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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Robert Marley, Robert Nesta Marley
1. Futurologischer CongressNo Woman No Cry1981Music/Lyrics
50 CentWindow Shopper2005Music/Lyrics
Abigail BrowneGuava Jelly1976Music/Lyrics
Alborosie feat. Ky-Mani MarleyZion Train2013Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxWaiting In Vain1995Music/Lyrics
ArnoGet Up, Stand Up2010Music/Lyrics
Asa [FR]Natural Mystic2016Music/Lyrics
AswadStir It Up2002Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandGuava Jelly1974Music/Lyrics
Bass-XIs This Love1993Music/Lyrics
Bebel GilbertoSun Is Shining2009Music/Lyrics
Ben L'Oncle SoulPositive Vibration2016Music/Lyrics
Billy OceanHigh Tide Low Tide2016Music/Lyrics
Billy OceanJudge Not2016Music/Lyrics
Billy OceanThree Little Birds2002Music/Lyrics
BlackoOne Love / People Get Ready2016Music/Lyrics
Bob MarleyFallin' In And Out Of Love1968Music/Lyrics
Bob MarleyHow Many Times1968Music/Lyrics
Bob MarleyI Like It Like That1970Music/Lyrics
Bob MarleyIron Lion Zion1992Music/Lyrics
Bob MarleyIs This Love (Montmartre Remix)2015Music/Lyrics
Bob MarleyLet The Sun Shine On Me1971Music/Lyrics
Bob MarleyRock Steady1968Music/Lyrics
Bob MarleySoul Train1971Music/Lyrics
Bob MarleySplish For My Splash1968Producer
Bob MarleyTouch Me1968Music/Lyrics
Bob MarleyWhat Goes Around Comes Around1968Producer
Bob MarleyYou Think I Have No Feelings1968Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The Wailers(I'm) Hurting Inside1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersAdam And Eve1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersAfrica Unite1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersAm-A-Do1973Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersAmbush In The Night1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersAmmunition1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersAxe Man1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersBabylon System1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersBack Out1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersBad Card1980Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersBlack Progress1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersBlackman Redemption1981Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersBuffalo Soldier1978Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersBurnin' And Lootin'1973Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersCan't You See1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersChances Are1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersChant Down Babylon1981Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersCheer Up1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersChoke1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersComing In From The Cold1980Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersConcrete1976Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersCould You Be Loved1980Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersCraven Choke Puppy2005Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersCrazy Baldhead1976Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersCrisis1978Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersCry To Me1976Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersDance Do The Reggae1981Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersDance To The Reggae1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersDo It Twice1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersDo You Feel The Same Way1967Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersDo You Remember1965Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersDonna1965Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersDracula1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersEasy Skanking1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersEvery Need Got An Ego To Feed1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersExodus1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersFaceman1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersForever Loving Jah1980Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersGive Thanks And Praise1981Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersGonna Get You1968Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersGuava Jelly1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersGuiltiness1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersHammer1978Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersHigh Tide Or Low Tide1973Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersHypocrites1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersI Am Going Home1967Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersI Know1981Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersI Know A Place2001Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersI Made A Mistake1965Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersI Shot The Sheriff1973Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersI'm Still Waiting1965Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersIs This Love1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersJah Is Mighty1983Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersJah Live1976Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersJamming1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersJohnny Was1976Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersJudge Not1962Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersJump Nyabinghi1981Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersKeep On Skanking1983Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersLive1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersLovelight Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersMellow Mood1966Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersMisty Morning1978Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersMix Up, Mix Up1981Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersMr. Brown1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersMr. Chatterbox1983Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersNatty Dread1974Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersNatural Mystic1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersNice Time1967Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersNight Shift1976Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersNobody Knows1967Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersOh Lord, Got To Get There1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersOne Drop1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersOne Love1965Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersOne Love / People Get Ready1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersPimper's Paradise1980Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersPlay Play1967Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersPositive Vibrations1976Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersPour Down The Sunshine Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersPunky Reggae Party1977Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersRastaman Live Up!1981Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersRat Race1975Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersReal Situation1980Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersRebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)1974Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersRedder Than Red1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersRedemption Song1980Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersReggae On Broadway1968Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersRevolution1974Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersRide Natty Ride1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersRoots1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersRoots Rock Reggae1976Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersRunning Away1978Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSatisfy My Soul1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersScrewface1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSelassie Is The Chapel1968Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSend Me That Love1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersShe's Gone1978Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSmile Jamaica1976Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSo Jah Seh1974Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSo Much Things To Say1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSo Much Trouble In The World1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSoul Captives1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSoul Shakedown Party1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersStay With Me1968Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersStiff Necked Fools1981Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersStir It Up1968Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSun Is Shining1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSurvival1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersTell Me The World Is Changing1978Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersThank You Lord1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersThe Heathen1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersThree Little Birds1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersTime Will Tell1978Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersTop Ranking1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersTreat You Right1978Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersTrench Town1981Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersTurn Me Loose1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersTurn Your Lights Down Low1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersWaiting In Vain1977Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersWake Up And Live1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersWant More1976Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersWar1976Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersWar / No More Trouble1986Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersWe And Them1980Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersWho Is Mr. Brown1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersWho The Cap Fit1976Producer
Bob Marley & The WailersWings Of A Dove1967Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersWisdom1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersWork1980Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersZig Zag1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersZimbabwe1979Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersZion Train1980Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The Wailers400 Years1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersAfrican Herbsman1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersAll In One1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersBaby We've Got A Date1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersBrain Washing1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersBus Dem Shut2004Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersCorner Stone1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersDon't Rock My Boat1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersDuppy Conqueror1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersDuppy Conqueror V/41971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersFire Fire2004Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersFussing And Fighting1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersGrooving Kingston 121971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersIt's Alright1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersKaya1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersKeep On Moving1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersLick Samba1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersLively Up Yourself1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersLyrical Satirical I2004Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersMemphis1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersMilk Shake & Potato Chips2004Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersMore Axe1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersMortimer Planno: A Little Prayer2004Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersMy Cup1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersMy Sympathy1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersNo Sympathy1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersNo Water1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersReaction1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersRebel's Hop1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersRiding High1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersRocking Steady2004Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersSamba1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersSmall Axe1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersSoul Almighty1968Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersSoul Rebel1966Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersStand Alone1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersThe Lord Will Make Away Somehow2004Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersTrench Town Rock1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley And The WailersTry Me1970Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley feat. Lauryn HillTurn Your Lights Down Low1999Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley feat. LVNDSCAPE + BolierIs This Love2016Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De LuxeRainbow Country1999Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De LuxeSun Is Shining1999Music/Lyrics
Bob WayneI Shot The Sheriff2015Music/Lyrics
Boney M. 2000Caribbean Night Fever - Megamix1999Music/Lyrics
Brinsley SchwarzHypocrite1973Music/Lyrics
Bunny WailerNo Woman No Cry1992Music/Lyrics
Butts BandGet Up, Stand Up1975Music/Lyrics
Byron Lee & The DragonairesRat Race1976Music/Lyrics
Caribbean DandeeSun Is Shining2015Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonIs This Love1983Music/Lyrics
Cats On TreesBuffalo Soldier2016Music/Lyrics
CavaliereRedemption Song1991Music/Lyrics
Chris ThompsonRedemption Song2011Music/Lyrics
Claude FrançoisRubis1977Music/Lyrics
Clint Eastwood & General SaintStop That Train1983Music/Lyrics
Cyril NevilleSlave Driver2009Music/Lyrics
De La SoulKeepin' The Faith1991Music/Lyrics
Dean FraserRedemption Song1984Music/Lyrics
Delroy WilsonI'm Still Waiting1976Music/Lyrics
Dennis Brown & Janet KayConcrete Jungle1993Music/Lyrics
DeodatoI Shot The Sheriff1976Music/Lyrics
Diana KingStir It Up1993Music/Lyrics
Dianne Reeves feat. Lalah HathawayWaiting In Vain2013Music/Lyrics
Don-eWaiting In Vain2008Music/Lyrics
Ed KowalczykCornerstone2013Music/Lyrics
Eliane EliasJammin'2006Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonI Shot The Sheriff1974Music/Lyrics
EstelleSo Much Out The Way2008Music/Lyrics
(Robert Marley)
EternalRedemption Song1995Music/Lyrics
Extempo SteelbandReggae Medley1996Music/Lyrics
Faada FreddyNo Woman, No Cry2016Music/Lyrics
Finley QuayeSunday Shining1997Music/Lyrics
Foxy BrownOh Yeah2001Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerIs This Love1978Music/Lyrics
FugeesNo Woman, No Cry1996Music/Lyrics
Funkstar De LuxeSun Is Shining (CJ Stone & Milo.nl Remix)2015Music/Lyrics
Funkstar DeluxeSun Is Shining (15th Anniversary)2014Music/Lyrics
Fusion Square GardenDä Song2008Music/Lyrics
Gary DourdanI Shot The Sheriff2016Music/Lyrics
Gee BelloCould You Be Loved1994Music/Lyrics
Gentleman & Ky-Mani Marley feat. Marcia GriffithsSimmer Down2016Music/Lyrics
Gilberto GilThree Little Birds2002Music/Lyrics
(Robert Nesta Marley)
Gipsy KingsOne Love2001Music/Lyrics
GladiatorsFussing And Fighting1983Music/Lyrics
Glee CastOne Love (People Get Ready)2010Music/Lyrics
Glen RicksThank You Lord1995Music/Lyrics
Grover Washington, Jr.Jamming1981Music/Lyrics
Gwen GuthrieIs This Love?1982Music/Lyrics
HaddawayStir It Up1993Music/Lyrics
Herbert Knebels AffentheaterIch schoß den Teddy1998Music/Lyrics
Herbie Hancock feat. Tinariwen, K'naan & Los LobosTamatant Tilay/Exodus2010Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannBend Down Low1973Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannGuava Jelly1975Music/Lyrics
Igor Blaska feat. JabaCould You Be Loved2014Music/Lyrics
InayaGet Up, Stand Up2016Music/Lyrics
Inner CircleI Shot The Sheriff1975Music/Lyrics
Inner CircleNatty Dread1975Music/Lyrics
Jack RadicsWho The Cap Fits1993Music/Lyrics
Jackie WilsonSatisfy My Soul1976Music/Lyrics
James BluntStay The Night2010Music/Lyrics
James LastGuava Jelly1975Music/Lyrics
Jane ConstanceOne Love2018Music/Lyrics
(Robert Nesta Marley)
Jimmy BarnesIs This Love2000Music/Lyrics
Jimmy CliffNo Woman, No Cry1975Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerCould You Be Loved1997Music/Lyrics
Joe Strummer & The MescalerosRedemption Song2003Music/Lyrics
Johnny Cash with Joe StrummerRedemption Song2014Music/Lyrics
Johnny ClarkeCrazy Baldhead1976Music/Lyrics
Johnny ClarkeKeep On Moving1995Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashComma Comma1972Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashGuava Jelly1972Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashMellow Mood1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashNice Time1972Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashReggae On Broadway1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashRock It Baby (We've Got A Date)1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashStir It Up1972Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashYou Poured Sugar On Me1972Music/Lyrics
JoshuaAfrican Herbsman2012Music/Lyrics
Judy MowattConcrete Jungle1979Music/Lyrics
Judy MowattDown In The Valley1979Music/Lyrics
Judy MowattPut It On1979Music/Lyrics
Julie FelixSo Much Trouble1980Music/Lyrics
Ken BootheAfrican Lady1973Music/Lyrics
Kid WiseEasy Skanking2016Music/Lyrics
L.E.JRedemption Song2016Music/Lyrics
Latin Flavour feat. Yuliet TopazI Shot The Sheriff2008Music/Lyrics
Lauren TenneyI Shot The Sheriff2013Music/Lyrics
Lauren TenneySatisfy My Soul2013Music/Lyrics
Lee RitenourGet Up, Stand Up2001Music/Lyrics
Lee Ritenour feat. Maxi PriestWaiting In Vain1993Music/Lyrics
Leona PhilippoCould You Be Loved2012Music/Lyrics
Life Of AgonyRedemption Song1995Music/Lyrics
Light Of The WorldI Shot The Sheriff1980Music/Lyrics
LondonbeatNo Woman No Cry1990Music/Lyrics
Los SuissosGönd uuf, schtönd uuf1993Music/Lyrics
Luka BloomNatural Mystic2000Music/Lyrics
Lydia HarrellBuffalo Soldier2013Music/Lyrics
Lydia HarrellCould You Be Loved2013Music/Lyrics
Lydia HarrellIron Lion Zion2013Music/Lyrics
Lydia HarrellIs This Love2013Music/Lyrics
Lydia HarrellJammin'2013Music/Lyrics
Lydia HarrellNo Woman No Cry2013Music/Lyrics
Lydia HarrellOne Love2013Music/Lyrics
Lydia HarrellRedemption Song2013Music/Lyrics
Lydia HarrellSo Much Trouble In The World2013Music/Lyrics
Lydia Harrell / Lauren TenneyGet Up Stand Up2013Music/Lyrics
Lydia Harrell / Lauren TenneyThree Little Birds2013Music/Lyrics
MadnessSo Much Trouble In The World2005Music/Lyrics
Manfred Mann's Earth BandRedemption Song1982Music/Lyrics
Mantronik vs. EPMDStrictly Business1998Music/Lyrics
Marc SwayIs This Love2012Music/Lyrics
Max RomeoNice Time1995Music/Lyrics
Max RomeoNo Water1995Music/Lyrics
Method ManSay2006Music/Lyrics
Michael McDonaldRedemption Song2008Music/Lyrics
MigosCrown The Kings2018Music/Lyrics
Mitchell BruningsRedemption Song2013Music/Lyrics
Molly JohnsonOoh Child / Redemption Song2002Music/Lyrics
MoodswingsRedemption Song1996Music/Lyrics
MoonraisersSo Much Trouble2010Music/Lyrics
Morgan HeritageReggae Bring Back Love1999Music/Lyrics
(Robert Marley)
MorleyCrimes In The Garden2008Music/Lyrics
Natalia SulcaWaiting In Vain2013Music/Lyrics
New Grass RevivalOne Love / People Get Ready1984Music/Lyrics
Nick Corline vs. Katherine EllisCould You Be Loved (I Love This Life)2008Music/Lyrics
NomadiPiero e Cinzia2010Music/Lyrics
Nova Jazzers feat. Daniela MaiaI Shot The Sheriff2014Music/Lyrics
Ojos De BrujoGet Up, Stand Up2007Music/Lyrics
Pat TraversMisty Morning1982Music/Lyrics
Pat Travers BandIs This Love1980Music/Lyrics
Peter ToshGet Up, Stand Up1977Music/Lyrics
Peter ToshWhy Must I Cry1976Music/Lyrics
PierpoljakUn hiver au soleil2000Music/Lyrics
Pluto ServingtonI Shot The Sheriff1974Music/Lyrics
Pluto ServingtonKnotty Dread1974Music/Lyrics
Radio FreedomIs This Love1993Music/Lyrics
RealityStir It Up1989Music/Lyrics
Redman feat. Ready Roc & Method ManBlow Tree2007Music/Lyrics
RumerSoul Rebel2012Music/Lyrics
Salmonella DubGet Up, Stand Up2005Music/Lyrics
SantanaExodus/Get Up Stand Up2010Music/Lyrics
Santana feat. Ziggy Marley & ChocQuibTownIron Lion Zion2014Music/Lyrics
Sean Paul and Ziggy MarleyThree Little Birds2004Music/Lyrics
Shaggy feat. Grand PubaWhy You Treat Me So Bad1995Music/Lyrics
Shakespears SisterCould You Be Loved1989Music/Lyrics
SkyblastersNice Time1987Music/Lyrics
SlimaneIs This Love2016Music/Lyrics
Sly DunbarSun Is Shining1979Music/Lyrics
Soul TrainCould You Be Loved1989Music/Lyrics
Stephen MarleyFreedom Time2011Music/Lyrics
Stephen MarleyPale Moonlight (How Many Times)2011Music/Lyrics
Stephen Marley feat. Ziggy MarleySelassie Is The Chapel2011Music/Lyrics
Stephen Ragga MarleyWalking Away2016Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderRedemption Song1996Music/Lyrics
Stiff Little FingersJohnny Was1978Music/Lyrics
SublimeTrenchtown Rock1997Music/Lyrics
Taj MahalSlave Driver1974Music/Lyrics
Talib Kweli feat. KRS-OneThe Perfect Beat2007Music/Lyrics
The Black SorrowsStir It Up1993Music/Lyrics
The Boothill Foot-TappersLove & Affection1985Music/Lyrics
The BreedersChances Are2009Music/Lyrics
The ChequersGet Up, Stand Up1975Music/Lyrics
The ChristiansSmall Axe1988Music/Lyrics
The Derek Trucks BandSoul Serenade / Rasta Man Chant2003Music/Lyrics
The Dinky ToysThe Medley - Live1994Music/Lyrics
The Dinky ToysThree Little Birds1993Music/Lyrics
The DreadlocksCould You Be Loved1995Music/Lyrics
The DreadlocksJammin1995Music/Lyrics
The FratellisStir It Up2009Music/Lyrics
The GladiatorsExodus1978Music/Lyrics
The GladiatorsRude Boy Ska1976Music/Lyrics
The GladiatorsSoul Rebel1976Music/Lyrics
The GladiatorsThem Belly Full1976Music/Lyrics
The Gladstone BandI Shot The Sheriff1975Music/Lyrics
The KillersRun For Cover2017Music/Lyrics
The Les Humphries Singers And OrchestraI, Of Course, Replied / I Love To Love / No Woman, No Cry1976Music/Lyrics
The Man EzekeLively Up Yourself1994Music/Lyrics
The SoulettesBring It Up Music/Lyrics
The SoulettesMy Desire Music/Lyrics
The WailersBend Down Low1967Music/Lyrics
The WailersCaution1971Music/Lyrics
The WailersConcrete Jungle1973Music/Lyrics
The WailersDancing Shoes1966Music/Lyrics
The WailersDon't Look Back1966Music/Lyrics
The WailersGet Up Stand Up1973Music/Lyrics
The WailersHolligan1965Music/Lyrics
The WailersI Don't Need Your Love1964Music/Lyrics
The WailersKinky Reggae1973Music/Lyrics
The WailersLonesome Feeling1965Music/Lyrics
The WailersLonesome Track1966Music/Lyrics
The WailersLove And Affection1966Music/Lyrics
The WailersLove Won't Be Mine1966Music/Lyrics
The WailersPass It On1973Music/Lyrics
The WailersPut It On1966Music/Lyrics
The WailersRastaman Chant1973Music/Lyrics
The WailersRude Boy1964Music/Lyrics
The WailersRun For Cover1970Music/Lyrics
The WailersSimmer Down1963Music/Lyrics
The WailersSlave Driver1973Music/Lyrics
The WailersStop That Train1971Music/Lyrics
The WailersThere She Goes1965Music/Lyrics
The WailersThis Train1968Music/Lyrics
The WailersTo The Rescue1970Music/Lyrics
The WailersWhere Will I Find1965Music/Lyrics
The Wailers BandCould You Be Loved1991Music/Lyrics
Tiken Jah FakolyZimbabwe2015Music/Lyrics
Tiken Jah Fakoly feat. U-RoyGet Up, Stand Up2015Music/Lyrics
TomaSo Much Trouble In The World2016Music/Lyrics
Tommy McCookLive1972Music/Lyrics
TotoCould You Be Loved2002Music/Lyrics
U RoySmall Axe1977Music/Lyrics
(Robert Nesta Marley)
UB40Keep On Moving1983Music/Lyrics
Udo Lindenberg feat. FreundeskreisYou Can't Run Away1998Music/Lyrics
VianneyTurn Your Lights Down Low2016Music/Lyrics
Warren GI Shot The Sheriff1997Music/Lyrics
William WhiteCaution2014Music/Lyrics
Yannick NoahAfrica Unite2012Music/Lyrics
Yannick NoahBuffalo Soldier2012Music/Lyrics
Yannick NoahBurnin' And Lootin'2012Music/Lyrics
Yannick NoahCould You Be Loved2012Music/Lyrics
Yannick NoahCrazy Baldhead2012Music/Lyrics
Yannick NoahEasy Skanking2012Music/Lyrics
Yannick NoahI Shot The Sheriff2012Music/Lyrics
Yannick NoahJammin'2012Music/Lyrics
Yannick NoahNatural Mystic2012Music/Lyrics
Yannick NoahRedemption Song2012Music/Lyrics
Youssou NdourRedemption Song2010Music/Lyrics
Ziggy Marley And The Melody MakersGood Time1991Music/Lyrics
Ziggy Marley And The Melody MakersRainbow Country1991Music/Lyrics
Natty Dread (Bob Marley & The Wailers)75.14
Three Little Birds (Bob Marley & The Wailers)1025.04
Buffalo Soldier (Bob Marley & The Wailers)1275.01
Redemption Song (Manfred Mann's Earth Band)185
Could You Be Loved (Bob Marley & The Wailers)1884.97
One Love / People Get Ready (Bob Marley & The Wailers)944.97
Run For Cover (The Killers)124.92
One Drop (Bob Marley & The Wailers)94.89
400 Years (Bob Marley And The Wailers)84.88
Redemption Song (Bob Marley & The Wailers)784.87
Is This Love (Bob Marley & The Wailers)964.86
Rat Race (Bob Marley & The Wailers)134.85
Night Shift (Bob Marley & The Wailers)54.8
Guava Jelly (Barbra Streisand)54.8
Turn Your Lights Down Low (Bob Marley & The Wailers)294.79
Africa Unite (Bob Marley & The Wailers)304.77
Punky Reggae Party (Bob Marley & The Wailers)384.76
Roots Rock Reggae (Bob Marley & The Wailers)284.75
Jamming (Bob Marley & The Wailers)934.72
Stop That Train (Clint Eastwood & General Saint)354.71
Could You Be Loved (Bob Marley & The Wailers)1884.97
Stay The Night (James Blunt)1783.85
Window Shopper (50 Cent)1542.62
Iron Lion Zion (Bob Marley)1404.69
Buffalo Soldier (Bob Marley & The Wailers)1275.01
I Shot The Sheriff (Bob Marley & The Wailers)1054.11
Three Little Birds (Bob Marley & The Wailers)1025.04
I Shot The Sheriff (Eric Clapton)994.41
Is This Love (Bob Marley & The Wailers)964.86
One Love / People Get Ready (Bob Marley & The Wailers)944.97
Sun Is Shining (Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe)943.96
Jamming (Bob Marley & The Wailers)934.72
No Woman, No Cry (Fugees)923.14
Stir It Up (Bob Marley & The Wailers)894.71
Get Up Stand Up (The Wailers)864.59
Redemption Song (Bob Marley & The Wailers)784.87
Waiting In Vain (Bob Marley & The Wailers)664.58
Exodus (Bob Marley & The Wailers)644.36
Could You Be Loved (Joe Cocker)593.71
Turn Your Lights Down Low (Bob Marley feat. Lauryn Hill)584.26

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