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Roxette One Wish 2006 08/10/2006 3 8
Roxette The Centre Of The Heart 2000 24/03/2001 7 2
Roxette Wish I Could Fly 1999 13/03/1999 16 1
Dancing DJs vs. Roxette Fading Like A Flower 2005      
Dr. Feelgood Roxette 1974      
Dr. Feelgood Roxette [Live] 1976      
Eva Dahlgren / Ratata / Roxette I Want You 1987      
HEC Roxette 2005      
Roxette (Do You Get) Excited? 1991      
Roxette (I Could Never) Give You Up 1988      
Roxette 2 Cinnamon Street 1993      
Roxette 20 BPM 2016      
Roxette 7twenty7 1999      
Roxette A Thing About You 2001      
Roxette After All 2011      
Roxette Alguien 1999      
Roxette All I Ever Wanted 2006      
Roxette Almost Unreal 1993      
Roxette Always Breaking My Heart 2006      
Roxette Angel Passing 2012      
Roxette Anyone 1998      
Roxette Anyone / I Love How You Love Me 2006      
Roxette April Clouds 2016      
Roxette Beautiful Things 1999      
Roxette Better Off On Her Own 1999      
Roxette Big Black Cadillac 2011      
Roxette Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart) 2003      
Roxette Breathe 2002      
Roxette Bringing Me Down To My Knees 2001      
Roxette Call Of The Wild 1986      
Roxette Chances 1988      
Roxette Church Of Your Heart 1990      
Roxette Cinnamon Street 1992      
Roxette Come Back (Before You Leave) 1991      
Roxette Como la lluvia en el cristal 1996      
Roxette Cooper 1999      
Roxette Crash! Boom! Bang! 1993      
Roxette Crash! Boom! Bang! (Spanish) 1996      
Roxette Crazy About You 1995      
Roxette Crush On You 1999      
Roxette Cry 1988      
Roxette Cuanto lo siento 1996      
Roxette Dance Away 1988      
Roxette Dangerous 1988      
Roxette Directamente a ti 1996      
Roxette Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way? 1994      
Roxette Don't Believe In Accidents        
Roxette Dream On 2011      
Roxette Dressed For Success 1988      
Roxette Easy Way Out 2012      
Roxette El dia del amor 1996      
Roxette Entering Your Heart 2001      
Roxette Every Day 2002      
Roxette Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me To Check On Your Wife? 2012      
Roxette Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) 1991      
Roxette Fingertips '93 1992      
Roxette Fireworks 1994      
Roxette Fool 2001      
Roxette From A Distance 2016      
Roxette From One Heart To Another 1986      
Roxette Go To Sleep 1994      
Roxette Good Karma 2016      
Roxette Goodbye To You 1986      
Roxette Habla el corazon 1996      
Roxette Half A Woman, Half A Shadow 1988      
Roxette Happy On The Outside 2011      
Roxette Happy Together 1999      
Roxette Harleys & Indians (Riders In The Sky) 1994      
Roxette Help 2006      
Roxette Here Comes The Weekend 1992      
Roxette Hotblooded 1991      
Roxette How Do You Do! 1992      
Roxette I Call Your Name 1986      
Roxette I Don't Want To Get Hurt 1995      
Roxette I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars 1994      
Roxette I Remember You 1991      
Roxette I Was So Lucky 1999      
Roxette I'm Glad You Called 2011      
Roxette I'm Sorry 1994      
Roxette In My Own Way 2011      
Roxette It Hurts 2002      
Roxette It Just Happens 2016      
Roxette It Must Have Been Love 1990      
Roxette It Must Have Been Love (Christmas For The Broken Hearted) 1987      
Roxette It Takes You No Time To Get Here 2001      
Roxette It Will Take A Long Long Time 1999      
Roxette It's Possible 2012      
Roxette Jefferson 2001      
Roxette Joy Of A Toy 1986      
Roxette Joyride 1991      
Roxette June Afternoon 1995      
Roxette Keep Me Waiting 1992      
Roxette Knockin' On Every Door 1991      
Roxette Lies 1994      
Roxette Like Lovers Do 1986      
Roxette Listen To Your Heart 1988      
Roxette Little Girl 2001      
Roxette Little Miss Sorrow 2003      
Roxette Lo siento 1999      
Roxette Looking For Jane 2001      
Roxette Love Is All (Shine Your Light On Me) 1994      
Roxette Love Spins 2006      
Roxette Lover Lover Lover 2012      

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