance 2005      
Editors Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool 2009      
Editors Escape The Nest 2007      
Editors Fall 2005      
Editors Feel Good Inc.        
Editors Find Yourself A Safe Place        
Editors Fingers In The Factories 2005      
Editors For The Money 2009      
Editors Forest Fire 2005      
Editors Forgiveness 2015      
Editors Formaldehyde 2013      
Editors French Disko        
Editors Get Low 2013      
Editors Hallelujah (So Low) 2018      
Editors Honesty 2013      
Editors Human 2009      
Editors Hyena 2013      
Editors I Want A Forest 2009      
Editors In This Light And On This Evening 2009      
Editors Last Day        
Editors Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home 2005      
Editors Life Is A Fear 2015      
Editors Lights 2005      
Editors Like Treasure 2009      
Editors Lullaby 2007      
Editors Magazine 2018      
Editors Marching Orders 2015      
Editors Munich 2005      
Editors No Harm 2015      
Editors No Sound But The Wind 2009      
Editors No Sound But The Wind (Live At Rock Werchter 2010) 2010      
Editors Nothing 2013      
Editors Nothingness 2018      
Editors Ocean Of Night 2015      
Editors Open Up 2007      
Editors Open Your Arms 2005      
Editors Orange Crush 2006      
Editors Our Love 2015      
Editors Papillon 2009      
Editors Push Your Head Towards The Air 2007      
Editors Release 2005      
Editors Road To Nowhere        
Editors Salvation 2015      
Editors Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors 2007      
Editors Some Kind Of Spark 2007      
Editors Someone Says 2005      
Editors Spiders 2007      
Editors Sugar 2013      
Editors The Big Exit 2009      
Editors The Boxer 2009      
Editors The Law 2015      
Editors The Phone Book 2013      
Editors The Picture 2007      
Editors The Racing Rats 2007      
Editors The Racing Rats (Live) 2007      
Editors The Sting 2013      
Editors The Weight 2013      
Editors The Weight Of The World 2007      
Editors This House Is Full Of Noise 2009      
Editors Thousands Of Lovers 2010      
Editors Time To Slow Down 2005      
Editors Two Hearted Spider 2013      
Editors Violence 2018      
Editors Walk The Fleet Road 2009      
Editors Well Worn Hand 2007      
Editors What Is This Thing Called Love 2013      
Editors When Anger Shows 2007      
Editors You Are Fading 2004      
Editors You Don't Know Love 2009      
Massive Attack & Roots Manuva Dead Editors 2016      
Raw Editors Head Up Groove        
Rhythms Del Mundo feat. Editors Walk On The Wild Side 2009      
The Editors The Thought Police 1981      
The Editors Thoughts And Echoes 1981      

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