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Doro Celebrate - The Night Of The Warlock 2008 02/11/2008 3 8
Doro Let Love Rain On Me 2004 22/08/2004 7 6
Dorotea Mele & Gabry Ponte Lovely On My Hand   27/05/2012 36 1
Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman feat. Dorothy & Andy Sherman 3MIN 2XPLN 2008 29/06/2008 12 5
"Peso" & Dorothy Dollar & The Counterfeit Bills Quick Silver        
Aeroplanitaliani Ziutti zitti (il silenzio è d'oro) 1992      
Alessandro Safina D'oro e d'argento 2003      
Alexander Hoffmann & Dorothée Reize All I Ask Of You 1994      
Alexander Hoffmann & Dorothée Reize The Phantom Of The Opera 1994      
Alexander Vertinsky Dorogoi dlinnoyu / Дорогой длинною 1926      
Alexander Vertinsky Temneet doroga        
Alexander Wertinski Дорогой длинною [Dorogoi dlinnoju]        
Alice Donut Dorothy        
Alison Moyet Dorothy 1994      
Almamegretta Preta d'oro        
Alsou Net tebja dorozhe 2014      
Amedeo Minghi Cercati d'oro 2000      
Amon Amarth feat. Doro Pesch A Dream That Cannot Be 2016      
Andreas Ektoras Dóro 2004      
Andreyev Imperial Russian Orchestra / Dmitri Hochlov Viele Wege führen durchs Feld (Ne odin to li vo pole dorozhenka prolegala) 1999      
Anvil Dirty Dorothy 2001      
Ariya Korol' dorogi        
Atli Örvarsson Madame Dorothea 2013      
Baby K Sogni d'oro e di platino 2018      
Bing Crosby & Dorothy Kirsten Accidents Will Happen 1950      
Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Gary Cooper, Barry Fitzgerald, Dorothy Lamour, Diana Lynn, Ray Milland, William Holden, Cass Daley, Joan Caulfield & Olga San Juan Harmony 1947      
Blackie Jackett Jr Dorothy        
Blake Shelton feat. Dorothy Shackleford Time For Me To Come Home 2012      
Bob Dorough Baby, You Should Know It 1966      
Bob Dorough Baltimore Oriole 1966      
Bob Dorough Better Than Anything 1966      
Bob Dorough But For Now 1966      
Bob Dorough Don't Think Twice 1966      
Bob Dorough I Don't Mind        
Bob Dorough I've Got Just About Everything 1966      
Bob Dorough Lazy Afternoon 1966      
Bob Dorough The Crawdad Song 1966      
Bob Dorough The Message 1966      
Bob Dorough Three Is The Magic Number 1972      
Bob Dorough 'Tis Autumn 1966      
Bob Dorough Yardbird Suite        
Bob Hope, Bing Crosby & Dorothy Lamour Merry-Go-Run-Around 1953      
Bob Moore And His Orchestra Corazon d'oro (Heart Of Gold) 1961      
Calipto La pepita d'oro 2017      
Capelli d'Oro Canzone per l'estate 1990      
Caterina Caselli Il fiore d'oro 1971      
Caterina Caselli L'uomo d'oro 1966      
Cecilia Bartoli Lungi da te ... Vieni a me sull'ali d'oro 2003      
Celtic Dreamer feat. Dorothy Bonny Portmore        
Charlie Mariano Dorothee 2006      
Chiara Canzian Scrivi d'oro 2011      
Christian Wolff Dorothee Good Bye        
Cosy Sheridan Dorothy And Eve        
Cursive Dorothy At Forty        
Danilo Amerio La gabbia d'oro 2002      
Dean Martin Sogni D'Oro (Golden Dreams) 1960      
Die Fidelios Dorothee Dorothee        
Die Zwei (Peter Sebastian & Gino d'Oro) Ich liebe Dich - Mein Herz schlägt für Dich allein 2006      
Dodo Hug / Efisio Contini Vitello d'oro 2016      
Don't Know Dorothy Whatever Comes        
Doro 1000 Years 2018      
Doro 1999 2006      
Doro 25 Years 2009      
Doro A fond le coeur (Herzblut French Version) 2008      
Doro A Whiter Shade Of Pale 1989      
Doro Above The Ashes 2006      
Doro Alive 1990      
Doro All I Want 1993      
Doro All We Are [Version 2007] 2007      
Doro Alles ist gut 1993      
Doro Alles ist gut / Last Day Of My Life 1993      
Doro Always Live To Win 2002      
Doro Angel In The Dark 2006      
Doro Angels With Dirty Faces 1989      
Doro Anthems For The Champion 2007      
Doro Are They Comin' For Me 1995      
Doro Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You 2007      
Doro Bad Blood 1993      
Doro Barracuda 1998      
Doro Bastardos 2018      
Doro Be Strong 2018      
Doro Beyond The Trees 1989      
Doro Bis aufs Blut 1989      
Doro Black Ballad 2018      
Doro Black Rose 2000      
Doro Blood, Sweat And Rock'n'Roll 2018      
Doro Born To Bleed 1993      
Doro Breaking The Law 2004      
Doro Breaking The Law [Live] 2010      
Doro Bring My Hero Back Home Again 2018      
Doro Broken 1990      
Doro Brutal And Effective 1998      
Doro Burn It Up 2000      
Doro Can't Stop Thinking About You 1995      
Doro Caruso 2018      
Doro Caught In A Battle 2009      
Doro Celebrate 2009      
Doro Ceremony 1995      
Doro Chained 2002      
Doro Children Of The Night 1993      
Doro Cold Hearted Lover 2012      
Doro Constant Danger 2000      
Doro Cool Love 1991      
Doro Creep Into My Brain 2006      

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