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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: James Hillier Blount
Al BanoPrimavera in anticipo2010Music/Lyrics
Engelbert HumperdinckGoodbye My Lover2007Music/Lyrics
Fishnet StockingsBonfire Heart2015Music/Lyrics
(James Hillier Blount)
James Blunt19732007Music/Lyrics
James BluntAlways Hate Me2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntAnnie2007Music/Lyrics
James BluntBartender2017Music/Lyrics
James BluntBest Laid Plans2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntBilly2005Music/Lyrics
James BluntBlue On Blue2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntBones2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntBonfire Heart2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntBreathe2014Music/Lyrics
James BluntButterfly2005Music/Lyrics
James BluntCalifornia2017Music/Lyrics
James BluntCalling Out Your Name2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntCarry You Home2007Music/Lyrics
James BluntCry2005Music/Lyrics
James BluntDangerous2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntDear Katie2007Producer
James BluntDon't Give Me Those Eyes2017Music/Lyrics
James BluntFace The Sun2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntGive Me Some Love2007Music/Lyrics
James BluntGoodbye My Lover2005Music/Lyrics
James BluntHeart Of Gold2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntHeart To Heart2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntHeartbeat2017Music/Lyrics
James BluntHigh2004Music/Lyrics
James BluntHollywood2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntI Can't Hear The Music2007Music/Lyrics
James BluntI Really Want You2007Music/Lyrics
James BluntIf Time Is All I Have2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntI'll Be Your Man2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntI'll Take Everything2007Music/Lyrics
James BluntKiss This Love Goodbye2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntLose My Number2017Music/Lyrics
James BluntLove Me Better2017Music/Lyrics
James BluntMake Me Better2017Music/Lyrics
James BluntMiss America2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntNo Bravery2005Music/Lyrics
James BluntNo Tears2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntOne Of The Brightest Stars2007Music/Lyrics
James BluntOut Of My Mind2005Music/Lyrics
James BluntParadise2017Music/Lyrics
James BluntPostcards2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntSame Mistake2007Music/Lyrics
James BluntSatellites2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntShine On2007Music/Lyrics
James BluntSmoke Signals2014Music/Lyrics
James BluntSo Far Gone2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntSo Happy2007Music/Lyrics
James BluntSo Long, Jimmy2005Music/Lyrics
James BluntSomeone Singing Along2017Music/Lyrics
James BluntStay The Night2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntSugar Coated2004Music/Lyrics
James BluntSun On Sunday2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntSuperstar2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntTears And Rain2005Music/Lyrics
James BluntTelephone2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntThe Only One2013Music/Lyrics
James BluntThese Are The Words2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntThis Love Again2011Music/Lyrics
James BluntTime Of Our Lives2017Music/Lyrics
James BluntTrail Of Broken Hearts2014Music/Lyrics
James BluntTurn Me On2010Music/Lyrics
James BluntWisemen2005Music/Lyrics
James BluntWorking It Out2014Music/Lyrics
James BluntYou're Beautiful2005Music/Lyrics
Kenny GYou're Beautiful2006Music/Lyrics
Laura Pausini & James BluntPrimavera in anticipo (It Is My Song)2008Music/Lyrics
Lost Frequencies feat. James BluntMelody2018Music/Lyrics
Michele BraviSerendipity2014Music/Lyrics
Robin Schulz feat. James BluntOK2017Music/Lyrics
RooneyDon't Be A Hero2016Music/Lyrics
Sidoine [Star Academy 9]Goodbye My Lover2013Music/Lyrics
Sinik feat. James BluntJe réalise2007Music/Lyrics
Stan Van SamangDon't Let Me Down2007Music/Lyrics
The VampsI Found A Girl2015Music/Lyrics
The Vamps feat. OmiI Found A Girl2016Music/Lyrics
Tom DiceYou're Beautiful2018Music/Lyrics
Tears And Rain (James Blunt)944.94
Dear Katie (James Blunt)154.8
Best Laid Plans (James Blunt)244.75
Wisemen (James Blunt)2064.69
No Tears (James Blunt)234.61
California (James Blunt)54.6
Cry (James Blunt)754.57
Billy (James Blunt)654.52
Give Me Some Love (James Blunt)374.51
High (James Blunt)1924.49
Bones (James Blunt)154.47
Always Hate Me (James Blunt)124.42
Kiss This Love Goodbye (James Blunt)54.4
Miss America (James Blunt)164.38
Goodbye My Lover (James Blunt)2394.37
Shine On (James Blunt)334.36
Don't Give Me Those Eyes (James Blunt)144.36
Annie (James Blunt)404.32
Satellites (James Blunt)194.32
Heart Of Gold (James Blunt)164.31
You're Beautiful (James Blunt)4493.91
1973 (James Blunt)3383.92
Goodbye My Lover (James Blunt)2394.37
Wisemen (James Blunt)2064.69
High (James Blunt)1924.49
Stay The Night (James Blunt)1783.85
Same Mistake (James Blunt)1453.87
Primavera in anticipo (It Is My Song) (Laura Pausini & James Blunt)1384.28
Bonfire Heart (James Blunt)1233.89
Carry You Home (James Blunt)1123.99
Tears And Rain (James Blunt)944.94
So Long, Jimmy (James Blunt)784.28
Cry (James Blunt)754.57
No Bravery (James Blunt)734.05
OK (Robin Schulz feat. James Blunt)712.86
Heart To Heart (James Blunt)703.7
Billy (James Blunt)654.52
I'll Be Your Man (James Blunt)633.67
So Far Gone (James Blunt)583.72
Out Of My Mind (James Blunt)554.16

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